Was to be both of our birthdays so we talked about heading to wellington for over night stay.

Mrs had confirmed she had booked somewhere nice.

As the day of of the stay loomed we were both looking forward to night together on the town.

Wife pulled into parking lot of very nice hotel.

At check in lady at counter comented on the fact it was nicest room in hotel with great views.

As I unlocked the room and stepped in two figures jumped oround the corner and shouted : surprise "

Wow friends we had meet from this site- wife had booked double room for the four of us - awsome.

We all chattered and had a few drinks to relax before heading out to dinner.

Dinner was wonderful. His wife kept smiling at me - was tonight going to be the night I'd finally fuck her?? I hoped so she was lovely.

We had done the same room sex thing with them before but not swapped yet.

Dinner was done and we returned to the hotel. Poured a drink and sat on couches facing on another.

Giggling the girls both got up and moved to face one another.

Starting with small peck on lips and before long deep tounging each others mouths passionately .

Hands wondering first to breast then onto ass.

Us blokes looking on in awe.

The girls helped each other off with tops and bras, then took turns liking each others nipples.

My wife while liking titties rubbed her through jeans.

My wife undid her own pants and stepped out revealing lacy knickers.

As an open invitation Sue rubbed her puss firstly through fabric then parted panties and dove 2 fingers deep.

I was as hard as a rock smiling from ear to ear.

Giggling to one another then turning to us the girls made there way to us Sue to me and my wife over to Jim.

Sue released my cock and promptly started to suck as I looked over to see my wife doing the same to Jim. Jim was moaning as my wife took him as deep as she could ( was well endowed ) while cupping his balls.

Sue and I moved into 69 position and we both slurped wildly.

She sat up and said - I need cock birthday boy.

Her husband chimed in go on fuck her- my wife smiled with mouth full of his cock.

She helped me rubber up, both eger, then lying her down on carpet lowered cock into her wet puss. Dam it felt wonderful.

I looked over to see wife trying to fit condom on Jim- was a struggle on his girth and didn't roll down to base cause of length.

I wasn't sure he was even going to fit up her.

While fucking sue I could see wife streaching to take Jim up her puss , it took some minutes to finally fit whole length up her but once there she gave me big thumbs up and commented wow now I feel full. It looked amazing to see wife riding another man.

Sue and I tryed many positions all fantastic.

While fuckin doggie I reached round and rubbed her clitty bringing her to first wild orgasm.

I resisted coming.

She turned and smiled omg that was fantastic - let me get us some water.

As sue went to kitchen my wife beckoned me over to where she was been doggied .

I pulled condom off and wife took me in her mouth. Was unusual to feel Jim thrusting into her as she deep throated me . The perfect spit roast.

Jim was complaining about the too small condom. Wife turned to him and said - don't bother with it.

He looked at me- fine by me I said.

He looked much more comfortable bare back.

Sue and I ruturned to fucking - she wisp erred to me - I want to make u cum. I wasn't far off it.

I was wearing rubber so decided to go for gold- thrusting deep Sue loving the ride. I exploded in an almighty orgasm filling condom with seed.

I could see Jim was needing to release- wife could tell too, she grabbed his cock out and he erupted all over her tummy - powerful squirting of jizz.

After a short break we continued for another couple of hours swapping back and forth between finally finishing at about 4am cumming inside our own wives.

Big smiles at breakfast from all.

Tired but well fucked.

True story and have cought up twice since then- but that's another story ?