Written by Tony_bigweapon


I couldn't take my eyes off of you. The short skirt revealing your beautiful legs, the silk blouse draping over your breasts, but more than anything it was the way you moved with him on the dance floor. I had always believed that the way a woman dances tells you so much about how she would be in bed, and watching your cat-like moves had me so hard that I could not get up from my table without revealing my raging erection.

I knew that you had caught me looking more than once and I had given up on trying to hide it. I saw you move in close to your partner and whisper something in his ear before he looked over to me as well. As I continued to watch, you spun around and pushed your wonderful ass back toward him. He put his hands around your waist and both of you looked over at me as you started to grind together to the music. It was so erotic watching the two of you moving together. All I could picture, as you pressed yourself back into him was his cock inside of you, fucking you to the beat of the music. It was all I could do not to free my own cock from my pants and jerk myself off under the table.

I watched the two of you like this for several songs. I had just finished my drink and the waitress had brought me another. After I had paid her I looked back to the dance floor to see that you were gone. I figure it was going to be a night of going home and jerking off as I fantasized about what he was doing to you when he had you alone. I took a good swig of my drink hoping it would ease some of the tension I felt, when the two of you walked by my table, apparently on your way out. Just as the man you were with had passed, he reached back and dropped a piece of paper on the table. As I opened it up and read it, my heart began to race. On the paper there was an address and a simple note: "Meet us here in 30 minutes." I finished my drink, and left the club.

As I pulled into the driveway, got out of my car and walked to the door, my mind was racing with the thoughts of what I might be about to experience. I rang the bell, and as you opened the door, you gazed down from my eyes seeing the bulge in my jeans that all of my thoughts had created. "Thank you for coming," you said, as you reached out your hand to shake mine, "I'm Renee, come on in."

I shut the door behind me as I followed you in through the hall to the living room. The man you were with at the club was sitting on the sofa and he stood up to as I walked behind you into the room. "Hi, I'm Alex," he said as he motioned for me to sit in a chair across from the sofa, "can I get you something to drink?"

"Whiskey, if you have it," I said as I shook his hand, "I'm Tony by the way." I took my seat as he walked to the kitchen to get some drinks.

You sat on the sofa across from me on the chair. You looked at me with a wicked smile on your face. "So you like to watch me dance," you said as you uncrossed and crossed your legs again, giving me a brief glimpse of your clean-shaven pussy. I simply nodded, already getting hard again at your brief tease. "Would you like to watch me dance for Alex?" you asked as he walked into the room and brought me my drink. I nodded again as I took the drink from him and he walked over to sit on the sofa beside you.

You looked at him as he sat down. "Tony wants to see me dance for you hun," you said with a smile on your face, "would you like that?" Alex leaned back on the sofa and simply motioned with his hands for you to go ahead.

You stood up in front of him so that you were facing me and began to move to the music that was playing lightly on the stereo. I watched as you bent over, showing him your beautiful ass and moving it in closer to his face. He reached up and grabbed your shirt skirt, unzipping it from behind, pulling it down over your legs and helping you step out of it. You the turned around to face him as you began to take off your top. You let it fall to the floor, and then unclasped your bra, letting it fall as well. As you bent over to bring your now bare breasts closer to his face I had a beautiful view of your ass. The closer you bent over to him, the more I could see of your beautiful pussy. All I could think was how much I wanted to be behind you watching my cock pound in and out of that hot little hole.

As you rubbed your breasts across Alex's face I noticed that he had slipped his pants down and was not massaging his hardening cock. You stood up again, turning around to face me, and then lowering your ass to him. He held his cock straight up and I watched as you guided your pussy down to his head and then slowly sat down on him, taking him all the way in up to his balls. You rotated your hips as you began to grind him inside of you. As I looked at your face, I saw that your eyes were transfixed on the massive bulge in my jeans. "You look a little cramped," you said, "why don't you let that out of there."

I leaned back on the sofa, undoing me jeans and pulling them off over my legs. My cock stood straight up as I leaned back, almost aching with need and desire as I watched you continue to fuck him on the sofa. I began to stroke myself with long, slow strokes of my hand as I watched the look of pleasure on your face.

You continued to grind Alex inside of you for a few more moments before you stood up, his now raging hard cock slapping back against his stomach. You walked over to me, and turned around to face him as you reached back to take my cock in your hand. You lowered yourself to me and guided me inside you slowly, just as you had with Alex. I thought I was going to cum right there from all of the teasing I had been taking all evening, but you stopped as soon as you had taken me in all the way.

I suddenly hear Alex speak up from across the room. "So what do you want to do Renee?" he asked.

I heard you let out a low, sexy moan as you started to rotate your hips, feeling my now hard as steel cock inside of you. Then I heard you speak up in a soft, sultry voice. "I want you to get the video camera," you said, "I want you to make a video of Tony fucking me like a porn star." You moaned again and I could feel your grinding me even harder inside you. "Then I want you both," you said, "I want you to ravage me, I want you both to fuck me like a hot little whore."

You leaned back against my chest, driving me even deeper inside you, before you stood up and released my aching cock from your pussy. You turned to face me, and out your hand out, moving your finger for me to follow you. I stood up from the chair, my cock now standing straight out in front of me, and followed you as you walked to the bedroom.

You rolled on to your back on the bed as soon as you got in the room, letting your head fall down off the side. I saw Alex walk in the room just seconds after with the camera in his hand already recording. You pointed to my cock and then back to your mouth. "Bring that beautiful cock over here and fuck my face," you said.

I walked over to the bed, which was quite high, and found that your head hanging over the edge like that provided the perfect angle. I held my cock in my hands and ran its tip across your lips. You opened your mouth, and I slid myself inside you, feeling your lips wrap tightly around me and your cheeks touching me from the side as you started to suck me in hard. I began to move slowly, fucking your mouth in and out like a hot little pussy. I was lost in the pleasure and barely aware of Alex, moving around and getting all kinds of angles of me fucking your face like this.

I felt your one hand on my thigh, pushing be back out of you as your other hand came up and wrapped around my cock. "Fuck that's such a nice cock," you moaned, as you slid up further on to the bed, "get up here and eat my pussy while you're fucking my mouth."

I climbed up on to the bed and positioned myself on top of you with my cock hanging down in front on your face and my head between your legs. As I felt your hand close around me and you took me into your mouth again, I spread your pussy lips with my fingers and started to flick your clit with my hot tongue. I could feel you moaning on my cock, as I shoved two fingers inside you and started to fuck you with my hand. You pushed my cock out of your mouth, jerking it hard with your hand. "That's it baby," you cried out, "finger fuck that pussy while you eat me." You swallowed my cock again, moaning even harder as I found your g-spot with my fingers. I began to rub it hard and fast as I sucked your clit in and out between my lips. I felt you drive your face up against me, swallowing me all the way to the base and pushing me down your throat. I felt like cumming right then, but your orgasm was starting to hit you and you once again pushed me up and out of your mouth. "Fuck yessssssssssss," you cried out as I continued to work you faster and harder with my mouth and hand. I suddenly heard you moan out loudly as you shot your hips upwards and started to squirt, covering my face with your hot cum.

You had barely rested for a second before I heard you again. "Fuck me now," you moaned, "I want that cock in me now." I wasted no time moving around on the bed, grabbing your ankles to spread your legs wide and driving myself inside you with one hard thrust. I saw Alex still recording, and moving around the room getting as many angles of us as he could. You looked deep into my eyes as I started to drive my cock in and out of you. "That's it Tony," you said, "don't hold back….give it to me hard." I released your ankles from my hands and you kept your legs spread wide for me. I positioned myself, holding myself up with my arms on each side of you and started to fuck you harder and harder. "Oh yeah, that's it baby, Fuck me hard Tony" you moaned, "talk to me now."

I drew myself out and thrust myself into you hard, grinding myself against you clit. "You like that," I growled, "do you like that hard cock you little slut?" I gave you another long hard stroke. "You like getting fucked hard don't you," I moaned in a low voice, "you like that hard cock pounding your tight little pussy." You moaned as I pulled out and then started to drive myself inside you with faster strokes. I was lost in the moment and started fucking you so hard that the entire bed was shaking. "You're such a hot little slut," I cried out, "take that cock…take that fucking hard cock…make me cum you little bitch!"

I started to grow harder and harder inside of you as I felt my orgasm rising from deep within me. I saw Alex moving in for a close up and, heard you speak as you felt me starting to cum. "Pull it out and cum all over me," you moaned, "shoot it all over me like a little porn slut."

I barely pulled out in time, grabbing my cock in my hand and jerking it off as I started to shoot my hot load all over you. I came so hard that one shot covered you from your pussy all the way up to your chin. It felt like I was never going to stop cumming as I saw Alex getting all of it on tape and you rubbing my cum into you with your hands. When I finally did stop it looked your entire body was shining with my wet, sticky cum.

You just smiled as I rolled over on the bed beside you, trying to catch my breath. I saw Alex bring a tripod over to the side of the bed and set up the camera before he got down on the other side of you. "Fuck that was hot," he said, "now I need some attention." He took you by the back of the head and guided you down to his already throbbing cock. I heard him moan deeply as you took him into your mouth and started to give him a voracious blow job. I couldn't believe it, but the sounds of you sucking him with such hunger were making me come to life again.

Alex reached down to grab your head between his hands. "Get up here and fuck me now," he said as he pulled up on top of him. You straddled him and guided him into you as you sat back on his cock and started to ride him. I started to stroke my cock as I watched, feeling myself come to a raging erection once again. I saw you start to ride him harder and harder as he reached down with one hand to massage your clit. "So what do you want now Renee," he said as you began to moan.

You looked over at me stroking my cock. "I want you both to fuck me," you said, "I want to ride your cock while he fucks my ass."

Alex left his one hand between your legs, continuing to massage your clit, as he put his other arm around your back and pulled you down closer to him. I was certainly not going to turn this down, so I moved over behind you on my knees. I could see Alex's cock buried deep inside you and your ass in such a perfect position. I let some saliva gather in my mouth and then spit on my hand before lubing up my cock. I placed the head of my cock against your ass and slowly slid myself inside of you, working my way all the way in. As I began to move I could feel Alex's cock moving inside you as well.

You moaned as we both started to push our cocks in and out of both your tight holes. I saw Alex reach up and grab you by the hair at the back of your head and turn your face to the camera. "Tell us how it feels baby," he said.

You moaned as you looked towards the camera, barely able to speak, but you managed to get out short spurts of words. "Two cocks inside me…two men fucking me…one in my pussy one in my ass…two hard cocks…fucking me hard like a dirty little whore."

Hearing you moaning and talking like this was driving both of us crazy. Alex started to massage your clit faster as both of us started to fuck you harder. You continued looking into the camera. "Oh fuck," you cried out, "fuck me …both of you…fuck me…ohhhhhh fuck…I'm going to cummmmmmmm!" Almost as soon as you cried out we felt you bucking between us as your orgasm rocketed through your body. We continued fucking you harder and harder until both of us were on the edge as well. You pushed up off of Alex and looked into the camera again "That's it boys," you moaned, "I want you to cum for me. I want you to roll me over and cum all over me like a little porn slut." I knew I couldn't hold out one second longer as I felt the cum starting to travel up my shaft. I pulled my throbbing cock out of your ass and grabbed you hard by the shoulders, rolling you off of Alex and onto your back on the bed. I immediately began painting your stomach with my stream after stream of hot, sticky cum. Alex had moved up so he was kneeling beside your face, and as soon as he saw me cumming all over your stomach he began to cum on your face with so much force that it was splashing off your lips and tongue. As soon as Alex had finished cumming he got up and went over to the camera, taking it from the tripod and focusing it on your cum covered body on the bed. "Fuck that's hot," he said as he focused on you taking some of cum from your stomach on one finger and bringing it to your mouth to lick it off.

You looked into the camera with a wicked smile on your face, and in a breathy voice, I hear you moan "Again……".