Written by qwiet1


I was on my way home as I was givin 3 goldfish from a very dear friend.. then all of a sudden I recieved a text asking to meet someone, the same day as my birthday. I was not sure as I had to be home. Then I thought what the hell I will.. I instantly fell like a sckool girl at the age of 14 again. Here sat a man with burbons awaiting at the park with a water fountain with fish swiming around.

We hit it off straight away as if we have known each other for years. We started chatting, then all of a sudden we started to kiss then it became very passionate. My heart was beating fast.. I felt so nervous but being in his arms I felt so safe. After a drink or two we went for a little walk, then next minite we where making out under the tree.. his lips met mine and i felt like this was my first time. Before I knew it his hand was down my shorts and he was feeling me up inside.. my heart beating like it was about to jump into his chest.. he slammed me into the tree kissing me so passionately.. I was holding him in my hand..

Before I knew what was going on I came right then and there under the tree, i squirted making my shorts soaked.. i stumbled back to the public seat with him and had another burbon, I was giggling away and he was smiling with his warm passionate smile.. his giggle warmed my heart.

Then we decided to walk to our tree again.. his hand touching me everywhere and my hand touching him.. we kissed more passionately as he slammed me against the tree again.. then my shorts where off, his trousers down and we were making love under the tree in a most public area.. we were giggling thinking any moment we would be spotted and asked to leave.. but no..a lady was walking past calling for her pet cat, walking past us afew times... so close.. if she saw us who cares we were sharing the most erotic moment ever on my 42nd birthday. he gave me the most erotic hicky on my neck, i wish it could have stayed forever.. he is planing on giving me more and I cannot wait!

We feel we have a very strong bond and we are going to explore what we shared and have together.

Come the weekend some low life swinging looser tried to change my ways but I kept thinking of this man and how he touched my life.

We lost contact for awhile but managed to find each other again and we seem to really hit it off. We are planing more erotic and passionate sexual encounters and no one will stop us. We get the most erotic pleasures just even texting.

I think he has stolen my heart and I will let him. Who knew I could have met the man of my dreams here. I cannot wait to see him again. I have butterflies in my tummy and smile everytime I think of this moment we shared.

baby you have me the moment you smiled at me. I look forward to exploring what we have and you have touched my heart more than this italian type low life ever will lay a finger on me again.

Cum to me my erotic new tree lover and I will be yours.

Im your qwiet1