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He stayed overnight, but off skype already later on the night he said. Would you want a threesome with my mate he said. I was hesitant for safety reasons and health as well. But as we foreplayed I said call him in. I was really horny. So we continued kissing and caressing till his mate arrived our house. He was a tall and a lean, Introduced himself and there was not a lot of chitchat as I was already naked. He undressed and he was well hung as well. So we kissed for few second while Oliver the first guy kissed my back and fingers my pussy from behind. Then I went down on Jack giving him a head. His member was long as Oliver's but thinner and uncut as well. To be fair for my partner I asked them to record the threesome with our Gopro camera so that I can send it to my partner. Which they happily oblige. The camera rolls and I was going down both of them alternatingly sucking their cocks. Spit roasted me with Jack doing my pussy and I blow oliver without both not using condom since what is the use as I already got creampied earlier by Oliver. I was got scared at one point as both got aggressive fucking me, they said let's do a double penetration, anal + pussy I objected but as if it was not an option. Oliver embraced me while he was laying on the bed and I was on top of him with his penis was in me exposing my ass for Jack. Jack got the lube and with the camera on his hand he penetrated me in my ass that was my first anal experience. It was a mixture of pain and ecstasy. Not long Jack blew his load in my ass as he said it was so tight. I can feel the warm jizz in me and pulled out as rested a bit while Oliver tries to pound me hard trying cum the 3rd time. Jack was dringking beer and records as Oliver pall drive me on the bed. His dick got limp as was not able to cum the 3rd time around. Just in the nick of time as I really feel very sore that time.. I immediately sent the video to my partner afterwards so that I won't feel guilty having another without his permission. Later on, we did a couple more rounds cum after cum.

My partner got angry on why I let another person in our house but was turned on with it. Just made me promise next time I would consult it with him first.

I am still waiting for my period to come. If I get pregnant with a white child and us being Asian that would be interesting. My partner said it does not bother him we can always tell that it was from an artificial insemination.