as Sam showered and shaved her legs, i spoke with Erin and her partner Geoff. they were both in great shape, simarlar age to Sam and I but had some mfm mmf mmmmmf and mff experience. we exchanged face photo's and began video chatting about what they liked and what they thought would be a good start for Sam & I. they thought that the best way to make everycomfortable was a drink or two and maybe a puff before Sam & i watched them fool around - eventually all of us naked Erin said she would take care of me and that Geoff would take Sam off for some fun & once i was tied up Erin would join Sam amd Geoff. I couldn't hide my excitment as sam came out dressed to the nines in lingere, covering it all with one of my white shirts - so simple yet soooo sexy. We chatted about our boundaries and what we wanted. _ i told her i wanted her to cum as hard and as often as possible, anyway that she wanted, I told her that tonight was about her enjoying her sexuality and exploring and to do whatever she like. We agreed on a safe word (not that intended to use it!!) and then began discussing what were must do's!

Sam wanted to be with another woman and cum with another woman, she wanted to touch and feel and kiss another woman, but wasnt sure on licking her. She wanted me to lick her while he fucked her and she wanted me to lick and suck on her clit and lips and that if his cock "accidently" falls out, can you suck it for me baby? Erin finds that hot, i suspected Sam also like the idea and suggested she could give me tips - "perhaps as he fucks her"? " i'd love to see his cock slipping in and out of her pussy"

We agreed that we both wanted Sam cum in on and over and if at all possbile we wanted video and pics of sam enjoying his cum - sam then reminded me that we both got hot over the thought of watching another guys gum drip from Sam and having me lick, suck and clean her up until she could cum/squirt, flushing the last of his cum out. Sam wanted us to be able to relieve this in film - we agreed that we we get erin and geoff to both film on their phones!

knock at the door - i ansered Erin & geoff - both taller and more imposing than on video - Erin was a blonde stunner with DD's and long legs - Geoff muscular and about 6'2. whilst dressed conservatively, they oozed sexiness - it took all of 5 min before we were laughing and discussing what we each wanted out of it. Erin & Geoff pointed out that Sam's story she told them of her sitting on my face and licking her clean after having been on a date with her lovers had got them both very hot and Erin LOVED the idea of being licked while Geoff fucked her and the idea of feeding another guy Geoffs cock from her pussy - they both commented that they loved the cuck idea but neither felt comfortable with Geoff being ther cuck, so when Sam explained that we were keen to play and make me the cuck - they knew they had to meet us. Geoff and Erin began making out.

clothing came off to reveal a stunningly sexy body on Erin, she removed her bra and thong leaving her stockings on and walked past me almost brushing her pussy accross my face, she took Sam by the hand and placed her hand on her breast, and leant in to passionatley kiss Sam. I knew Sam loved it as she let out a groan like she does as i begin to lick her close to orgasam, Erin pulled away asking if Sam was ok, Sam nodded as Erin moved in for another kiss and unbottoned Sam's shirt, running her hands over Sam's breasts as she removed it. By this time i was rock hard and stripping off. Erin took Sam's hand and led her over to Geoff placing Sam's hand on Geoff's bulge, and gently pressing on Sam's shoulder Sam drooped to her knees instinctlivy and unzipped Geoff's jeans, lifting his cock from his underwear, I heard Sam moan and mutter OMG then wow your soo heavy, as she lifted Geoff's cock out of his jeans and held it in her hand as if she was weighing something, Erin whispered to her, "go hunny" tonight its all yours, with that Geoff pulled Sam's hair back behind her ears and gently guided his cock to her lips, as hi cock touched her lips she traced her lips and the head of his cock with her tounge. Erin was now at my side handing me a bra and a wet g string, commenting that it was the one she wore while they fucked before coming over, it was saturated with juice and cum, she then produced from her purse a butt plug and slipped it into her , rocking on it a few times before pulling from her pussy and telling me to bend over. She worked the butt plug in me and then turned on the pulsing vibe - a strange but suprisingly hot feeling, she made me put on the panties pulling them up tight, reaching into them and clasping a cock ring around my cock, she then got me to sit on the chair and tied my hands behind it, finally blindfolding me and feeding me another wet g string that smelt and tasted of cum. She then whispered in my ear that her and Geoff were going to take good care of her and that i might be called up to clean up the mess. with that she flicked my cock head, took a few pictures and laughed with Sam about it before telling Sam and Geoff to join her in the bedroom, I could hear but i could not see! - it took 5 min to hear Sam moaning and the unmistakeable sounds of cock sucking. I could hear Erin telling Sam how good Geoff's cock looked in her mouth and that i must feel good knowing that she could have a real cock tonight.. i felt left out but my cock was raging and i was mocing the panites around my mouth to taste the cum