The rules were already predetermined & it felt like a lifetime waiting for the date.

The anticipation was almost painful ! We met our new friends online during lockdown, chatting daily, discussing what we all wanted etc.

I think we all knew instantly that the connection was genuine.

Finally the moment came, we could actually go out, have a drink together & see if we could actually click in real life.

We had such an amazing night ! One drink turned into..........far too many...........and we knew at that moment that we had to start planning something as the chemistry was electric ! Each and every one of us ridiculously flirtatious 😊

Ultimately this adventure is all about the ladies, we all knew that from the outset but I must admit, after our first meeting and admiring Mrs L's delicious physique, I just wanted to have her right in the middle of the bar !

Mrs R and I never really got to discuss our meeting that night........we got an Uber home and ended up having some of the most amazing love making we have ever experienced !

I knew you were excited at the prospect of getting to play with our new friends but was not really prepared for just how turned on you were ! We made our way to the bathroom, brushed our teeth and moved to the bedroom.

You then took me by surprise, slowly removing your clothes, you said (with the most seductive look in your eyes) "So you have any idea how wet I am right now" ?

To be brutally honest, I had been more focused on the massive hard on I've had for the last hour and a half fantasizing about what I wanted to Mrs L !

I'm not sure exactly what got you so ridiculously horny but you know I wasn't complaining.

Due to kids, work, family commitments etc, we set the date for the 18th of July.

Although the last 5 weeks of anticipation have been like torture, it has also been the most amazingly erotic time of our lives................

Part 2 coming soon