We had arranged to meet in a bar in Tauranga,had chatted and exchanged pics,however until their is a connection no one knows re a spark.All went to plan the couple liked me and I found them attractive,with the lady having a sexy voluptuous body.Back at the their house,she went and changed into something more "comfortable".Soon she was sitting in between us,both us guys had our hands down feeling her full tits,sometimes 2 hands on 1 tit.We then went to the bedroom where she undressed us guys,the first coincidence was my cock and the other guys were identical,same length and thickness.All 3 of us remarked on it,she then got both or our cocks in her mouth and again it was like double vision.What was very erotic was when we were pegging,was her running commentary to her husband on what I was doing.

All good fun but the other coincidence was whist her husband and I were dressing,we had the same brand/type of socks and undies.When we had stripped the clothes had been strewn around,so to this date I have no idea if I ended up wearing his gear.

Never boring during a sexual,encounter!