Written by scotsmitch2001


Time drifts by

Your mind churns,

replaying moments that have past

of what could have been

or should have been

should you leave the door open?

should you let him see more?

let him know that you know?

thats the thought you play in your mind

as you lie in your bed

as you slide your hand under

under the waistband of your panties

fingers seeking that sweet spot

the one that makes you gasp

that makes your body tingle

and running through your mind


....that you see him,

that you make eye contact,

knowing that he is slowly massaging to his own sexual fantasy

you open your legs,

just that little wider

arching, just that little more

as if offering yourself

body and soul

and as he takes a step forward


he makes that first move

crossing the doorway

crossing that line that seperated the fantasy from the reality

and your breath quickens,

you cant go back now

as he walks into your room

eyes not leaving your lithe young body

taking in your nipples which are hard and straining

straining against the sheer material of your t-shirt

eyes roaming over a body that he has only dreamt about

and as you feel his weight settling on the bed

you roll onto your side

bringing your legs up,

curling them against your body

his fingers move to your hip...you look at him


not sure yet,, wanting needing

eyes pleading

is this right?

is this what you want?

and then, as your body trembles at his touch,

as your body responds to the moment

all fear leaves you

and you lie back,

eyes half closed



that first kiss