Written by Kiwi Couple


We are late 40's & wife has stayed in good shape, not slim but does it for me, healthy 12-14 she says! We took a holiday to a beach motor camp up north, right on the coast, rented a caravan and enjoyed about 10 days in the sun. There was a couple mid 50's next to us, really friendly and always keen for a chat and a beer or wine later in the day. Often Lyn would stay in her bikini top but have shorts on, loved seeing her hubby stare at her tits when he thought no one was looking. With New years upon us they asked us to join them and some of their friends for drinks for the new year, we accepted and went over to their caravan site just after the sun set for drinks, had had a few prior at the local pub too, so feeling pretty good! The wine and beers flowed pretty easy, both were rather tanked as midnight approached, when the countdown started we grabbed each other and did the usual long horny snog, all the others did same. After that our friends came over and wished us the best, took us a bit by surprise when their hug and kiss turned into open mouth full on kissing. Didn't phase us, took it as part of the celebrations and actually liked it. Lyn told me just after he slipped his tongue in, I asked her what she did, the little minx reciprocated, said she could feel him erect on her tummy. This made me horny, had to take her back to our caravan and bring in the new year the best way. After both cumming I drifted off to sleep, Lyn (I now know, she told me in the morning) crept outside for a cigarette and it was then she saw from her position by the hedges our friends wife kissing and being fondled by a guy from the party, she was shocked and intrigued and watched for a while and even saw her perform oral on the guy, heard him moan as he must of cum in her mouth. The light from the caravans was just enough to make out what was going on, she was pretty close but on our side of the hedge. I was intrigued the next day and we wondered if perhaps they had an open kind of a relationship. The next night, albeit rather tired from the previous nights fun, we joined them for a soak in the spa after dinner and a chat. Had a couple glasses of wine and it was awesome relaxing, his wife got out to go have a ciggy, Lyn joined her and came back giggling. She told me later that Gail (the wife) asked her if it was her watching (she had noticed someone by our van looking) - she confessed it was her and she told Lyn they had ventured into playing, her hubby loved her being naughty and while she was enjoying that guy her hubby was with his wife. It made us both horny and we fucked like kids that night too! After we came I told Lyn to go back outside and see if she was at it again, she told me to come with her, so we crept out like teenagers and began peeking around their camp site/caravan. By then the camp lights were out and it was pretty dark for a summers night, bugger all moon, but we saw the faint glow of a candle and there were some people in their awning chatting quietly, as we got closer we soon realised it was them alright, the fly screen flap was down but with the candle light in there one ould make out what was going on, mind you we were right up close too! They were in a compromising position with the other couple, they had swapped partners and were enjoying a nice slow fuck. We apologized and went to make our way back to our caravan, they were fine and told us to watch if we liked, they were incredibly open. Lyn grabbed my hand and we slipped open the fly/insect screen and went in, we stood there watching the couples enjoy each other, we kissed and Lyn got in front of me, I cupped her tits and she reached around and played with my already hard cock. She made no point to stop me when I slipped her shoulder straps off and got her tits out to play with. She had my cock over the waist band of my rugby shorts and I was sliding it between her bum crack over the top of her skimpy shorts. I waited a while then slipped my hand under her shorts and slipped a finger into her pussy, it was dripping, she was loving it and turned to kiss me and suggested we lay down near the others. I asked for her assurance and she smiled and kissed me, so we took our position close to our friends and without hesitation I slipped my cock into her and we began fucking with the others watching in between pleasuring their partners. Gail came and soon after her lover announced he was cumming, he shot into her and they laid back and watched the four of us. I'd like to say it went on for ages but unlike fake porn movies I came damn quick, so did Lyn, the other couple followed a split second or so after us and it was a done deal! Lyn made no point of trying to cover up and I loved the fact the others were looking via the candle light at her. They chatted openly about what they had done, neither couple were pro's, both only done limited things with others but had arranged to meet at this camp for some fun, no expectations! Gail and her lovers wife got up and went out of the awning, we stayed and chatted, was amazing with two naked guys close to my wife with semi erect cocks, one was still rather hard and he told us he had taken his magic triangle shaped blue pill, that intrigued Lyn and she asked him about it, he said being late 50's he liked to have a back up plan for fun! Lyn got up and asked If I minded if she went out with the girls to have a smoke, she usually doesn't smoke but enjoys the odd one when drinking or relaxing, after she left Gail's hubby commented on how nice she looked nude, the other guy agreed and I felt damn proud of her. When the girls came back in they were all looking rather Cheshire cat like and it was Gail who quietly said 'lets get round two started' She came over and kissed me full on the lips. Lyn did same to her hubby and the other couple just sat back and watched. I looked over and Lyn smiled back at me, Gails hubby had his hands on her tits and she was stroking his cock., I was loving it but a little taken back, but with Gail eager to please me I just smiled back and blew her a kiss. Waiting her do oral was amazing, had no idea of how arousing it was, seeing her lover enjoy as she took it in her mouth was intense. Mind you Gail was so nice doing the same to me, I now know how folk say you get lost in the moment. Gail leaned over to me and said she had discussed it with Lyn and they thought it best we did it with them only as we knew them (albeit briefly) and might feel a little more comfortable, She said when outside Lyn told her the swinging intrigued us both and that she was keen to try but hesitant to how I would react. Gail suggested I watch Lyn take her hubby for the first time, I enjoyed seeing him enter her and once he tarted fucking her and I could see she was really enjoying it I turned back to Gail and she took me into her clutches and we fucked alongside them, even leaned over and kissed Lyn as she got fucked. Gail told me to cum in her, I wasn't going to argue either, I blew up her, she came, Lyn and her lover followed and we laid back glowing more then our sun burn! I went over to Lyn and kissed her, she hugged me and told me she loved it, asked if I was OK, we hugged again and realized it was all good, no regrets at all. Called it a night, the other couple said it was amazing to watch some newbies at it. We went back to our caravan and fell asleep damn fast! Had a few more nights with them and swapped of course, even did Lyn after he had cum in her, loved it! Might not be the most out there story on SH, but its an event we really enjoyed.