Written by Raypalmymale


My first ever experience on KS was initiated by a guy who enjoyed having his wife pleasured by another guy and then would come home to enjoy sloppy seconds. This was very new to me and yet so exhilarating.

It started with a series of messages to set things up. All with the husband. On the evening, as I travelled to their place, I was given the wifes mobile number. She responded to my first text by saying that she was looking forward to seeing me.

I was a mixture of sexual tension, nerves and excitement as I walked up the drive. Although I had seen a few random pics of her body, I had little idea what she looked like. I wasn't disappointed. As she came out to greet me, her short stature, but well rounded figure and attractive warm face, heightened my arousal and nerves. She was wearing a strapless long flowing dress. She greeted me warmly with a hug and led me to an outside that was perfectly set up with a bed and little else.

We sat and made some quick introductions and then she stood and allowed her strapless dress to drop to her feet. Pictures can never do justice. Her body, although rounded, perfectly proportioned. Her breasts were huge and tipped by large pronounced nipples. I sat on the edge of the bed and drew her to me, burying my head in her ample chest while easing off her underwear. She then lay on the bed as I removed my clothes. My eyes not leaving her body, taking in every curve of her body, smoothness of her skin and hairless pussy. Damn she had me horny.

I joined her on the bed, allowing my hands to explore as I kissed her mouth, neck, breasts, all the way down to her wet and open pussy. I spread her legs and took the ever increasing moans as encouragement to continue to lick, kiss and nibble her pussy.

The moans then moved to a demand, "Fuck me!"

Who was I to argue, moving up between her legs, I enjoyed that sensation of entering a stranger for the first time. That warm, soft, wet feeling of a womans vagina. Mmmm. Damn it was good.

We built up a steady rhythm as I thrust into her, long, deep, steady thrusts. Enjoying the way her eyes closed, head went back, she bit her lip in pleasure. Loving the way her ample breasts moved with each thrust. Feasting on her nipples that were so hard and long. Watching her pleasure heightened as I played with between my lips and teeth.

This was so hot for me that I was concerned I'd cum to quickly. I withdrew from her and asked her to roll onto all fours and took her doggy style. What fantastic hips and ass. She felt so good, as I used my thumb to massage her asshole.

Once again I could feel myself getting close to cumming, so turned on by my first KS experience, by this amazingly hot and sexy woman. I withdrew again and asked her to ride me. As I lay on my back, she straddled me and lowered herseld onto my rock hard cock. This image will never leave me. Her rocking her hips and massaging my cock inside her, those full breasts swinging in front of me with nipples begging to be played with, and her head back, eyes closed, with moans of pleasure. It was too much for me and I had the greatest orgasm and shot the biggest load I had in a while.

Very quickly my pleasure turned to shame as in horror knew that I had cum but she had not. This was not right. This was not how it was surpose to go. As she climbed off me I asked to move onto all fours again, positioning myself behind her I started to finger fuck her, first with one finger, then two. Her body responded quickly and her moaning increased and pussy tightened. Very quickly she buolt up to an awesome orgasm that racked her whole body. As she came down, I slowed down my finger work and leaving one finger working in her pussy, eased another into her asshole. The way she was pushing back on my fingers let me know I was pleasing her. I gradually increased to pace and intensity of my finger fucking until again her whole body rocked with orgasm.

As she came down, she moved forward, allowing my fingers to slip out of her, and rolled onto her back. I lay next to her, running my hands gently over her body as she caught her breath, enjoying the flushed look on her face and obvious pleasure she had recieved.

We chatted and relaxed together, my hands caressing her beautiful body. We both made a move for our clothes at the same time, I enjoyed watching her dress as much as I enjoyed her getting undressed. We hugged and said our farewells. My mind a buzz as I walked fown the drive way back to my car.

Before I drove off, I text her to thank her again, and received a thankful text in reply.

On my drive back home I recieved a text from her husband asking me how it went. I thanked him and told him how awesome his lady was, hoping I had "performed" ok. He responded that she had text him straight away saying how much fun she had, cumming three times (I had only counted two. Shows how much I don't know. Lol). He texted me again later to say how much he had enjoyed his sloppy seconds.

We shared this experience a second time a few months later. Just as great. But I will never forget my first KS experience.

Looking forward to broadening theses experiences, could that involve you? :-)