Written by mrandmrsY


After sorting through the numerous time wasters we both finaly found a couple who seemed like the real deal, We exchanged numbers and chatted sorting out a date to meet and forefull our swinging dream, its a exageration to say the day could come quick enough, we drove out to their place and made our greetings, At first we realised the age on the site to theirs was generious but we went with it and sat and chatted for a half hour or so, then we were asked are we ready to "play" I looked at my wife and she was like "sure thing". We went upstairs to the bedroom, my antispation was building, At first it was myself my wife and our male host, Both himself and I undressed as my wife watched her eyes fixed on his crouch waiting to see the cock that was soon to be pleasuring her, I stood there as he began to caress her and kiss her gently unbuttoning her shirt and helping her remove her clothes once he had her bra off he went to town sucking her nipples, The sight of another man doing this with my wife was so erotic the sound of his hands running over her skin his breath as he sucked each breast in turn, his wife arrived totally naked, comment was passed that he couldnt wait, She sat on the bed and ran her hand up my thigh pulling myself closer, this took my attention from watching my wife to watching as my hard cock was swallowed into her mouth and she began to give me an amazing blow job, my wife was instructed to sit on the end of the bed which she did then i watched as she too sucked every inch of his cock down into her throat, before long both ladies were lying on the bed and it was the boys turn to give some oral attention to their pussies, at first I watched and listened as he licked and slurped away at the pussy I new so well I then began to pleasure his wife the same way her clit firm and when licked it coursed her to flex and pump her pelvis into my face, Before long I heard the familia sound of my wifes orgasum and the bed moving as she thrust about, our host then move above her opening her thighs, This was what I had wanted to see another man entering my girl, Watching as he took his cock and pushed foward entering her wet pussy sliding all his lenth into her, her hands on his shoulders as he began pumping her the usual sound of bodys comming together, I went back to sucking and licking the pussy that was in front of me but was really interested in watching what was happening next to me, so I got her on to her knees and rubbed my cock up between her arse cheeks then pushing into her strangly tight pussy pumping her slowly at first the whole time watching my misses who was now being pounded hard her legs spread as he held her thighs tight so as to be able to pound every inch into her gapping twat his butt tencing as he pushed into her and her moans of pleasure, my playmate was watching her as well watching her tits moving around with ever pump, Before long her had was on one of them pinching her nipple then grabbing and squeezing her ample tit, this was all getting to much to bear and I could feel myself reaching the point of no return so I pulled out and went back to eating her pussy, It was the most amazing feeling to watch as my wife was pounded then move around and again pounded from behind, then the sound of our host filling her pussy was great, though what was better was my wife then sucking him to hard again and wanting more, this time both he and I pounded away and this time when I felt it was time to cum I didnt stop unleashing a wave of goodness into her pussy, she then excused herself and left me to watch the show her husband and my wife were putting on he all to soon came again filling her to overflowing and we all then collapsed on the bed my wife sandwiched between us as we stroked her and kissed her, so this was our first foray into swinging and what a time we had, roll on future "playtimes".