Written by playtogether


She checked the time as she came through the front door. One hour till his flight arrives!, just enough time to get ready and meet him. She checked the phone for messages then went through to their bedroom, turning on the shower in the ensuite and stripping off the jeans and t-shirt she had worn as she dropped the children off at their grand parents. She stepped into the shower enjoying the feel of the water on her skin, but no time to linger today. She soaped all over and rinsed quickly, only pausing momentarily to stroke between her legs where the tension had been building steadily all week during his absence on business. Masturbating the night before, while they had talked on the phone, had only seemed to increase her tension. Quickly she turned off the shower and toweled herself dry, images of him, them, flitting through her mind. God - did other woman feel the urge and longing as intensely as this, what about her mother, or sisters?

She sat naked on the bed and dried and styled her hair and reapplied just enough makeup. From the wardrobe she chose a simple silk blouse and skirt, shorter than normal but what he would like. It wouldn't really matter though, she thought, I could turn up in a sack and the outcome would be the same. No need for a bra but better wear some panties. She stopped for a moment and on impulse got from the bedside drawer the clit clip he had given her a few months earlier. She licked her fingers, moistened her clit and labia and slid the clip into place before putting on the panties. The feel of it there added to her tension and she could feel the slippery wetness starting. A final check in the mirror and out to the car, 15 minutes to the airport and another 10 till his flight arrived.

The drive to the airport seemed to fly by and she parked the car and checked her makeup in the mirror. She quickly looked around, making sure no one was close by, then slipped off the panties and tossed them into the glove box - naked now beneath the blouse and skirt. Stepping from the car she walked briskly to the terminal, checking the arrivals board as she entered. His flight was only minutes away so she checked the gate number and went through into the arrivals lounge. Not bothering to find a seat she stood and waited. She could feel it now, the wetness increasing, she could feel it on her labia and just at the top of her inner thighs.

The passengers were coming into the lounge now. There HE was. Their eyes met and he smiled and waved, she felt a wave of love, lust, desire wash over her and she walked to meet him. They kissed quickly as they met and he took her in his arms for a full length hug, smelling her hair and perfume, smiling at her as she looked up at him. His hand slid down on to her butt and she could feel him tense when he realized she wasn't wearing panties. His hand began to move towards the hem of her skirt and she laughed and slipped out of his grip before he could do, who knows what, right here in the terminal.

Laughing together they walked through to the luggage carousel, catching up on each others news as they waited for his bag. "I dropped the kids at Mum and Dads for the evening - I hope you don't mind waiting till tomorrow to see them", she said.

His bag arrived and they went quickly out to the car, she tossed him the keys and slipped into the passenger seat. Alone now they kissed, deeper, longer, breath taking, then his lips moved teasingly down her neck while his hand crept from her knee up her thigh, slipped under the skirt and on up grasping her butt. She moaned and spread her legs inviting his hand to move between her thighs and then , yes, his fingers were on her sex. She wanted him then, now, intensely. He slipped the clip from her clit and she felt the blood throbbing within it. His fingers slid across her wet lips and he moaned and laughed as well. She rocked and moved her hips, trying to get his fingers inside her but he teased her, playing with her labia and clitoris, while she squirmed in anticipation. Finally he slid two fingers fully into her, she moaned and gripped them. He probed her wetness, curling his fingers so they found her gspot and began to massage it. It was becoming too much now. Her eyes were closed, her head lay back on the seat, her hands on his back and in his hair, she could feel the tension building. He could feel her gspot swelling under his fingers and her quickening responses. No not here. He slid his fingers from her, placed them in his mouth, licking her wetness from them. "Lets get home.".

He drove quickly home, she lay back in the seat her legs spread slightly, teasing him with the view of her thighs and glimpses of her pussy during the journey. Occasionally she fingered her clit spreading the wetness and keeping the tension.

At home they went quickly into the bedroom, he tossed his bag into the corner and they moved together and embraced. A long slow kiss, hands caressing, bodies pressing before stepping back. She undid her blouse and stepped out of the skirt while he tore off his own clothes and they embraced again, now totally naked, her nipples hot against his chest and his cock hot and hard between them. She reached down taking his cock in her hand and pressed it down sliding it between her legs, holding it there horizontal while she rubbed her clit against it.

"Come on" she said and pulled him to the bed. Turning back the covers they lay full length on the cool sheets. Quickly she turned and took his cock into her mouth while he caressed her back and shoulders. She licked and sucked at it for several minutes while his fingers roamed her back, buns, thighs. Finally she couldn't wait any longer, always it was like this, she could only stand so much foreplay, then only one thing would satisfy her, his cock hard inside her.

He moved to the center of the bed and lay on his back, she stood and straddled him dropped to her knees and reached down and guided his cock to her pussy. He gripped her buns and held her momentarily before pulling her down and thrusting upwards, his cock sliding easily inside her. She shuddered and collapsed down onto him, holding tightly around his neck while he moved slowly in and out of her several times, each time withdrawing the full length of his cock before sliding it firmly inside her. Each time he marveled at the sensation - like sliding his cock into a pool of heated oil.

They moved in a rhythm now, in and out, the full length of his cock, just the briefest of hesitation at the entrance as the head of his cock worked her gspot. He could feel it swelling now along the front wall of her vagina and could feel the pressure of it as he slid in and out. She was moaning now, wallowing in the sensations, gasps, moans as each adjusted their bodies slightly for different sensations, different intensities. His hands were everywhere, over her back, down her thighs, holding her tightly or moving smoothly across her skin. He slid a hand down to feel his cock sliding into her, taking some of the slippery wetness and spreading it up and over her anus, while his finger caressed her there, feeling the tightness and tensing.

Quickly now the pleasure built, they were both very close, he could feel her gspot engorged and the pressure of it on his cock with each stroke. Then it began. The first releases of her orgasm as she moaned and moved, gentle trickles down and over his cock, she adjusted position sitting up and supporting herself for a better angle, her hands on his chest. Now his cock pushed hard against her gspot with each thrust. The trickles became forceful squirts and gushes. Each contraction and ejaculation becoming more intense, his cock held almost stationary by the intensity of her contractions. It continued like this for several minutes as he built to his own orgasm, the fluid from her ejaculations washing onto his cock and balls, trickling across his stomach and thighs, adding to his pleasure and amazement. Finally he could wait no longer, his thrusts became more and more urgent, frantic, he arched his back lifting his head and pressing it between her breasts as he thrust his cock deep into her, groaning with pleasure at his own orgasm as he ejaculated within her.

They lay panting, her full weight upon him as they regained their breath. She rolled off him, placing a hand between her legs to stop his come from spilling out. They lay side by side enjoying the sensations.

Knowing what she liked now, he rolled her onto her back and moved down between her legs. Spreading her legs he began to lick her pussy. Sliding his tongue into her vagina, collecting a little of his semen and then spreading it upwards, over and around her clitoris. Her fingers were in his hair, her fingernails upon his scalp and shoulders as he licked rhythmically, feeling her movements and responses. She began to move with him now, a curl of her hips with each stroke of his tongue and he knew she was building to another orgasm. Now was the time. He changed from licking, to sucking directly on her clitoris. Drawing the bud into his mouth rhythmically, feeling it engorge more from the pressure of the suction. She was completely given over to the pleasure now, her eyes closed, back arched, fingers gripping the sheets. Her hips pushed and ground against his mouth, lips, tongue as she lost control. Her whole body spasmed as she came, sharp intense contractions. He tried to keep his mouth sucked onto her clitoris but she could take it no more. With a gasp and cry she rolled onto her side clenching her thighs tightly together, squeezing in unison with each contraction, so good, then gradually subsiding, releasing, relaxing.

He moved into position behind her, spooning together. They would rest now for a short while then continue again. More positions, more variations, so many ways. "I've missed you" he said.