Written by couplefun13


This story stemmed from a fantasy we have and then a dream I had... Enjoy and tell me what you think. Mr Fun.

We pull into the familiar driveway. It’s steep and short, straight into the garage. We’ve been coming here for the last 4 years. Same holiday, same house by the sea. Amazing views, spa pool, day bed in the big window. An amazing place to get naked, but it’ll have to wait.

Today we have visitors. I’m glad they are not here yet, but they can’t be too far behind. It gives us some time to settle in. We pick the master bedroom, with the big wooden bed. “Just look at that view” Alice says. It is amazing, the moon reflecting off the water, ripples reminding me of us – naked in the water, playing.

“Stop daydreaming”

“I bet you’re thinking dirty again” Alice scowls.

“Yes, I’m thinking about when we were a;one at the beach, getting in the water and giving you a thrashing in the shallows, I love skinny dipping with you” I say

“Because it’s never just skinny dipping”

A car pulls up, we get the bubbles out of the fridge. “You pour and I’ll meet them at the door”

We’ve never met them before, but we’ve chatted online and seen photo’s. He’s average build and has short dark hair. His cock isn’t too big, but that’s probably perfect for this weekend. Especially for my first time.

She is stunning, long dark hair, beautiful silky pale skin and a body to die for. Her tits are not much, but in her own words – what she lacks in tits she makes up for in enthusiasm.

I let them in and show them to their room. Right next door to ours. Seeing as it’s just the four of us. There’s no need to sleep too far away. Not that we’ll be sleeping much.

I introduce Alice to Lucy and John. Hugs all round and I notice Lucy lingers a little when she hugs Alice. Taking in her scent. I wonder if she noticed that Alioce is not wearing anything under her summer dress.

We go for a walk around. Exploring. There’s the deck. The BBQ and of course, the spa.

First things first, lets have a spa. Nothing to relax after the long drive with a few glasses of your favourite bubbles or cocktails and a long soaking spa. It helps to get the fun juices flowing too.

We all get changed into bathing suits and shorts. I really just wanted to go naked. I wasn’t allowed. Apparently it’s not appropriate. I know the clothes wont last long anyway. We’re all here for a bit of fun anyway.

Wow, Lucy steps out in a string bikini, that’s quite literally just. String. Her nipples are barely covered an her pussy and ass both have g-strings. Just about. I couldn’t help but stare. Then I caught Lucy’s eye. She saw me staring. She has a big grin on her face. She shuffles a little and wiggles her bum. Wow. You can see the fabric rubbing on her pussy lips.

Alice walks down the steps and both John and I have to pick our jaws up off the ground. Wow. Boob top. A one piece bathing suit with an amazing cleavage and a massive amount of tit showing. I can just see the edges of Alice’s areolas. As she walks by I can see her sexy ass swaying. I know where I would like her to sit that sexy ass down later. I saved her a seat on my chest.

I take a couple of bottles of bubbly and two pre mixed cocktails and some glasses. We might be in the spa for a while and we’ll definitely get thirsty.

Drinks are flowing and lips are loosening. Everyone is getting more daring with the direction of the conversation. We are all here for the same thing. We’re getting along like a house on fire. So why not break the ice ?

Under the bubbles I remove my swim shorts. I pull them off without anyone seeing and let them go. They pop straight up in the middle of the spa. There’s first.

Then I see Alice frowning at me. “Too soon” she says.

Then John’s swim shorts appear too. “Yusss… “ I exclaim. “I’m not alone anymore”

“I’m also not the only one with bubbles running over his ass crack and balls”

“Well” Lucy says “I’ve had bubbles vibrating over my pussy and lips since we hopped in and I’m about ready to lose my mind.”

So I decide to make the next move, while Alice is just observing quietly.

“So Lucy, you said what you lack in tits you make up for in enthusiasm. What do you mean by that ? and from what I could tell, that swimsuit makes up for anything you might be lacking, YUM!”

Having had enough of beating around the bush, Lucy starts to take her swimsuit off.

Her tits aren’t big, but her nipples are beautiful rosy brown. Just the right size and rock hard, it couldn’t possibly be the cold, because the spa is still boiling hot.

“By the looks of your nipples, I bet your pussy is dripping wet and clit – rock hard” I say

Lucy removes the rest of her swimsuit over her ass and really what’s left in her hands is a tiny bit of material. Barely covering her hand.

She moves over to Alice. Her left nipple almost touching her face. “You seem terribly over dressed my dear Alice. Let me get you out of those wet clothes and you can tell the boys how wet my pussy really is”

Then I notice Alice’s hand between Lucy’s leg. She’s already working her clit. Lucy spreads her legs and gives Alice two finger access to her dripping wet pussy. Even in the spa you can feel the excess moisture streaming out from between her pussy lips.

Lucy helps Alice out of her swimsuit. Freeing her big sexy tits, they sway a bit when they are freed from the constraints of the swimsuit and like a magnet to a big sexy nipple shaped thumbtack. Both John and Lucy latch on to a tit each. Sucking and flicking and slurping as much as they can. Lucy’s lack of tit must have them both gagging for a mouth full of sweet sexy stiff nipple and soft milky tits. So I’m happy to hang back and let them have their fun. It’s going to be a long night tonight.

I hop out to fill everyone’s glasses, cock bouncing around semi erect. Finally the last swimsuit is discarded over the side of the spa. PLAYTIME!

I hop back in, and under the bubbles it’s a frenzy of hands. Hands on my cock and balls, my hands feeling around for legs, an opening, pussy lips or a clit for stimulation. I slide my hand down a leg opposite me. Then I find something a little less familiar. I have Johns balls in my hands. I smile and give them a slight squeeze. He realises its my hand and smiles back. Someone is going for it with my cock, wanking me like there’s no tomorrow. It’s exhilarating not knowing who is playing with what.

I slide my other hand over to Lucy. I find her pussy already occupied by a couple of hands. I work my way up and play with her nipples. Feeling my imminent orgasm approaching – I really need to slow this down – if we’re going to make this night last.

“Everybody slow down” I say “I’m about to cum and we don’t want that just yet. How about the boys sit back and watch the girls play ?”

John and I sit on opposite sides of the spa with the girls in the middle. The mood has changed and so has the frenzied pace. The girls are slow and sensual, sexy, kissing, touching. I cant see their hands, but I can use my imagination. Lucy whispers something in Alice’s ear and she starts moving back. She lifts her ass up on the side of the spa and spreads her legs. What a view. The glistening pussy lips spread slowly to reveal the sweet pink goodness inside. Her clit is hard and protruding from it’s hood, like a little penis, ready to be sucked on. Lucy doesn’t disappoint, she dives straight in and starts sucking on her clit. Enthusiasm is right. It’s like she’s trying to suck it right off. Alice goes ballistic. She won’t last long.

Lucy has her fingers deep in Alice’s pussy when I can feel her other hand on my leg, searching for my cock. I move closer to give her comfortable access. I slide my hand between her legs and start massaging her pussy and clit. One finger, Two fingers, Three fingers, I slide them deep up inside.

Alice is bucking land bouncing, her tits waving all over the place. John takes it upon himself to steady her on the side of the spa. He puts his arms around her and takes a nipple in his mouth. He looks up, their eyes meet and they kiss, a horny, dirty, passionate kiss. Like they are trying to eat each other’s lips off.

Alice starts to moan louder and louder. The waves of her building orgasm washing over her. Screaming, moaning, swearing, begging Lucy for more. Exploding into her first orgasm for the night. Her body shakes and shudders as Lucy gently keeps working her post orgasm clit. Just enough to keep it hard, keeping Alice horny and ready for more before too long.

Lucy assumes the position next to Alice. John dives between her legs. Her clit must be very hard and sensitive, because she instantly buckles and almost loses her balance. Alice holds on to her, their eyes meet and they exchange a cheeky grin. Lucy re-positions herself and nods at Alice. Alice slides back in the water and comes over and moves in behind me. She reaches around and starts stroking my throbbing hard cock. The head is big and purple and you can see the veins all down the shaft. She directs me in behind John, who is still making Lucy squirm with his talented tongue. Alice guides my cock over to his ass cheeks, you can just see his puckered asshole sticking out from the bubbling water.

Alice guides my cock over and rubs it on his waiting ass. He tenses up. This is new for both of us and we’re not too sure about ourselves. Lucy lifts his head, whispers something in his ear and kisses him, passionately on the lips. Alice reaches over and now has one cock in each hand. She is stroking him and guiding me towards his pulsing anus. She gently pushes the head of my throbbing cock onto his asshole. Slowly parting the sphincter. The head is in half way, I can feel the pressure from his tensed muscles. Lucy quietly tells him to relax. She kisses him again and he relaxes a bit more, he opens his legs and prepares to accept my cock. Alice applies more pressure, wanking him harder and faster with every millimetre of cock entering him. The head pops in and John groans. I start slowly working my cock in and out. He starts to match my rhythm and so does Alice with his cock. Lucy is smiling, kissing him, telling him how hot and sexy it is to see him being fucked like this.

We start to pick up the pace. I’m sliding almost all the way in and out now, just before the head pops out I thrust back again and this pushes him closer to the edge. Alice squeezes his balls gently and wanks him harder and faster. I start pumping faster and faster, sending him into a frenzy of moans, groans and begging us to fuck him. He finally jumps up, my cock pops out of his ass and he pushes himself into Lucy’s mouth. Alice keeps wanking him until he shoots his load deep down her throat collapsing in a spent heap on the seat in the spa.

Standing in the middle of the spa with my hard cock pointing in the air. Lucy turns around and bends over. Beckoning me over to fuck her. I gladly oblige. She is so wet that I slide in with ease. Alice starts working her clit and I pound her as hard and as fast as I can. I grab her by the hair and pull her into me.

“Fuck me, fuck me harder” She demands

I throw everything I have at her. Grabbing her by the hair and shoulders and thrashing her as hard as I can. Suddenly she lets out a scream and I can feel her pussy convulsing around my cock. This is too much for me to handle and I pull my cock out, I grab Alice by the head and shove my cock in her mouth, she willingly takes it and sucks it for all she’s worth. Within seconds I’m shooting streams of hot salty cum down her throat, filling her mouth and some dribbling down her chin.

She moves over to Lucy, and they passionately kiss. I can see my cum swirling between their tongues, Mixing with their saliva. Not to be left out, John grabs Lucy and kisses her, taking my cum in his mouth and then kisses Alice and giving her a mouth full to swallow.

“Well, I think it’s about time we move this party inside” Alice says “I need to freshen up, we’ve still got a long night of fun ahead of us”

We all wander inside, naked in the cold evening breeze. The girls hop in the shower first and they can’t keep their hands – or lips – off each other and before you know it, things are starting to heat up again.

John and I each have a shower while the girls get dressed. They have something special planned.

We’re sitting in the lounge, fireplace going. Neither of us wearing anything. Lucy walks in first. She is wearing sexy see through white baby doll with a crotch less g-string. Then it’s Alice’s turn. She’s wearing a full body stocking, also crotch less. All you can make out through the fabric is her stiff pink nipples and her puffy pussy lips where the crotch was supposed to be. Needless to say, both John and I was instantly at attention.

I put on some easy listening music and while I’m getting some more drinks, the girls are dancing. Gyrating, grinding against each other. Rubbing their clits and pussies together on the dance floor. Their hands are all over. Flicking nipples and playing with tits. Kissing, sucking, playing.

Both John and I are watching, stroking ourselves. Waiting for an invitation.

Alice struts over and takes me by the hand. “Are you ready to get fucked yet ??” She asks

I nervously nod.

Lucy is laying on the ground in front of one of the chairs. Alice directs me to straddle her face so she can lick my balls and suck my cock. As I get into position she starts working on me straight away. Massaging my balls, rubbing and squeezing them. Sucking the tip of my cock, licking all the way up and down the shaft. Her cocksucking skills is driving me crazy.

Alice sits on the chair and spreads her legs. “Eat my pussy baby, I want to cum in your mouth”

I start by licking her pussy lips up and down, sucking them into my mouth, one at a time. I work a finger inside her, she’s already wet with anticipation. She’s been planning this for a while. She’s wanted to see me get fucked by a man since the first time she fucked me with the anal beads. It’s been a fantasy for both of us.

I feel the pressure of his cock on my sphincter ,he’s not as big, but I’m still tense. He slowly manoeuvres himself into place and starts to push the head of his cock into my ass. I’m nervous and excited. I can feel the head of my cock is pulsing, throbbing hard in Lucy’s mouth. She has John by the balls, coaxing him deeper inside me.

The head pops in and I feel an instant relief. I feel the rhythm of John starting to push deeper inside me. Alice is encouraging him “Push it all the way in, give him your whole cock”

John starts to pick up the pace, he is really getting into it now. Alice is encouraging him to fuck me. Fuck me hard. He doesn’t need any more encouragement. He grabs me by the shoulders and starts pumping the full length of his cock into my ass. I can feel him rubbing on my prostate and combined with lip service Lucy is giving my cock head. I wont last much longer.

My climax builds. I meet Johns thrust up my insides and I pound Lucy’s mouth, I push hard and manages to push past her gag reflex and down the back of her throat. I keep fucking her mouth while John pound my ass. I’m trying to keep it together enough to keep sucking Alice’s clit, but I cant hold it anymore. I shove my cock right down Lucy’s throat and unleash stream after stream of hot salty cum straight down her throat.

My orgasm is too much for John and he shoots his load in my ass. Emptying his balls deep inside me. When he pulls his cock out, the semen drips from my asshole and covers Lucy’s chest and she manages to catch some in her mouth.

We all take a minute to recoup. “So who’s next ??” Lucy says.