Written by wantfwb


I was in Auckland on business, back in the early 1990s I went to a nice Restaurant out at Te Autau , as I got out of my car there was a couple getting out of a very nice Jaguar coupe, I saw that they were about my age, so I went across to talk to the guy about the Jag, I was driving a Serria Cosworth, we started talking as we walked into the Restaurant and deiced to have a drink at the bar.

They asked was I meeting anyone and if not would I like to eat with them instead of by myself, so I joined them and we talked and during the meal I could feel the wife's foot rubbing the inside of my leg on several occasions, she was also openly flirting with me.

I got up from the table to go to the bathroom, when I came out of the toilets, she was standing in the narrow hall waiting for me, as I went to pass her she leaned in and kissed me and reached down and took a hand full of my cock and balls., then she stepped back and leant against the wall and said feel me I don't have any panties on and I am wet and horny, I reached up inside her short skirt and within seconds had 2 fingers inside her wet cunt, she let out a soft moan as I started moving them inside her. After a very short time she said we should get back to Allan, so

that we can tell him what just happened, I didn't know what to say then she told me that they often came to the Restaurant & Bar to pick up a guy to have a 3 some with, and that I was the lucky guy tonight.

We left the bar and I followed them to their house which was close by, when we got there we had several more drinks during which Allan and I took turns finger fucking Carla's cunt, until she finally said that she wanted us to fuck her, she stripped off all her clothes and we did the same, she then stood up and leaned over the arm of the coach, Allan stood behind her and entered her from behind and started pounding her cunt, while she leant forward and took my hard cock in her mouth and started sucking and stroking me, then Allan pulled out and said go for it she is nice and juicy give her a good fucking while I watch, which is exactly what happened I fucked her hard and fast as she screamed for more until I shot a huge load of cum inside her at the same time s she orgasmed.

We then went to the bedroom and laid about playing with Carla nd finger fucking her cunt and arsehole until we were both hard again, which was about 30 minutes of playing, she then pushed Allan backwards on the bed with his legs over the side, she then mounted his cock sitting down on it until it was deep inside her and then she started riding him, after a couple of minutes she turned to me and asked me to fuck her arse she said she wanted my cock inside her arse and that she wanted us both to cum at the same time filling her with cum.

I positioned myself between Allan's legs and gently inserted my cock into her and started anal fucking her, the sensation of feeling my cock inside her rubbing against Allan's was erotic and it did not take long before we both filled her with cum, as we unloaded inside her she had her second orgasm which went on for ages, she was actually screaming with pleasure so loud that Allan had to put his hand over her mouth to quieten her.

That was my first KS experience, I went back to see them several times over the next 12 months and we always had an awesome time we regularly fucked anal as well as normal and oral, on a couple of occasions I even fucked her in the ladies room at the Restaurant and once over the bonnet of my car in the carpark, that one was an awesome anal fuck, she was really tight that night as we had not even finger fucked her before I entered her anally.

Great times had by all.

Hope u enjoyed