Written by mattpnz


I had had spent a long 5 weeks working on a job in Melbourne away from my family and it looked like I was needing to stay for an additional 2 weeks. I had been talking to my wife earlier in the week as it was going to be our wedding anniversary in the weekend and I had hoped I would have been able to get home for this and spend a long weekend at home with family, but it appeared that I would have to remain in Melbourne. We were both disappointed in this as it had been sometime since we had been together.

Friday evening I arrived home from work around 7:30pm. The company I was working for had me staying at a very nice apartment located in the middle of Melbourne city, close to restaurants, shops & entertainment etc.

Entering my apartment and placing my bags away, I made my way to the shower getting undressed thinking how much I wanted to be home, and what I was going to do for dinner. After deciding on calling a couple of work mates and going to a nice Italian restaurant, I left the shower grabbed and towel and made my way to the bed room to put a clean change of clothes on before phoning. I stopped in the doorway to the bedroom, there was Kate lying on the bed dressed only her very hot red lingerie. “Hello baby, are u surprised”, I was stunned. Immediately my cock began to harden and the towel fell from my waist as I approached the bed to greet her with a hug and a long passionate kiss, what progressed was a wonderful evening of passionate love making that neither of us can remember being so good for some time., with us drifting off to sleep in the late hours of the night in each others arms.

I woke in the morning with a big erection and rolled over and nudged it against my naked wife’s butt cheeks. I felt her ass gently push back against me. “Morning lover, have you not had enough” was her response. My hand reached over her side and cupped her breast and I began to nuzzle her neck gently as I began to caress her breasts and belly. It had been 5 weeks since I had been with Kate and I always enjoy spending time with her after we have been apart. I could feel her body responding to my hands moving over her breasts, down over her body and between her legs. I pull her closer to me, kissing and gently biting her neck as her legs parted giving me access to her already wet pussy. My fingers gently slid over her pussy lips teasing up and down and probing for her hardening clit.

Kate was now wiggling her ass into my crutch and probing fingers asking me to slid my hard cock into her now, I could tell she was very horny but I had other ideas this morning. Last night had been fantastic with a slow gentle love making session filled with hot passion as the pace quickened towards the end. This morning I was more interested in raw physical passion and driving my wife of 18 years wild with pleasure and reminding her why I loved her so much.

I got up from the bed with her asking where I was going and for me to come back to bed. Quickly I grabbed a couple of the curtain tiebacks and approached the bed. “No you are not doing that to me was her response”. She was lying on her back as I climbed onto the bed and began to kiss her gently on the lips, making my way to her neck and then trailing kisses down over her breasts and hardening nipples. Her hand was behind my head holding me close and gently moaning as my tongue circled her nipples and I began to kiss her breasts more passionately.

My tongue then began to move its way down over her belly and down between her legs. As my mouth reached her pussy and my tongue gently caressed her smooth lips a quiet moan escaped her and her hips began to push up wanting more pleasure. Slowly my mouth and tongue circled her wet pussy; I gently slid a finger into her slowly and began teasing her clit with my tongue. “Oh yes, that is so good” was the response I received from these actions, as her hand pulled my head closer to her pussy. I pulled away briefly to look up at her to see her left hand gently teasing her breast and nipple. “Oh don’t stop, I want you to fuck me and make me cum so bad Matt”. “All in good time, but you have to let me tie you up before I let you cum”, I could tell she was really struggling as she never would like me to tie her up at home. As a prompt I leant forward to kiss her and my right had slid down to her hot and very wet pussy, teasing her but slipping a finger inside. Immediately her hips began to pump into my finger; I with drew the finger and slid two into her this time. Her pussy easily accommodated my fingers as her pussy was leaking juice down between her cheeks. I left her mouth and once again began to lick her clit. “Oh shit” was her response “that is sooo good”. I replied to her asking if she would like me to make her cum, “mmmm yes I want to cum for you”, “well you know what you have to do before I let you cum”. I could tell from her eyes and movements of her body it was now or never and I gently tied her right arm up behind her head to the bed. I kissed my way down her arm, over her neck and across her breast. Taking her left arm, I tied it also up behind her head, stepping from the bed I tied both her legs spread wide to each corner of the bed. Finally I had her where I had wanted her for many years and she looked so hot and inviting, just waiting for my attention.

I climbed on top of her and gently against her body, careful to keep most of my weight off her and once again begin to kiss her neck. I knew she was always scared of me biting her and if I did that now she would never forgive me. I could feel my cock pressed between us and her hips pushing trying to get contact with it and her hot pussy that was begging for attention, but I wanted her to beg for that.

I kissed her and began working my way once again down over her breasts, paying special attention to her nipples and taking care not to make her ticklish. My right hand found its way between her legs and gently began sliding my fingers over wet pussy lips working lover towards her hot slippery tunnel of love. With my mouth on her nipples and my fingers sliding into her pussy for the 3rd time this morning she began to moan telling me how good I was making her feel and that she needed to have her pussy cum. I rolled between her legs and rubbed my hard cock over her pussy teasing her, her hips were thrusting up best she could being tied to the bed, Kate was telling me how much she wanted my cock deep in her pussy and to fuck her. I moved away from her and placed my tongue back on her pussy and slid 2 fingers deep into her, it was time to get things moving along and I began to tease her clit as my fingers started to pump deeper and faster into her wet pussy. Very quickly I knew she was close to climaxing and I slipped a finger up against her butt and started to tease her. “Oh yes Matt that is soo good you are going to make me cummmm”. I continued with my actions and suddenly she began to moan and thrust her pussy up into my face, I could feel her pussy tightening as she worked her way through her 1st orgasm of the day, I continued to lick and finger her pussy as she began to calm down, “Oh my god I am going to cum again, keep doing that, it is soooo good”.

I was so hard and excited seeing my wife tied to the bed in front of me having her 2nd orgasm so close and quickly to her first, I knew my dick was leaking pre-cum and I felt so great doing that to her. I withdrew my fingers and mouth from her and moved up to kiss her lip, we kissed hard and I knew she wanted to taste her juice on my lips and tongue as we kissed. I broke away from her and she was smiling telling me how good that was and not to get any ideas to repeat the event at home, I just smiled at her and slid my cock deep into her wet pussy. Her eyes were closed as I began to push myself deeper into her wetness. Slowly I began to build up momentum as I worked my cock in and out of her. She was telling me how much she had enjoyed that and was asking me to fuck her and cum deep in her pussy. This drove me on more and I began to pump into her wet cunt harder and deeper, she was moaning to me to fuck her harder. God, it felt like I was going to crush her pussy between us but she continued to encourage me more telling me to do it. Kate was looking me sexily, as I was fucking her, when she told me that she was going to cum again, this set me over the edge and with one last thrust I came deep inside her as she began to have her climax on my cock. The sweat was literally pouring of me on to her as I continued to pound into her as we came together. Slowly we eventually calmed down and I kissed her mouth, I could feel her tongue snaking into my mouth teasing me, mmmm she was so hot. I broke way from the kiss, whispering into her ear how hot and sexy was and that was one of the most amazing things we had done together, she just smiled and thanked me between kisses.

I rolled off her and lay down her holding her close, reeling in the pleasure we had just given each other. I felt shattered and asked Kate how she was feeling; no response, I opened my eyes and saw that she had fallen asleep; I moved from the bed and went and had a shower, it was just after 10am and I was feeling hungry after all the exercise and after missing dinner last night.

I was having a leisurely shower thinking about the last 24hours and how great it was to come home from work to be greeted by my wife. Unknown to me housekeeping had come to my apartment, I had forgotten that I had my rooms cleaned and serviced on a Saturday morning as I usually worked the Saturday morning until lunch time, with Kate arriving my weekend routine was screwed up.

I had left Kate asleep and still tied to the bed as I showered, the maid entered my bedroom had found her as I had left her. She was standing at the end of the bed, surprised at what lay in front of her on the bed, she was able to she my wife’s wet pussy with my cum trickling out and onto what was crisp white cotton sheets. The maid had never been with a woman before but the sight of Kate tied to the bed asleep exposed for all the work to see excited her and made her tingle between her thighs and wondered what she would taste like.

It was summer time and the maids’ uniform consisted of a white blouse and short burgundy skirt. As she stood there staring her left hand moved to her breast and began caressing it gently at first and then more firmly, she wanted to taste Kate’s pussy but was scared of being caught. She unbuttoned her blouse and let her hand slide inside and under her camisole to tease her ever hardening nipples, mmm that felt nice. She knew that she didn’t have long before either I returned from the shower or my wife would wake up and scream. Quickly she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor with her blouse, camisole and thong also joining it. Standing at the end of the bed naked, she had decided to lick my wife’s pussy and play with her own until she came, knowing that I was in the shower and would not hear Kate shouting for me. The maid was taller than my wife but of similar build and blonde hair, with breasts similar in size to my wife’s, but with both nipples pierced.

She moved forward onto the bed between Kate’s legs and placed her mouth over her wet pussy and began to lick; she could taste my cum and Kate’s juice leaking from her pussy. Kate moaned and said that was nice but she had had enough and would like a shower too. The licking continued and my wife opened her eyes, to find the maid between her thighs licking her. “Who are you what are you doing” demanded my wife, the maid looked up and asked her to be quiet and enjoy herself. Kate was trying hard to get out of the ropes, but was firmly held to the bed. The maid asked her to be quiet again, but Kate kept telling her to leave her alone. The maid climbed from the bed picked up her thong and told her to be quiet or she would fill her mouth with the thong. Kate looked at her helplessly and knew that it was no use, that bastard Matt, when I get my hands on him.

The maid returned between her legs and once again began licking my wife’s wet pussy with her fingers quickly joining her tongue. Her other hand was down between her own thighs pleasuring her pussy and clit. It wasn’t long before Kate once again began to moan at the attention her pussy was receiving from this stranger. “You like that do you’? Asked the maid, Kate did not answer and the maid asked once again but firmer, my wife nodded and stammered yes. The maid enjoyed dominating men with her body and desires, but never thought it could be the same over a woman and she was thoroughly enjoying the control she now had over my wife. Within minutes my wife announced that she was going to make her cum again, the maid kept up the tongue and finger action and was quickly rewarded with moans from my wife and her pussy squeezing her fingers deep inside Kate’s pussy. “Oh god, please untie me and leave me”, Kate panted. “Not yet I have not finished with you yet”.

The maid removed herself from between Kate’s thighs and moved up the bed kneeling over her and pushing her breasts into Kate’s face, telling her to “lick and kiss them and tease my nipples”. My wife opened her mouth and obliged, the maid moaned and her hand moved down between her own legs to begin pleasuring her own pussy. Here she was for the first times having another woman licks and kiss her breasts while she was unable to move from under her.

Kate could do nothing except do as she was told and hoped that the maid would leave quickly. As my wife did as she was asked she could feel the nipple rings under her tongue, the cold hardness and soft flesh lead her to understand a little why I was often fascinated with them, The maid moved away from her and moved into a squatting position over my wife’s face, telling her to lick her pussy. Kate didn’t comply and the maid pushed her smooth pussy down onto her face and mouth. Once again Kate submitted and allowed her tongue to dart out and taste another woman’s pussy for the first time. Her head was spinning at the experience and this left her wondering what I would think of this and wishing that I was standing at the end of the bed watching, as she knew it was one of my favourite fantasies to watch her with and other woman.

The maid was moaning and telling Kate to eat and lick her pussy and how she was such a good pussy licker. This drove Kate on, wanting to quickly make her cum so she would leave her alone. My wife’s tongue probed the maid’s pussy searching for her clit to hasten the process. Her tongue found the maids clit and to her surprise discovered that it was pierced too. Kate tongue went to work on the maid’s clit rolling the small piercing under her tongue and over the maid’s clit, this action got the maids hips pumping and she began to moan telling that she was close to cumming. Kate looked up from her licking and saw the maid pulling on her nipple rings, she so wished that her hands were untied and she could do that for her as she licked her to orgasm. The maid’s moans increased and she began to shudder and grind her pace harder into my wife’s mouth and tongue.

Eventually the maid climbed from the bed and my wife thanking her for the attention and how nice her first experience with another woman had been. She quickly got dressed and leant forward kissed my wife on the mouth and untied one of the rope restraining one of her arms and quietly made her was from the apartment.

Kate looked at the clock and noted that it was just past 10:15 and made her way to the bathroom joining me in the shower, what a morning that had been.