Written by handyman


I stand with you on the hard wooden deck of our seaside home, you stand in front on me leaning back on my chest, your long hair gently moving in the breeze as the wind wisps past, the sun slowly dipping on the horizon I lean in and pull open my long coat and wrap my arms around you keeping you warm, leaning in and kissing your neck whispering in your ear "you look lovely tonight, resting in the best place in the world, my arms." The sun drips a red glow over the water as it starts to disappear over the horizon, I spin you round and take your hand in mine and we dance and move slowly to the soft rhythms of the soulful blues drifting through the air from the stereo inside. My hand lightly brushes your cheek and you smile at me saying "its getting late honey, should we go inside, we walk across the wooden deck into our bedroom that backs onto it and I slide the big glass doors across and we lay on the bed together gazing out at the last rays slipping across the water, I slide behind you spooning your perfect form from behind.

My hands slide round you and rub across your tight white corset, feeling the lacing straining, my head leaning in and kissing your neck gently. You roll over onto your front and I whisper in your ear how about a massage sweetie. You nod and lay your head on the pillow, I take the laces on the back of your corset in my hand and start to untie and unlace the restricting clothing. I spread the back of it and expose your perfect pure white skin, my hand lightly touches it for the first time and I see a smile creep across your face as you accept the first touch of my hand. I take the strawberry body oil out from the bedside draw and squirt some onto my hands rubbing it together to warm it before rubbing it on your bare skin. I get on my knees and start to gently rub your shoulders and massage into your back and slowly trace down your skin teasing at the line of your exposed g-string poking out from your micro mini skirt. Squeezing some more body oil into my hands I work my way down to your legs and run down your silky thighs and back up the inside lightly brushing the soft satin g-string, the feelings of desire starting to grown inside me as I breath in deep. I unzip the back of your skirt and slide it down to massage more of your skin. As I lean over I blow on your skin and the oil warms as I do making you go "mmmhmm that's nice"

I start to heat up the touch of your skin already affecting me, I loosen my shirt and unbutton it, letting it slide off my arms and onto the floor. I lean down and rub hard into your skin pulling at it this time tracing all the way down over your perfect shaped hiney all the way down your legs grabbing at your skin pulling at it driven by desire. Pulling out my tongue and licking up your soft curves the sweet strawberry flavor on my tongue, my muscles bulging and flexing as the sexual tension grows and I lick all the way up to that thin triangle of satin covering the soft sweet center. licking over the material and having you moan low and say "mmm nice massage mmmhmm", my finger slipping round the edge of the material and pulling it to 1 side my tongue reaching forward and licking from the bottom all the way to the top tasting your sweet love juice for the first time. Pressing in deep and spreading your lips with the tip, grabbing your hips and licking deep, licking up round your tight hiney and tasting all of the strawberry body oil, glowing gently on it and making it warm on your skin. Pulling out a finger and sucking on it in my mouth before sliding it up your tight pink lips and pressing it hard inside your wet hole, making you gasp and bite your lip as I slide it all the way inside letting out a single soft sound.

My passion growing my hardness pressing into my chest, I reach forward and grab you by your arm turning you over to see you smiling at back up in me. Reaching for the bowl beside the bed I takes a piece of ice and put it up to your lips letting you taste its ice wet drips, ginning a little I run it down over your neck and onto your heaving chest and slide it around your rock hard peaks making them rise and making you breathe in hard and shiver a little, leaning in I watch as the water runs of your perfect breasts and pools near your belly button, I open my mouth and take each nipple into my mouth and suck gently while massaging the other with my open palm, rubbing holding and pressing it against your chest. My hand tracing down between your legs and sliding inside your wet pink lips as my mouth works up to yours, past your neck kissing and sucking, pressing my lips against yours before pressing tender kisses against your skin pressing gently working my way all the way down to your spread wet lips ready for my tongue to lick and tease, taking each lip into my mouth and seductively sucking them, before licking up the middle of your pink lips parting them with my tongue and brushing past your hard button sending a shock of pleasure through your body. Licking and sucking at you I feel your hips arch and move as feelings of sensual pleasure run up to you.

I slide my hand up and press it up to your face, you suck it a little and I smile at you, I reach down and slide it back into your wet entrance the sweet drips coating my finger, licking a bit faster and sucking your clit into my mouth teasing at it with the tip of my tongue as I suck harder on it. Flicking at it faster and faster, your breathing getting heavy and uneven your muscles bunching and tightening pressing you closer to the edge grabbing hold of your ass cheeks with both hands and driving my face in, my finger pulsing in and out feeling for that rough bit of skin looking for that tiny little g-spot. You moaning running your hands through my hair and your legs on my shoulders I feel it build all getting too much right to the point of ecstasy before losing control and an earth shattering organism, waves of pleasure crashing over you, every sense in your body on fire, your back arches and you grab at the head board eyes rolling back as I hold my tongue hard against you.

Sliding up I smile looking into your eyes and kiss you again on your soft lips, you press your knee into my chest and throw me onto my back and climb on top taking my hard shaft in your hand and sliding back onto it slowly feeling it expand you once more and probe deep inside, my hands gripping onto your hips and feeling your body joining mine sliding up and down, grinding your button against me soft wet lips coating my cock. I moan at the way your muscles squeeze and pulse my hardness, driving me insane, making it hard to think. I sit up and hold you my arms wrapped around kissing you deep as you grind against me, our hearts beating together, the intense heat between us making beads of sweat run down my spine. I push you over and you wrap your arms around me I lean up on my bulging forearms pumping with my hips, intense look in my eyes totally focused on you as I hit into you over and over harder and harder. Your nails scratching at my back and digging into me as I pound you with all my might.

Throwing you over I pull you towards the edge off the bed laying you on your front your perfect hiney facing me, I slide back into your wet pussy and grab your hips animal instincts driving me on I take my hand and smack your ass hard making you gasp and tighten around me, slapping into you fucking you hard, no remorse in my strokes I can't hold it much longer , I feel you grip the sheets as your second orgasm hits your body giving in the whole feeling too much for me, your muscles gripping me harder with every stroke a look of shock hits my face as I totally lose control and I explode inside pumping you full of every drop of essence I have inside, my body giving it last once of energy I collapse on the bed beside you, you crawl over and lay on my chest holding me the complete feeling of togetherness felt between each other, no words are spoken as you gaze into my eyes, I pull up the single white cotton sheet over our used bodies and we fall asleep our bed covered in the red glow reflecting off the water as the last rays of sunshine disappear over the horizon, knowing that every moment spent together in our arms is one spent in love.