Lucy sat in the garden, sipping her tea and waiting for her husband to come home. It was a lovely Friday evening. Ed had promised to take her out for dinner. Their friend Mark who they met during their trip in Australia were staying, and Lucy didn't want to be bothered with all the cooking and cleaning while there was a guest at home.

Mark stepped out of the shower room. It was nice to stay in a proper house after a long while in backpacker hostels, he thought. Ed and Lucy were lovely hosts, plus Lucy was a beauty, he added, smiling cheekily. His eyes wandered the small but clean bathroom. On the wall was a calendar which apparently also doubled as a journal of the couple. There were writings here and there recording Ed and Lucy's activities throughout the month. Movies, concerts, camping trip, an Italian dinner, threesome. Wait, threesome? Mark's eyes stopped. He moved closer to the calendar. "Threesome with Dan". Wow, this was wild, he thought.

Mark walked out to the garden. He spotted Lucy at the cafe table. She was wearing a dark red dress cut into a V shape at the neck, revealing her shoulder and teasing a glimpse of her cleavage. Her skin silky smooth. Her hair black with a light shade of red, shining in the golden light of sunset. Mark hesitated. The little "discovery" was still in his mind. He took a deep breath, then walked towards Lucy, telling himself to act normal.

Lucy heard footsteps and turned. Her beautiful face bloomed into a smile when she saw Mark approaching. He had never seen such enticing lips on any other girls: full and kissable. Lucy signaled Mark to sit. She asked about his travel, and listened to his stories. Mark spoke on, occasionally stealing a quick glance at her cleavage.

The gate opened with a click. Ed was home. Lucy stood up and greeted her husband with a kiss on his lips. Ed waved at Mark before taking Lucy out for dinner. Mark looked at the couple. He could see Lucy's butt bouncing softly as she walked. "Lucky bastard", he smiled.

Mark was resting on the sofa in the living room when Ed and Lucy came back home. The house was dark. The couple went straight to their bedroom. Ed took off his wife's dress, admiring her curves. "Your beauty always amaze me", he whispered into Lucy's ears, who smiled sweetly. Ed lifted her to the bed, and began massaging her feet. Lucy let out a moan. She had always loved a nice massage before sleep. "Maybe keep it a bit down or Mark may hear us", Ed joked. "I don't mind", said Lucy.

Ed moved his hands to her thigh. "I think he likes you, judging from the look", Ed continued, "but again, what men don't find you attractive, especially in that dress".

Lucy let out another moan as Ed gave her bum a good squeeze. "I noticed him glancing at my boobs when we talked before you came home", she said.

Ed turned her up, massaging her shoulders. "You like men admiring you, don't you, Sexy?".

"Are you jealous?", she asked.

Ed looked at Lucy's boobs. Firm and perfectly sized. Her dark colour nipples were standing hard on. "You know the more naughty you get, the more you turn me on".

Ed squeezed Lucy's left boob with both his hands, while his lips kissed her nipple. Her boobs felt firm in his hands. Lucy breathed hard, eyes closed. Ed moved to her other boob. Lucy's hands caressed his legs, slowly moving upper. Ed continued sucking her right boob and twisted the other nipple with his hand. Lucy bit her lips, trying not to moan. Her hands touched his hard cock, grabbing it. Ed let go of the boobs, hugging her and kissing her deeply. He could feel juices coming out of her cunt, wetting his legs. He turned her around and spooned her. Lucy grabbed Ed's cock and directed it at her cunt, moaning softly as it went in.

Ed pushed his cock deep into Lucy. His right hand massaged her clitoris while his left hand twisted her left nipple. His lips kissing the other boob. Lucy couldn't hold back anymore and started moaning. It was her favourite position. She breathed harder and harder as Ed stimulated all her body.

Ed felt like he was going to explode. Lucy's vagina embraced his cock tightly as he fucked her hard. He felt a flow of energy from his cock into her cunt up to her nipple and back to him through his lips. His hands moved around her gorgeous body. He kissed her, tongue to tongue, and felt the warmth and sweetness of her kiss.

Ed cummed. His sperm filled her vagina. At the same time, Lucy let go a cry and collapsed into his arms from orgasm.

Mark lied on his bed wide awake. He could hear the couple having sex, and Lucy moaning. His hands was on his cock, rock hard. He closed his eyes, imagining Lucy's sexy naked body in his arms.


Lucy woke up in the middle of the night. Ed was sleeping deep. His cock, now flaccid, gently pressed against her butt as he hugged her from behind. Lucy could still feel his sperm in her vagina.

Gently pushed Ed's hands away, Lucy got out of bed to get some water. She put on her night dress and walked out to the living room, dimly lit by some moonlight that managed to get through the curtains. The black silk dress waved gently as she moved, feeling cool on her skin.

Mark, who had been sleeping on the sofa, turned in his sleep as Lucy poured herself a glass of water. She could see him lying there shirtless, a blanket covered his lower half. He seemed to be mumbling something softly. Must have been dreaming, she thought. Curious, Lucy moved closer to the sofa. Did she hear her name amongst his random words? She was quite certain he said something that sounded like Lucy.

Mark turned again, now facing her. The blanket fell off as he motioned and Lucy froze. He was not wearing anything. In the dim light of the night she could see his cock, erected and curving upwards.

Mark stirred again. He slowly open his eyes and saw Lucy's face next to him. Even in the dim light he could see her face blushing. Her beautiful eyes fixed on his cock. Her full lips slightly opened as she breathed a little harder than usual. Was this still a dream? He had been dreaming of her since the early night. Half awake half sleeping, Mark lifted his head and in a swift movement landed a kiss on her lips.

Caught by surprise, Lucy sat motionless when Mark's lips caressed hers. His hands were combing her hairs. Lucy let herself feel the softness and warmth of Mark's kiss. She started to give in as Mark moved his hands towards her neck and shoulders. She opened her lips in return and let his tongue slide through. It was a long and tense kiss. After a moment that felt like forever, Mark left her lips and whispered into her ears, "is it really you?". She nodded, eyes still closed as she felt his warm breath blowing her neck. "Oh I want you so much, Lucy".

Mark kissed Lucy's bare neck and slided his hands across her dress. He could feel her gorgeous curves and the softness of her body. His hands lingered on her butt cheeks, alternating between squeezing and caressing. Lucy moaned softly. She started exploring his body and felt his soft chest hairs brushing her fingers.

Through Lucy's dress, Mark could feel her pointy nipples. Still locking her lips with his, Mark slided his hands under the dress and touched her heavenly boobs. They were firm and fit perfectly in his hands. The nipples hard. Mark squeezed her boobs with both hands. Lucy stiffened her body and cried out softly. Her hands were now on his cock, caressing the pinkish tip and the length of the shaft.

In a swift movement, Mark took off her dress and lifted her to the sofa, sitting on his stomach. His heart pounded as he admired her perfect body. Her black eyes looked at him. Her red lips slightly bitten. Her boobs pointy. Her tummy flat. And her pussy juices wet his stomach. He could see she was enjoying the sex. Mark lifted his head and sucked her nipples. His hands grabbed her butt cheeks, stretched them out. He lifted her butt. The 6 inch cock slided into her warm soaking cunt.

Lucy moaned loudly. Mark's curving cock hit her G spot perfectly as she rode him. Mark pounded her faster and faster, his hands still stretching her butt cheeks. He had never fucked a cunt so tight. Lucy lied down on him and hugged him. He felt her silky skin against his body. He pounded even faster. Her juices ran down his legs.

The bedroom door suddenly opened and Ed stepped out. Mark was panic for a moment but Lucy whispered it's okay. Ed was immediately turned on seeing his wife riding a stranger. She grabbed her husband by his erecting cock and pulled it towards her mouth. Lucy blew Ed while Mark fucked her from below. Her left hand touching Ed's toned body, her right hand playing with Mark's balls.

Ed lifted Lucy and let her lie on her back. He spread her legs with his arms and entered his cock to her vagina. Lucy moaned as the familiar cock of her husband went in and out. Mark was sitting next to her, kissing her body. Ed pounded faster and Lucy cried loudly, "Oh yes I love your cock inside me!". Mark moved his head towards her crouch and licked her clitoris while Ed fucked her cunt. The combination of her husband's beloved cock and Mark's tongue was explosive. Lucy grasped for breath. Ed let out a loud cry and ejaculated inside her.

Mark's cock immediately filled her vagina as Ed pulled out. Lucy was moaning intensely. She had come at least twice. "Shoot inside me, Mark", she begged. Mark fucked her faster and faster. His body shivered as he released his load into Lucy's cunt. Lucy could feel his sperm, mixed with Ed's, flowing hot in her body.

They lied there together, Lucy in the middle with Ed and Mark on her sides. They were both hugging her. The three fell into sleep as the night withered.