Lucy walked softly on the beach, feeling the wet sand under her feet. The sun was setting and it was getting dark. Aurelio walked beside her, his hand around her waist. He could feel her soft body beneath the elegantly sexy black dress. The deep V neck revealed a glimpse of her firm and enticing breasts. He looked at her lush lips and felt an irresistible desire to kiss her deeply.

He still could not believe he had the rare chance to take Lucy out for a late night date when Ed was out for work. They had had a lovely dinner, and had been at this beach for some time.

She felt his hand moving up and down her back, occasionally grabbing her bouncy butt cheeks. She turned to look into his eyes, signaling him to bend down for a kiss.

Aurelio gave her a passionate and wet kiss. Their tongue twisted together, his hands holding her face. He started to move his hand down her neck and slide beneath the black dress, massaging her breast. Lucy gasped. She could see through the corner of her eyes some people at a distance, but she enjoyed the outdoor acts.

“You are so desirable, Lucy. I never want anyone this much”. Aurelio whispered into her ears as he caressed her neck, breasts and shoulders. Lucy moaned a little.

“Let’s go to your car and you can have me for a little while before we leave”, Lucy said.

They kissed again in the backseat of Aurelio’s van, caressing each other. Aurelio looked into Lucy’s beautiful eyes. He always loved the way she looked at him. His lips were all over her face, neck and shoulders. She projected such a womanly fragrance it turned him on hugely. Lucy let herself get lost in Aurelio’s kisses. She unzipped the front of the dress to reveal a pair of enticing, perfectly sized bosoms.

He let out a loud moan. He could never resist those perfect heavenly breasts, and the sexy erecting nipples. He went down to her breasts right away, kissing and sucking and biting them while fondling them with his hands. Lucy closed her eyes and let Aurelio have at her. She moaned loudly as he attacked her breasts. “Oh baby you are driving me crazy”. Aurelio responded by twisting her nipples even harder. Lucy pressed his head to her chest, kissing his forehead, feeling the sexy energy all over her body.

Lucy could see Aurelio’s penis poking from beneath his shorts. She signaled him to turn over and removed his shorts. His penis flashed out, rock hard. Its tip was glowing pink. She held the massive cock in her hands, and could not help thinking how delicious it looked. She licked his big hanging balls, and slowly put the whole shaft into her mouth.

Aurelio sank into the car seat. She had given him blowjobs many times, but each time it felt like the first. She had a magical way with her lips. The warmth, wetness and tightness of her lips wrapping around his penis was so overwhelming. Lucy started sucking , moving her mouth up and down his cock. Aurelio felt like he’s going to explode any minute. He looked down at Lucy’s angelic face, her gorgeous eyes, juicy lips. He bursted. A stream of warm milky sperm flowed into Lucy’s mouth as Aurelio twisted his body in orgasm. Lucy kept caressing his penis gently with her lips until he lifted her into his arms and hugged her tightly.

“Sorry I came in your mouth, baby”, he whispered. Lucy smiled. He embraced her like a lover.

“Why don’t you go to my place now? I want to make you feel good. I want more time with you, Lucy”, Aurelio said.

“My time is up, Aurelio. Ed will be home soon”, replied Lucy.

“Just a short moment at my place, please”, he looked into her eyes.

“I can’t, baby”, Lucy touched his handsome face.

Aurelio sighed. “How about just stopping by so I can show you the place?”.

Lucy smiled, “You are so insistent. Ok, just a glimpse and then I have to go”.

Aurelio smiled, satisfactorily.

The car stopped in front of Aurelio’s house. “Here it is”, he said, opening the door for her. Hands in hands he took her inside. He showed her around, his hands never left her body: now on her bare shoulders, now on her back, now hovering over her buttcheeks. Lucy enjoyed her lover’s caressing. She looked at his gorgeous face and recalled the sexy moments they shared in the car earlier. Unbeknownst to him, she was already wet again. “I almost forget I wanted to show you something.”, Aurelio said, getting his phone put of his pocket and opened up a photo to show her.

“Oh babe, is that my photo?”, Lucy asked. It was one of the few that Ed had shared with him. She was kissing Aurelio in that photo, both naked. Aurelio blushed “Ah yes, it’s a beautiful picture so I thought I’d save it and look at it whenever I feel wanting you”. “You are so sweet!”, Lucy said, pulling herself up to give Aurelio a kiss.

“Okay, now I’ve got to go”. Lucy said, turning to leave the bedroom.

“I really wish you could stay longer”, Aurelio whispered, holding her hands.

“Ed is waiting for me, babe”, she smiled, walking out.

She had barely reached the house door when Aurelio grabbed her from behind, holding her tightly.

“Babe!” She grasped, “what are you...”

Aurelio pinned her to the wall and kissed her deeply. She resisted, but he was too strong. Lucy thought of Ed waiting at home, but at the same time felt a strong sexual energy spreading across her body. Aurelio continued to hold her against the wall with one hand and started undressing her with the other. His hand touched her soaking wet vulva. “I know you also want me, Lucy”, he whispered into her ears. Lucy could feel her body started to give in. Aurelio had removed her dress and worked his juicy lips down to her nipples. He bit one and twisted the other with his hand. Lucy bit her lips hard, now completely turned on. She looked into his beautiful eyes and knew she wanted him.

“Have me, Aurelio”, she said. Aurelio took the hint and lifted Lucy up, carried her into the living room. He put her down onto the carpeted floor, lay down on her and kissed all over her body. Lucy moaned loudly, her vulva juice dripping down her thighs.

Aurelio lied down on his back and signaled Lucy to sit on him. “Let me get the condom”, he said. But before he could reach out to his short pocket, Lucy had taken his rock hard penis and slid it inside her vagina. “Oh god!!!”, Aurelio exclaimed. “Does it feel better this way?”, Lucy asked. “Definitely better”, Aurelio said, catching his breath. Lucy’s tight and slippery vagina wrapped around his penis. Without the condom, he could take in the feeling completely. She moved her body up and down and rode his cock hard. Her eyes were fixed on his, her hands grabbing his chests. He kept the eye contact with her and fondled her breasts. Together the lovers filled the living room with sensual sounds and whispers.

Aurelio lifted Lucy up again, had her bend over the dining table and entered her in a doggy position. She felt his penis deep inside her body. Aurelio pounded her vagina while messaging her clitoris with his fingers. Lucy came. She twisted her body in extreme pleasure. Aurelio hugged her tightly, feeling his penis also starting to explode. “Can I cum in you, baby?” He whispered. “Yes”, she said. Aurelio let it go. Lucy felt the spasm from his penis as it pumped out warm streams of semen inside her vagina. She turned to give him a kiss.

“I had to leave now, seriously”.

“I’m sorry, Lucy, i just couldnt resist you”.

“That’s alright, Aurelio,” Lucy said, kissing his lips, “I also wanted you. But take me home now”.

He helped her to dress, and embraced her before taking her to his car.