My wife and I are not young but there is no question that Jane* looks much younger than she is, and has a splendid figure which is frequently admired. We have never "wandered" at all, though I have had strong fantasies about her with another man. This changed the other week.

I had a friend, Peter*, to stay for a couple of nights. He is tall and good looking and Jane clearly thought he was rather special, dressing slightly provocatively, which he enjoyed. The next evening she suggested that we all went to the cinema where there was a late evening showing of a rather sexy film. She looked all excited when she suggested it and I assumed that she had plans! We had a bit of supper and she went to get changed and came down in a little black button-through dress with the lower two buttons undone, and one button too many undone at the top so that there was a lovely view of legs and cleavage. She sat talking to us, crossing and uncrossing her legs often, and showing that she was wearing stockings with sexy lacy tops. On the way she sat in the front as I drove, but was half turned to talk to Peter, There was a lot of leg on show and she stroked my thigh all the way. I had never seen her like this before. In the cinema as we went to our seats she took hold of Peter's hand so that he sat next to her with me next to him.

In no time at all she had undone another button so that her legs were shamelessly on display, and as the film became steamier another button was undone so that her stocking tops and bare flesh above them were quite clear. As she snuggled up to Peter she undid another button at the top so that there was even more cleavage on show. I had lost all interest in the film as I was mesmerised by her behaviour and by his hand stroking her at the top of her legs.

On the way back she sat in the back with Peter though seat belts prevented them snuggling; instead she undid another button top and bottom and he was able to stroke her breasts while she rubbed his cock.

She gave him a long goodnight kiss when we got home, and then came to bed in a gorgeous baby-doll outfit and leant above me so that I could fondle and kiss her breasts. I so wanted her and put my hand near her pants but she told me to stop because she was well aroused and almost ready to climax. She then gave me a long, deep kiss and got up saying that she was going to spend the night and have sex with Peter. In the morning they told me that they had sex five times during the night!

We talked about it for a couple of days and I told her that I was thrilled by it all. She then challenged me to find a stranger once a week who would come and have a meal with us, and then have her as a dessert! Goodness me, she dresses so sexily and flirts so outrageously that I am in a state of excitement all the time. Above all, she is so happy and our sex life has leapt upwards.

*Names changed