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A Masters story

"a night out with friends (a sub perspective)"
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I park my car in the parking spot outside the room and check my state of dress before exiting the car. I have on my Master’s favourite dress, it is a short singlet dress, black with pops of bright colours with my favourite high heels. I love my heels, it has taken many months of wearing them to get back to feeling confident in them, the local supermarket is always a good place to practice wearing my high heels, gives the locals something to gossip about too. I exit the car and go to the boot to get my clothes bag and our toy bag. The toy bag is getting heavy now that it has all that chain in there. I love the feel of the chain holding my hands and legs, cuffed or with it hooked to my anal hook attached to my slut collar. I check that my piercings are all in and that the padlock is sitting in a comfortable position for walking. It has taken some weeks of no sex in my pussy, but I now have three holes in each pussy lip, I am still looking forward to the clit piercing, I just have to earn it. Six holes all up, I am in the process of stretching the last four to the size of the padlock that will lock my pussy up, today it is just padlocked in the middle and my master holds the key. I walk to the room door and my Master opens the door to let me enter. I put my bags down and go to remove my dress to expose my nakedness to him as is required, as I check the room out to see what he may have instore for me tonight. I am disappointed to hear him say “Not just yet slut, we are going out for a drink” Then he pins me to the wall, hands over my head and he kisses me hard. I return his kiss aggressively; it has been a few weeks since he last kissed me, and I am not submissive when it comes to kissing or showing my Master how much I have missed him. I am so hoping I will have time for his cock in my mouth before we go out. “No, no cock before going out.” Where are we going? Which part of town are we going to? Are we meeting a lady? Are you taking me dogging? Are we going out for dinner? “Have some patience and you will find out” My Master informs me as he walks me to my car, I get in the passenger side and get comfortable. As we drive out of the motel parking area, I lift my dress up and expose my pussy to my Masters eyes, seeing my piercings shine and glint in the streetlights as we drive through town, my jewellery covered in glistening pussy juice making them sparkle more. I am still trying to get out of him where we are going, who we are meeting and what he has instore for me tonight, I am hoping I will get unlocked and my pussy will get a good pounding. I have been used in my arse and mouth for the last few months due to the piercings in my pussy, and I am starving for cock in cunt. I am lucky I have a Master who is not bothered if he can’t fuck my cunt, the other holes are sufficient for the job. My Master knows my frustration and likes to see his sub satisfied; it is his job to keep his sub happy.

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