We worked together and after 6 months and a lot of drinks and sexual innuendo it began in a taxi.

We had been out drinking and as we were being driven home the talk with the other 2 in the taxi was sexually charged. I made a decision to advance our relationship and my hand slipped onto her thigh. I stroked her even with the rep sitting next to her. She looked at me smiled and gently parted her legs. Her hands covered mine as I stroked further up feeling the heat already coming from her pussy.

The rep and the worker in the front continued chatting while I began to grind my palm against her mound. Her breasts rose as her breathing got deeper. I leaned in and whispered how much I wanted to kiss her right then.

Her hand drifted across and danced across my bulging jeans. I stifled my moan and pressed into her hot pussy. Her hips now rocking in sequence with my hands.

The other 2 oblivious to our actions continued the sexual conversations. She would occasionally agree with something that was said in a low moan.

She was squeezing my cock hard and it was throbbing with pleasure. My fingers could now feel moisture through her jeans. I whispered how much I wanted to taste her pussy and gently kissed behind her ear.

Thankfully the taxi arrived and we both got out. I pressed her against a fence and kissed her with a passion. Her hand was grabbing at my cock and mine were unzipping her jeans. With my fingers now on her clit I asked her to take her top off so I could look at her breasts. They were magnificent round firm with tiny yet incredibly responsive nipples.

I sucked them while finger fucking her. She had my cock out and was stroking it. She was moaning and I knew I had to taste her. I knelt down and sucked her. She came quickly her cum running down my face.

I stood tapping my cock against her clit then turning her around before sliding my cock into her cum soaked pussy.

I was in heaven fucking her one hand rubbing her clit the other going from breast to face. Drawing her lips to mine tongues entwined. Groans now echoing from both of us. She was cumming again moaning loudly as I rubbed her clit she squeezed her breasts.

She then stopped and got to her knees. Her mouth covered my cock and she smiled as she sucked her juices off me. I did not last long and erupted. My groans filled the night air as she sucked me dry.

We quickly got dressed and staggering together to her house where we kissed and groped some more in the cover of a tree. She left after a while and went inside.

I knew as I walked home this was only the beginning....