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We wake slowly Sunday morning to the sound of rain pelting on your roof. I get up, wrap my fluffy bathrobe around me and nip to the bathroom. I come out and you have been waiting right there, legs crossed and say, hurry up as you push past and close the door.

I snuggle back in, order an uber coffee for you and a chai for myself before you are out of the bathroom. You sneak back drop your robe to the floor and slip between the sheets and snuggle your ass into me as we spoon skin to skin, and warm up a little.

My nose shoved in your hair smells so nice. I have my right arm under you, it is wrapped around your tummy, I can’t see your face but sense you grinning like a Cheshire cat. My left arm is right across you and cups your right breast, keeping it off the sheet. We fit. We listen to the rain and are just about to doze off and the doorbell rings, I get the drinks and return. The coffee livens you up, but my chai keeps me steady.

You easily work your way on top of me once finished, but quite low down so that your head is on my chest and you lay your ear into my fury chest as your legs are between mine.

You time your breathing to mine, then feel my cock flex under your tummy, you turn your head slightly and breath warm breath across my nipple, turn it a little more and gently lick it and kiss it and feel my cock flex against your tummy once more as it is getting thicker.

You raise yourself up onto your elbows so you can apply the same attention to the other of my nipple. I am able to trace, up and down the shape of your breasts with thumb and fore finger of each hand as they hang and do so a number of times.

Your nipples are being aroused by being rubbed against my chest hair. I slowly move your breasts in small circles rubbing your nipples through my chest hair and they get firmer and firmer. The regularity of my cock flexing against your tummy is getting more consistent. I need to adjust as it is getting slightly uncomfortable, you lift off enough and bring your face closer to mine, as I position my cock so that it is pointing to my hip and in the hollow. You firmly and hungrily kiss me, pushing the back of my head deep into the pillow, I match your urgency, meet you and sense you have had enough of relaxing.

As I bring my legs together you position yours each side of me and come a bit higher, bringing your knees up to my ribs. I reach and grab your ass firmly and my cock is solid and standing to attention, pressing against the top of your mound.

You are high enough for my right hand to reach around your ass to your pussy and spread your lips so I can feel how wet and slippery you are.

You place your left hand on the bed beside my neck lifting yourself up and reach for my cock with your right hand. Stroke it’s length for a bit and position it at your entrance and lower yourself down onto me in one smooth stroke and lie still for a few seconds. As you bring your ass into the air, I raise my knees with you, you rest your ass against them and you resume that hard full mouth tongue wrestling passionate pressure on my mouth with just the head of my cock in you.

You want to feel my length glide into you again, but I only let you push a cm of length inside, you try to manoeuvre and wriggle your ass to get more cock as our kissing gets more frantic and as a result you lose that cm you gained a few seconds ago.

I feel you smile as we are kissing and the weight of your ass on my thighs and you push harder and wriggle some more at the same time testing me and trying to impale yourself. My hands return to your breasts slide up and down them quickly finding your nipples and clamp my thumb and forefinger onto each one and squeeze hard but keeping them still. You gasp, your lips tighten at the strength of my grip and you tense all over and go still and hold the position for a good two minutes knowing that I will eventually release you.

I let go of your nipples and the rush of blood returning with the release sends shivers churning through you. Your juices are trickling down my shaft and the inside of your arms is trembling; I flatten my legs to the bed and you are impaled once again.

You begin to rhythmically ride me, no longer looking at me or kissing me, you just focus on the sensation of that hard cock filling you up as you lower your self down onto it. You feel the wetness spreading to the highest part of your inner thighs as my balls that are soaked in your pussy juice slap into them.

You have the angle just right and there is no effort as it is more a rocking movement than having to lift your ass each time. I reach behind you to lift the sheet and duvet from getting in the way watching the virtual peaceful look on your face transform into the slightest smirky little grin as you realise that I have been watching your face all along.

You sharply sit up straight knocking the covers off us to my knees and the different position of my cock inside you pushes against your G spot, your head tips back you put a hand on each of my thighs slightly behind you to support yourself and you are still again as the sensations surge through you sending tingles all over and your inner thighs quiver all at the same time.

I let you catch your breath; you move and wiggle your hips towards my knees a little to get a deeper penetration and slowly start to grind into me. I reach for the lube, squeeze a little onto my left finger, cap the lube, put it under the pillow and roll your right nipple between thumb and fore finger applying different pressures and slightly tugging occasionally. At the same time my right thumb has found your clit and is rubbing it in circles and up and down as you grind into me. You jolt forward as a massive orgasmic rush hits you and you must quickly swing your arms around landing them on my chest to stop yourself headbutting me in the nose. My fingers are stationary but still in position on your nipple and clit, waiting for you to recover, you lift your hanging head, look at me and smile. I then start to slowly work my fingers again on your clit and nipple as you push yourself up straight again with electrifying twinges shooting through you. You have to compose yourself once again by sitting still keeping your back straight and tipping your head back.

Resuming the grind it only takes another few minutes for you to be hit by another massive orgasm. As you collapse onto me, my left hand resting over your back,you make cute little noises and slowly calm down.

Once still and your breathing has settled down and you are returning to earth I reach for the covers with my right hand and am able to pull them on top of us.

You quite quickly fall asleep on top of me as I am still inside you. In about half an hour you wake and roll off. I cover you in blankets nicely and go downstairs and get breakfast.

Impale, slippery, quivering, urgency, flexing, spooning

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