Written by TeTeTwo


A few weeks or so on the Kiwiswingers chat there was some discussion on

what boys like, there were various ribald answers, I asked what girls

like, and one of them said 'Romance'

Soo - A few words sort of fell together....

I asked you what girls do like?

And this is what you said.

"Romance me! Romance me!

If you want my bed.

Bring me wine and chocolates,

Fresh cut flowers too.

Do these little things for me,

and I'll be good for you.

Listen to me attentively

Ask me about my day.

I have been very busy too,

And not all things went my way.

Take me to see the setting sun

We'll go down to the park.

Hold my hand later on

I get nervous in the dark.

Remember that tiny restaurant

With the music and fine food.

My favourite meal and a glass of wine

Will just suit my mood.

Hold my hand outside again

We will go back to our place

A little more urgent now

Keep up a quick pace.

Take me to that nice warm room

With the big rug on the floor

Light the fire and candles

And gently close the door.

Take off all your clothes for me

Stand there tall and proud.

Pull a funny face for me

Make me laugh out loud.

Take my clothes off now

Slowly one by one

Kiss each piece of naked skin

You will soon get me to hum

See that bottle of scented oil

Warming by the fire?

Massage my back with it

Make my mood ever higher.

Now gently part my thighs

Reach down in between

Rub oil in that space

Get my skin to sheen

Roll me over on my back

Put my blindfold on

Touch and stroke inventively

My breasts, my neck, my mons

Massage more with that warm oil

Don't miss out any bits.

My tum, my thighs, my cunt,

My neck, my arms, my tits.

Take those wet shiny beads

That are coming from your cock

Spread them on my clit and lips

Don’t loose a single drop.

The urgency builds inside of me

I can see yours does too.

You have romanced me well

It's time for bed with you."