This story is one hundred percent true and I'm sharing it to you for the first time.

My gorgeous wife and I met our tall funny handsome single man about three months ago on KS.

At first the initial meet was hard to arrange and nearly gave him the three strikes rule for not being available for us.

Thank god we didn't.

We have been together for years and swinging for the last three or four. Not many partners, but great sex with near strangers has appealed to us, so we try to arrange a night of hard fucking where possible. We both love it.

So we finally meet with our detached man a few months back. He is attracted to my hot wife instantly, she soaks up the attention and laughs at his humour. We drink, play pool and as she bends over to play he's got his eye on her ass. She stands up after a shot and he is right there in her face, she leans her due on the table and throws her arms around him for the first time. Their foreheads touch and she pashes him in front of me for the first time. I instantly get a semi on and my cock is dripping within 20 seconds. They are kissing slow and passionately. I can feel the attraction and it''s making me horny as hell.

We are in the garage and about to get naked, his cock is getting hard as her rubs against my wife, the pool has stopped and I suggest we get inside. As we pour a drink in the kitchen and the ice is well and truely broken, there is a sense of relief all-round that we don't have to hide our lust any more.

We grab the drinks and head up stairs to the bedrooms, she kneels in front of both of us and takes his cock out and sucks him till he's hard. Then she does me, but I'm already hard watching her blow him. It's driving me crazy i want him to fuck her so bad. She presents herself on hands and knees on the bed, her pussy pointing straight at him. I watch her face as he enters into her, his eyes roll back and she bites her lip as his hard cock fills my wife. He fucks her slowly for few few minutes as she moans and says "fuck yes" softly.

He rolls her onto her side and lifts one leg high, i put my face between her legs and watch at close range his cock sliding in and out of her. She comes, with a load moan the you could hear from the other side of town. I play with her clit, licking and stroking as he fucks her, my face right in her wetness, she squirts three times in as many minutes. He can't believe it, he has never made a hot woman come so many times. He is wet all over from her squirting. He pumps her hard she moans even loader, he pulls out in time to come all over her pussy and tummy.

I am in heaven, i want to fuck that wet cum filled pussy, so I do, we fucked for seven hours that night.