Written by M


About a year ago after one of my overseas trips, I was looking forward to coming home and seeing Katherine and the family. Whilst away we had kept in contact by text and FaceTime. We arranged for Katherine to fly up and meet me in Auckland where we could have a couple of days before returning to the reality of family life.

I arrived in Auckland early morning on a warm summers day and slowly made my way to the Domestic terminal enjoying the fresh clean NZ air, to go and wait for Katherine's arrival. I grabbed myself a coffee and sat near the arrivals area. A couple of hours later, Katherine's aircraft landed and soon after she came through the arrivals gate with a big beaming smile. She looked fabulous as always dressed very well. We kissed and embraced and walked off together.

We caught the bus into central Auckland and made our way to the hotel so I could drop my bag and we could head out but when we checked in, they said they had a room available now and asked if we wanted it. We jumped at the chance!!

Katherine is a real stunner, 5’7 Just past shoulder length black hair with a beautiful smile, very pretty face and a great body. She was wearing a pair of tight jeans that showed off a very nice bootie. I gave Katherine lots of kisses and hugs plus held her hand which I love doing.

I showered and dressed then we headed out for a walk and Brunch.

We continued catching up on our conversations that we were having earlier on the bus. We had a great brunch and walked further down to the harbour.

About mid afternoon, we stopped at a cafe/bar and had a couple of glasses of wine each. Then the topic started to get to what we both fantasised about and the things we would like to experience.

I was a bit surprised when Katherine said that she would love to go to a swingers club but was scared to go. I asked her if she had ever been in the threesome before with 2 guys or ever been with another women sexually which Katherine replied no, but had recently started to think and fantasise about it. Katherine asked if I had any experiences like that, which I replied that I had never been to a swingers club, but she knew that I had always wanted to go to one with her.

We went back to the hotel after a couple of glasses of wine. On the way back we bought another bottle of wine. It was late afternoon and Katherine was a little relaxed. She then showered and came out dressed in this gorgeous lingerie!! My mouth just dropped. It was stunning. A gorgeous matching panties and bra with stockings and a garter. OMG it was outstanding. I walked toward her and cuddled and kissed her as she knew I had been asking that she get some gorgeous lingerie for us for a long time and some dress ups.

She put this gorgeous dress on and then from her bag, she pulls out these amazing heels!! She doesn’t often wear heels but these were fantastic and suited her magnificently.

I opened the bottle and we sat chatting. She looked gorgeous and it took all my will power to resist attacking her there and then

I could tell that Katherine had something on her mind so I asked what was troubling her. She said she was a little excited and horny from our conversation earlier about a swingers club. She was getting very flirty and rubbing her leg up and down mine.

Then, to my surprise, Katherine told me that there was a swingers club not far away form us and asked if I was interested in going. I said absolutely!!! I was interested to find out what a swingers club was all about and I think that both of us were a bit to tipsy to really care. She knew I always wanted to go to one with her.

So off we went. We went out for this amazing meal first and chatted more. We were both a little nervous.

We got to the club paid our entry fee and the host gave us the tour of the premises.

We sat down at the bar and ordered some drinks. I could see that Katherine was starting to get a bit of attention form the other men and couples, as she was gorgeous and was dressed to kill.

We soon got talking to this one couple (James & Kathy) who were regular’s at the club and we seem to be hitting it off with them both. Then Kathy asked if we would like to go into one of the other rooms where it was a little more private.

Katherine, confident as ever, said sure as the two girls seemed to be getting on very well with a lot of giggling and the odd touch going on between them. Katherine was shaking as she grabbed me by the arm and said "come on, I'm not going anywhere with out you". I think it was from the wine, and the excitement of not knowing what might transpire.

Kathy was a 5’7 very pretty brunette and like Katherine, and was equally

very well dressed. James was about 6ft, brown hair with a tint of grey on the sides, 90odd kgs, very fit and nice looking with dark hair and a real nice smile. We got into the room and James said that we should all get a bit more comfortable and we should dress down to our underwear which we all did. Their mouths dropped as Katherine took her dress off and stood dressed in her lingerie, stockings and garter. She still had her heels on and looked amazing. All of a sudden I could feel an erection coming on whilst I was staring at her fantastic body plus watching this couple drooling and not being able to take their eyes off her.

James also noticing that Katherine had a great body looking her up and down several times plus eyeing the small bulge in my undies, said to Kathy, “Oh it’s going to be a fun night”. James then undid Kathy's bra releasing her beautiful breasts and then starts sucking on her nipples.

Katherine was shaking like a leaf and not knowing where to look and whispered in my ear “what are we doing here”. I said that if she wanted to leave that we could and then gave her a passionate kiss that seemed to relax her a bit. We continued kissing and rubbing each others bodies.

By now Kathy had gotten James's underwear off and is sucking on this massive cock! It must have been 10” plus and made me feel like peewee Herman next to his big donk. Kathy was having a party with it. James then pushed Kathy on to her back and begins to eat her out. As Katherine and I are still making out, Kathy starts to rub Katherine's back and then grabs her by the hand and pulls her towards her and starts kissing Katherine as James is licking Kathy's pussy. Katherine reaches out and grabs my hand, I can feel that she is shaking like a leaf so I put my other hand on here leg and start rubbing it up and down to try and relax her. I must say it is a very nice sight to see two beautiful women kissing and a guy eating pussy at the same time. I just sat back and enjoyed the show while rubbing Katherine's leg.

Katherine then grabs my hand and moves it up her leg to her pussy so I start rubbing her pussy through her panties and I can feel that she is getting very wet. I pull her undies to one side and started rubbing her clit and then put a finger in and started finger fucking her. She now seems to be very relaxed and getting very turned on as much as I am. By now Katherine has moved down to Kathy's breasts and is sucking on her nipples as James moved up and buried his super massive dick deep into Kathy's wet pussy. He was fucking her like there is no tomorrow.

All of a sudden I notice that there is another couple in the room who are now also on the bed going at it doggie style and the other women starts kissing Kathy, while all of this is going on another guy walks into the room and try's to join in on the fun and starts to rub Katherine's legs. I saw that she is getting uncomfortable with the attention form this other guy so I asked him to stop. James then said to the guy that he should have asked permission first and asked the guy to leave which he does but not without a few choose words, to Katherine, which was uncalled for and now has upset her and put a bit of a damper on the night. Both James & Kathy could see that Katherine was upset with what had just happened & suggested that we get dressed and go for a drink somewhere else, which we did. James was apologising for what had happened and said that it was not the norm with that club at all.

We find a bar down the road and have a few drinks with our new friends, Katherine is now feeling more comfortable in this environment & happy talk about her new experiences and that she had finally kissed another women and enjoyed it You could tell that Kathy was taken with Katherine as she couldn't keep her eyes and hands off her and I could tell that Katherine was still feeling turned on with the attention that Kathy was giving her, so at that point I said, "Why don't we head back to our hotel room".

We get back to my hotel room and I grabbed James, Kathy and Katherine a wine and sat down on the bed next to Katherine.

Kathy was sitting on James's knee and he has his hand on Kathy's leg. He was running it up the inside of her thigh, with each pass of James's hand, Kathy began to slightly open her legs so he had better access to her pussy. 

Katherine, who was watching all of this from the other bed, is starting to get excited and turns to me and gives me a kiss and hug & whispered in my ear that she was getting really turned on watching what James & Kathy are doing, then puts her hand down on my already growing cock and starts to give me a little rub, then I grab Katherine by her gorgeous ass and lift her up into my lap and start kissing her on the neck which she lets out a very soft moan. 

Katherine lifts her dress over her head so I can make my way down to her beautifully formed breasts. I take her bra off. I can hear her breath getting heavier as I work my way down to her erect nipples, Katherine was still watching what was going on next to us. Kathy is now sucking on James's pet python. 

Katherine then pushed me down onto the bed to take my pants off and releases my hard cock as both of the girls are now giving us blowjobs. I looked over and see Kathy's head bobbing up and down on James’s massive cock. I then could hear James grunting. He looked at Katherine and motioned for her to come to him. She couldn't take her eyes of his huge cock.

She dropped to her knees and with Kathy, helped her lick and suck his cock. It was amazing to watch. It was like they were fighting with their tongues to deal to his cock. Katherine then took his cock in both hands and took control. I could see she was really into it. Kathy moved back a bit and watched also. She soon came and sat next to me.

She started stroking my cock. Katherine looked over and saw what she was doing to me. At that moment, I didn't know how she would react but she took James's cock out of her mouth and smiled mouthing 'go for it'. I smiled back mouthing, 'thank you'.

Both women went to work on our cocks stroking, licking and taking them deep into their mouths as deep as they could go.

I could see Katherine was very excited and devouring him. At the same time, she was stroking her clit. She then stood up, took her panties down leaving her garter, stockings and heels on. She then moved to lie down on the bed and opened her legs very very wide. James didn't need a second invitation and moved into eat and lick her. It was an incredible site. Katherine held his head while he flicked his tongue over her clit and then down between her lips to drive his tongue in and out of her.

Kathy in the meantime stood, took her panties off and walked to me. I leant down and tasted her. She was a totally different taste to Katherine but still pleasant.

Meantime, I could hear movement and looked to see James had moved up the bed and hovered over Katherine and positioned his cock right at the entrance to Katherine's pussy. Man it was big. Katherine reached down and took hold of the monster.

I looked at her as she looked at me and I mouthed, 'enjoy'. She smiled and at that moment pulled his cock head in between her lips. She then raised her hands above her head and said, 'slide that big cock into me slowly now, but please be gentle.... To start with'. James obliged. I wondered if it was going to fit! Kathy and I moved over a bit to be real close and watch as this cock slowly enter Katherine, stretching her pussy. Soon after he was buried deep inside her filling her completely and slowly started to fuck her. She was absolutely loving it.

At that point, Katherine's eyes locked with mine. Kathy then moved over the top of me and pushed my body to the bed. I was lying beside my wife who was being fucked by James. She bought her hand down to hold mine and smiled then rolled her eyes back in pleasure. Her hips were lifting to meet his thrusts.

Kathy then took my cock and held it at the entrance of her pussy. Katherine looked down at my cock as Kathy slid herself right down.

Katherine was now being fucked hard by James. Kathy was riding me rising herself up before slamming down onto me again and again. I wasn't far off cumming and neither was James. James came first pulling out to spray a huge load of cum over Katherine's tummy before moving up so she could take the rest of his load into her mouth. She swallowed ever drop.

I looked down and said to Kathy, 'I'm gonna blow' at which point she jumped off and took my full load into her mouth also savouring every drop.

As we lay there, Kathy said to Katherine, “now that the two guys had been taken care of, it’s now our turn to have some fun”. With a very wicked smile on her face, she tells us guys to “sit down and enjoy the show”. 

Kathy slides over to Katherine and kisses her on the lips and starts working her way down Katherine's amazing body, stopping at her nicely shaved pussy.

By now Katherine was moaning loudly and very much enjoying the attention that Kathy was giving her. 

This was starting to become to much for us guys as we both had become hard again and both of us were enjoying the show. We began to stroke our hard cocks, then James gets up & walks behind Kathy (who is still licking Katherine in a 69) and put’s his pet python into Kathy doggie style (I must say that it’s a wonderful sight watching, this guy fucking his wife while she was licking Katherine's pussy).

Kathy moved to the side of Katherine & by now is starting to moan very loudly as James is banging away in his wife’s wet pussy, then to my surprise, Katherine then worked her way further between Kathy's legs to Kathy's pussy while James was working away,

Katherine wanted to get a very close up view of that huge cock sliding in and out. I think all of this was way to much for James to handle as he quickly starts to cum & then Kathy lets out a very loud moan as she was having her own orgasm. 

All three of them have collapsed on the bed. I poured another drink for them all and we sat around talking about the experience that we have all just had. Kathy could see that I was very excited about what I had just seen and asked Katherine if she was going to fuck me. Both Kathy and James said they would love to watch her fuck me. 

I got up and moved Katherine to the side of the bed and started rubbing the head of my cock up and down the entrance of Katherine's very wet pussy.

The feeling and excitement of the head of my cock sliding up and down was almost too much to bear. 

I start to push my way in but Katherine was very tight even after taking that massive cock so I take it very slowly with just the tip of the head in and out. This is starting to send Katherine crazy as she loudly moans and saying 'fuck me hard and good'. With every stroke in & out, Katherine is getting louder and louder, it takes me a few strokes strokes to work all the way in and the feeling is just amazing having her tight pussy wrapped around my cock and the sound of my balls slapping against Katherine's arse with every stroke is just amazing. 

James & Kathy have now joined us on the bed with James licking Katherine's nipples, and Kathy returns the favour that Katherine had given her. Kathy's hand works on Katherine's clit while my cock is thrusting back and forth. I can feel Kathy's touch on my shaft that is covered in Katherine's pussy juices and Katherine has now got James's pet python in her mouth. Her moans are being muffled as she is nearly gagging on it. 

 Kathy grabs the shaft of my cock and pulls it out and starts to lick it clean before entering it back into Katherine's spread pussy, this happens a few times and I’m getting close to the point of no return with Kathy licking my cum covered cock. Then all of a sudden, I pump out a load of hot cum into Kathy's mouth, then she quickly guides me back into Katherine's pussy so I can fill her with the rest of my cum. Kathy moves up and with the first of my load and gives Katherine a big passionate kiss on the lips. 

After coming down off the fantastic orgasms, we all cleaned ourselves up, gave each other a kiss & hug. James & Kathy left to make their way home after a great fun night. It's a night that Katherine and I will never forget.

We have kept in touch with Kathy & James and we are planning to catch up with them again soon.