My best friend at work is Lene. She has a doctorate in biology and works at the same research facility as me. Lene came from Holland with her family when she was a teenager.

She’s a goofy nerd and I love her more than my own sisters. She has never had a proper boyfriend because she is super shy. Not that plenty of guys haven’t tried – you see, Lene is smoking hot, she dresses like a grandmother and has a terrible haircut but under that dowdy appearance she is 5’10” with a tight, hard little ass, beautifully pert tits and skin the colour of honey. Apart from slightly crooked front teeth she looks like Kirsten Dunst, only taller.

A couple of months ago Lene and I went out on the town. My husband watched the kids. Lene got hammered and ended up vomiting on our driveway and I had to carry her inside before she passed out on the bathroom floor. We have a lot of fun.

In October I talked Lene into buying some better summer clothes. I couldn’t get her into a bikini but I did persuade her to get tight little singlets and a tiny pair of Lycra shorts. Back home there was a try-out session with Lene modeling each item down the hallway for the benefit of my husband who was painting our spare room. After Lene had gone, he said that her impromptu fashion show had given him a massive hard on. He then showed his appreciation for my part in it by screwing me senseless on the spare room floor.

The next day I bought some little Lycra shorts but that’s another story.

That got me thinking. Lene models some hot little shorts and I get the fucking of my life. I owe her.

I hatched a plan.

There’s a guy at work that I know Lene likes. He’s a nice guy, I’d like to see them get together but he’s even more shy than her. His name is Greg. He’s tall and lean. Greg is friends with a guy in my department called Paul. Paul and I get on well. I decided to enlist Paul into my scheme.

I told Paul that it was my plan to get Lene a little bit drunk at the Christmas party and if he could do the same with Greg, maybe we could steer them both into a storage room or something, and nature would do the rest. Paul confirmed that Greg fancied Lene, but he was never going to have the gumption to do anything about it.

Before the Christmas party I took Lene shopping. The only way I could get her to buy anything sexy was if I wore something similar, so we both turned up in short skirts, tight zip-up tops that pushed our tits together and gave us fabulous cleavage and heels that were far too high for a respectable work Christmas party.

It would be an understatement to say we got some attention when we arrived. Paul soon approached me and said that Greg was having trouble tearing his eyes away from Lene. Then he said he was having the same problem with me. I laughed it off and hurried off to get Lene another drink. In the back of my mind I was a bit flattered but also a bit concerned about Paul having noticed how I looked.

I popped into the ladies room and tried to adjust my outfit, but the fact was- it was making my tits and ass stick out and my legs looked like they went for ever. I felt a bit slutty but it was fun so I decided to have a few more drinks and just be someone different for once.

By 8 o’clock both Lene and Greg were getting quite merry, but apart from smiling at each other nothing was happening. I called Paul over and told him we needed to get things moving. ‘Tell Lene to go up to the mail room’’ he said, ‘I’ll get Greg up there.’

‘She won’t go up there just like that I said,’ I’ll have to get her up there, you bring Greg.’

I couldn’t think of a ruse so I just said to Lene, ‘Let’s go upstairs.’ She could sense something was up but curiosity and too much wine got the better of her and she tagged along. Paul and Greg were there already. Greg’s face lit up when Lene and I walked in. Lene saw it too. The look of happiness on her face was wonderful. I was even more determined that this was going to happen.

We started talking, it was a bit awkward, me and Paul taking the lead, the air was electric but fuckin Greg just wouldn’t make a move. I was getting pissed off. I hissed in Paul’s ear, ‘why doesn’t he just go over there and put his arm around her?’

‘Maybe we need to give them a bit of a demo’ he said. I could tell he was making it sound like a joke when he really meant it.

‘Fuck it’ I said, ‘we need to do something’. I didn’t mean that I was agreeing to Paul’s suggestion but he took it as an invitation. I was leaning back against the mail bench, Paul came up to me and pushed himself against me. I was pressed back against the bench. He lifted me up onto it and as he did so he positioned himself between my legs. My slutty little skirt rode up as he moved right up next to me. My legs were spread and if he looked down past my cleavage he could see my little pink panties. Greg and Lene could see them too. Paul put his arms around my waist and pressed himself in between my legs. His face was next to mine. ‘What are they doing?’ he said.

I looked over and I couldn’t believe it! It was like a switch had gone off in Greg’s head. He had Lene up on the bench and was pressing himself between her legs. Yay! I thought, Lene’s gonna get some tonight. I whispered in Paul’s ear not to get any ideas then checked on Lene again.

Dam it! Greg had run out of steam. He was just standing there. ‘I’m gonna have to show him what to do’ said Paul. He didn’t seem too troubled by the idea.

I wasn’t too impressed with Greg right then, or Lene for that matter, Christ! She was thirty years old, surely she knew what to do when a hot guy was between her legs, but no she was just sitting there with her arms clamped around him and her legs crossed behind his.

“Alright’ I said.

Paul didn’t need any more encouragement. He started kissing me, gently at first but then more passionately. He was quite strong and his hands were all over me, up and down my back, on my tits, stroking my neck. I hadn’t kissed anyone other than my husband for over ten years and the thrill of a different man was quite intoxicating. I kissed him back, with the same amount of enthusiasm.

I looked over at Lene and was relieved to see that Greg had his mouth locked over hers. I was so happy for her. That should do it I thought. I pushed Paul away and told him we should leave and give Greg and Lene some privacy. Paul was a bit disappointed and I noticed that there was a nice bulge in the front of his pants. ‘Are you guys going?’ said Greg, ‘we should go back too.’

I panicked and Lene looked crestfallen. ‘No, no’ I said,’ I just need to get more comfortable.’

Paul looked elated. He lifted me back up onto the bench and at the same time pulled my slutty skirt up above my ass. My little thong panties were exposed for anyone to see and I suddenly got the feeling that; I might be about to get fucked.

I started trying to think. How am I going to get out of this? Bloody Greg and Lene need someone to hold their hands, Paul is dead keen on showing Greg what to do, especially as he seems to think that entails having sex with me right now on the mail bench. I knew I needed to regain control, only that was becoming difficult as Paul had the zipper of my top undone and had discovered that I wasn’t wearing a bra. I probably shouldn’t have made that little cooing noise when he started sucking on my nipple but what else could I do, it felt fuckin divine!

I checked on Lene. It’s funny what goes through your mind in times like these. What went through my mind was ‘wow I’ve never seen Lene’s tits before but it turns out they are bloody perfect. They certainly looked hot as Greg switched back and forth licking and sucking each of her nipples. Her head was tilted back and she was holding the back of his head as he gave her tits a good seeing to. Not that I was missing out. Paul turned out to be very good at nipple sucking and I started to get quite excited.

Just for a moment I wondered how Greg had gone from ‘Mr Bashful’ to working Lene’s tits over like that, but I put that out of my mind and tried to get back to the task at hand, how to keep my panties on and get out of there before Paul tried to fuck me.

I went for the old faithful, ‘Paul I’m married’ I said.

‘That’s OK he said, ‘we just have to do enough to get Greg and Lene across the line.’

I looked over, Greg was still working on Lene’s tits, and although she still looked pretty happy, there didn’t seem to be any progress past there.

‘The only way he’s gonna fuck her is if he sees me fucking you’ said Paul. I was taken back a bit by that. I started to realise I’d been played. Greg was no shrinking violet, the way he was making Lene’s head snap back each time he tweaked her nipple made it pretty clear, he knew exactly what he was doing. You bastards, I thought, Paul and Greg had played me at my own game, if I wanted Lene to get laid I was going to have to give myself to Paul. If I stopped, then Lene was going to miss out. I had to hand it to them, they were pretty loyal mates to each other, the only way one was gonna get laid was if the other one got some too.

I looked at Lene she was oblivious and having the time of her life. There was no way I was going to stand in the way of her getting what she deserved. I actually wanted Greg to fuck her even more now that I realised he was probably going to be quite good at it.

I didn’t even say anything to Paul. I just started undoing his pants. I pushed them down and his cock jumped up as it came free. It was a nice cock but my husband is hung like a donkey so Paul looked a bit inadequate. All the same though - he was about to fuck a hot married woman, mediocre cock or not. Well played Paul.

I took his pants right down to the floor. He stepped out of them and I wriggled out of my panties and let them fall to my ankles. That morning Lene had only agreed to completely shave her pussy if I did mine too. I know men love a smooth box so I thought to myself,'Oh well lucky boys’.

I didn’t feel like sucking Paul’s cock. He was already rock hard, and I have to admit the situation was quite erotic and I was ready to go.

I lifted myself back onto the bench and lifted my legs up and used them to pull Paul towards me, my legs around his arms. As he came closer I grabbed his cock and pulled it towards my crotch. I was looking right into his face and he was looking at mine. Come on you dirty little bastard I thought, let’s see if you can handle me?

Paul put his arms around my legs and pulled my pussy towards him. I had his cock in my hand, it wasn’t the biggest I’ve ever had but it was certainly one of the hardest. I guided him into me.

No, it wasn’t the biggest cock I’ve ever had but it was still pretty good. He started slowly shafting me. I looked at Lene, she was staring at me with a look of shock and envy and admiration all at once. I mouthed the words to her whilst pointing at Greg, ‘Fuck him’. As I said that Greg had guided her knees together and was slipping her panties off. I watched him drop his pants and reveal a nice long prick that was fully erect. He knelt down and started kissing her freshly shaven cunt.

I was pretty sure that Lene was going to get screwed so I shifted my attention back to Paul. He was working up a rhythm and it was starting to get me quite wound up. My husband has had a vasectomy so I’m not on the pill. It struck me all of a sudden Paul might blow his load in my pussy and I’m ripe to get knocked up. I put my hand on his chest to push him away when without warning his body went rigid and I got that hot rush of cum jetting deep inside me. Paul held me for dear life and pumped himself dry into my womb.

He let me go and stepped back his still-hard cock springing out of my cunt. I could see it glistening wet from both our juices. He seemed pretty happy with himself. Why wouldn’t he? He’d just fucked the hot MILF from work and given her a belly full of cum.

I looked at Lene, she was buck naked and in the process of giving her virginity to Greg while Paul and I watched. It was hot watching the look of pleasure on her face. The fact that Paul had used me and cum in my pussy suddenly didn’t seem like a bad price to pay. We watched as Greg worked himself to a climax and squirted god knows how much pent up semen into Lene’s previously untouched box.

Once the job was done both Lene and I slinked off to the toilets to get cleaned up whilst the boys went back downstairs to act like nothing had happened.

Lene was ever so grateful and promised not to tell my husband what I had done. I laughed because I knew my husband would absolutely get off on hearing that Lene and I had fucked some guys from work. He’s funny like that.