We arrived at CCK around out usual time of 9pm. Emily looked stunning on one of her shortish floral dresses, and I knew she had on my favourite black and pink lingerie underneath. We had to wait a few minutes to be let in as Carl was processing what looked to be a couple with a third. The guy looked to be in his late 40s and had a younger girl on a collar and leash. The third of the group was a slim blonde lady in her early 40s, who we later found out was not with the couple. I said to Emily that I thought the lady had a lovely body.

When we got inside and gave our coats to the lady at the bar, I ordered us a drink and happened to sit alongside the lady who was now without the couple. Emily went to put her things in the locker, and being alone, and possible emboldened by the 3 whisky’s I’d had before leaving the hotel I struck up a conversation with the lady. She asked the barmaid for a glass of water, and the barmaid indicated the water fountain at the end of the bar, complete with paper cups. I made a joke about her having to drink from the kiddy cups and she (perhaps politely) laughed at my joke.

We started talking about how she found herself here, and she mentioned that she’d been here last night too. I thought this was pretty hot, a lady coming alone, not once but twice. Emily returned and joined in the conversation which veered through the usual topics on meeting someone at a swinger’s club, including that her hubby was away on a boys weekend with some of his mates who apparently would be killed by their wives if her hubby told them half of what the two of them got up to.

The conversation flowed between us really easily. I am quite a tactile person so had touched her discreetly and flirtingly a couple of times as we talked. It’s always nice when the lady doesn’t mind that! I can’t remember at what point I asked her name, but it was probably long after I should have.

I was a bit nervous as Emily and I had mostly played with couples to that point, so I wasn’t sure whether she would be interested in playing with a lady on her own or not. Eventually Emily needed to head outside to the smoking area for some “fresh air” and I asked if my charming friend would like to come to or not. She seemed fine with that and followed us outside. The conversation continued really nicely, there was another couple out there too, and I had the very enjoyable experience of having two sexy women touching me. I liked that once Nina placed her hand on my thigh she was quite happy to move it up to touch my cock through my suit pants. It’s always hot having a stranger touching my hardening cock.

When we ventured back inside I asked the two ladies whether they’d like to fool around a little. Both of the ladies were keen to…. I couldn’t believe my luck. This would basically be our first FFM threesome, as we’d only really played with couples previously. Both ladies wanted to visit the bathroom, so I waited for them in the darkroom at the back of CCK. Removing my shoes and socks but leaving on my white dress shirt and pants. When Nina came back in she’d changed into a very sexy see through lacy nightie type thing and red bra and thong set.

Nina and I met for a hug and a bit of a snog, before climbing onto the bed, soon to be joined by Emily. There was lots of kissing and groping, with Nina and I playing with each other, my hands caressing her breasts through her lingerie, and venturing down to her pussy, cupping and stroking it with my fingers. Both Emily and I wanted to taste Nina’s nipples, so we quickly got her out of her nightie and bra, our mouths finding a nipple each and gently sucking on them, earning moans from our lovely subject.

We were both enjoying exploring Nina’s lovely body, and it wasn’t long before we were removing her red panties, exposing her trimmed pussy. My fingers explored and found that Nina was deliciously wet already. I kissed my way down her body and settled between her thighs, prepared to taste her for the first time. She tasted delicious and I enjoyed licking, fingering and teasing her wet pussy.

Emily had been kissing and playing with her, and both of us loved exploring her body. It was around this point that I came up and was kissing Nina again and asking her what she liked. She mentioned that she loved sucking and playing with a hard cock.

I got up and out of my clothes, with Nina and Emily making out a bit on the bed. When I climbed back on, I lay down and the ladies separated so I had our new friend on one side and my lovely wife on the other. Nina’s hand went to my cock and was stroking it. It was very sexy to see how keen she was to have my cock in her mouth, and it didn’t take her long to go there. I couldn’t help but moan a little as her warm mouth engulfed my cock. Nina seemed to be one of those ladies who very much enjoys sucking cock and it showed.

While she was doing that another couple had come in and asked if they could join us. He turned out to be a Brazilian guy, she was curvy, with large breasts and curly red hair. Not surprisingly Emily’s attention was then diverted, and I had Nina with my cock in her mouth, and the curvy lady over beside me with her big breasts in my face. What a way to go!

It was very sexy having my cock sucked while I got to play with some lovely nipples! After a bit of this though, I wanted to fuck Nina… I got up and moved her onto her back. I can’t remember whether I asked her or not, but with her legs spread and that delicious pussy on display, if I hadn’t asked, I knew it was still ok with her. I rolled a condom on and positioned myself between Nina’s spread legs. I slid slowly into Nina’s warm wet pussy. She felt amazing.

I have to admit things from here are probably more remembered how I would like them to be, rather than what actually happened. Nina was a very enjoyable playmate. We fucked in the missionary position for a while, then she asked if she could ride me. Girl on top is one of my favourite positions so of course I was happy to oblige. The other lady had left by this point to find more attention I assume.

Nina rode me for a while, alternatively playing with her clit while she did, or letting me help her with it. The view from below was really hot. We continued for a while, Nina seemed to enjoy my cock, and I definitely enjoyed being inside her. Our first session of the night ended when Emily and her beau had finished, and Nina climbed off me and we lay on the bed. Yum!