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An afternoon delight

"A prequel to Ep. 3"
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Lucy kissed Ed goodbye and walked to the gate of the wharf. She could feel her heart starting to beat faster as her nervousness raised. In five minutes or so she would have a few hours with Aurelio alone and who knew what was going to happen. It’s been almost 3 months since she last met him, not mentioning this would be the first time just by herself. She sat waiting on a bench at the gate and looked out at the scenery. It was a hot sunny day and the sky was clear and blue. “It’s going to be fine. Who knows? Maybe even better than fine.”, she thought to herself. A minute or so later she saw a black car approaching the wharf, its window rolling down. A young man wearing a bright yellow t-shirt with a beaming smile poked his head out to greet her and as she knew his face, she smiled back and walked towards him. It was Aurelio, still ever gorgeous with that perfectly squared jawline and thick dark eyebrows, the very features that she can never resist from any man. He grinned ever so broadly and gave her a tight hug once she settled in the car, before starting to drive to the house he’s been sitting. “You look so pretty today”, he beamed at her. “Thanks”, she replied, having purposely planned the outfit the night before to look both classy and sexy at the same time. She could feel the rising warmth from her body and the increasing rate of her heartbeats, even though it had nothing to do with the summer heat outside. She had almost forgotten how good looking he was and now finding herself trying hard to keep her cool while casually chatting back to him in the car. As they arrived at the place, Aurelio showed her inside, signaling her to sit on a couch. It was a small house with one bedroom, a big monitor was playing some mellow beat music, and there was a small fish tank on one side of the couch. Aurelio locked the door and came to sit next to her, his arm wrapped over her shoulders. “Have you missed me?”, he asked. “Mm hmm”, she smiled back at him and looked at his beautiful face, feeling hotter by the seconds. As she leaned over to kiss him, he wrapped one of his arms around her legs and effortlessly lifted her up onto his lap. Without talking they indulged in each other’s tight hugs, small kisses and intimate caresses. Slowly Aurelio removed her jacket and dress, breathing all of her in before dwelling deeply into her breasts, as she let herself sink further in the sweet fragrance of his t-shirt and the warmness of his embrace. He released her for a brief moment and looked intensely at her, still on his lap. As he looked on, she gazed at his t-shirt and grinned “You know, yellow really suits you. Not many men can pull it off”. He laughed “Thanks” and hugged her again, “Wanna go to the bedroom?”. She nodded. Inside the bedroom, as Lucy sat naked on one side of the bed, Aurelio stood on the floor facing her, still looking deeply into her eyes. He took his t-shirt off, put on a condom, then raised both of his hands to touch her face. He leaned down to kiss her mouth, neck and shoulders, inhaling her womanly smell with every breath, while she used her hands to feel every inch of his skin and muscle. She kissed all over his chest, then held one of his hands and pulled gently, inviting him onto the bed. Already wet, she signaled him to lay on his back as she moved on top of him and slowly set her pussy down onto his cock. Aurelio gave a soft sign as he closed his eyes and sank deeper to the experience. “You’re so tight you know?” he said. She smiled and moved herself up and down more vigorously, feeling him deep inside her body, while continuously fixing her gaze on his. Feeling the urge to go deeper, Aurelio raised himself up, set Lucy on her back and smothered her with his entire body, as she surrendered under his weight and warmth. He waved his whole body in and out of her for a while, then sat up on his knees, held her ankles tight enough to lift both of her legs up high with his right hand, while using his left forearm to hold the back of her thighs downward to create a curve from her butt-cheeks to her toes to push his cock in even deeper. Strongly and precisely he pounded in and out of her, to the extent that she had to raise both of her arms over head to secure herself on the edge of the bed and counteract his force. The small room filled up with their hard rhythmic breathing, pounding, and Lucy’s ecstatic moans. Lucy pushed her lover to sit up again and lower her lips down to his dick, licking the shaft all over, bending over from his right side. Wanting more, she searched for his hand and pulled it towards her vagina, hinting him to finger her. She could feel an immensely strong wave of sexual energy flowing from head to toe as his hands skillfully caressing her wet vulva and her mouth sucking his rock hard cock. After what seemed to be a long immersion of extreme pleasure, she replaced her lips momentarily with her hand to look up at him. She could see in the way his eyes being halfway open, gazing half blankly half willfully at her, his eyebrows drooping, mouth barely open, that he was elating in the intoxication of the mouth job that she gave. He looked almost vulnerable, as if she had entirely bewitched him, and the sight stirred her. “Can I cum in your mouth?”, he whispered. She nodded. Aurelio took the acceptance, removed the condom and stood back on the floor by the bed again, not forgetting to kiss her mouth and face before lowering her cheeks down to his cock. As Lucy licked the pink tip and moved down to kiss his balls, he rocked the penis with his hands and moaned loudly. Swiftly, his heart raced faster and he could feel the close reaching point of the explosion. He lifted her face gently from his balls to his cock, and released. The semen ejected into small soft streams to Lucy closed mouth. After a moment or two he let her go.

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