Written by Sammi D Rei


“Thanks Sophie, they smell amazing” the boss man - illustrious proprietor of this private aircraft hangar, smiles up at me as I carefully place the basket of freshly baked lemon cheesecake muffins down in front of him to share. They’re his new favourites and I return his warm smile. Boss man gave me my first real break into aerial photography many years ago and has consistently contracted me to do all his photography work since.

I blush slightly as I realise I’ve interrupted his morning meeting, who could’ve ever imagined a few hours as I was piping cream cheese icing into the muffins that at this precise moment I would glance quickly around the table at the pilots and crew I’ve come to know so well until my gaze stops on the new pilot he has just hired - I stop my breath catches and I’m frozen save the shiny ebony locks that tumble forward effortlessly framing my face and I freeze. My big pale green eyes meet the most stunning deep brown eyes framed with thick dark lashes and I’m momentarily rooted to spot. I don’t move an inch as our eyes lock and hold for a brief moment before my eyes explore more of this devilishly handsome face and I bare witness for the first time to the smile that will grow to haunt my dreams for the rest of my days. My gaze lingers long enough to memorise every crease and curve of that handsome face. How his nose turns up when his beautiful smile reaches his eyes, and the deep defined cleft above his top lip... holy fuck he’s gorgeous and god like! His hold on me broken only when boss man clears his throat to wake me from my daydream of this beautiful man pressing his soft lips to my full lips... Fuck me now I’m blushing like crazy as I’m aware everyone has witnessed my gawking at this god like creature and I have to excuse myself from the boardroom so I can compose myself and gather my equipment ready to be briefed on today’s flight and job details for this afternoon. After a quick bathroom break to freshen up I psych myself up to head back into the board room and face the music. As I stroll back in 11 sets of eyes are on me and I feel the flush slowly creeping back up my neck, I quickly take the spare seat at the end of the table as boss man introduces me to the 2 new employees - Stephen is blue eyed and has sandy blonde hair and a warm inviting smile of which I return genuinely. Next is Logan, the godlike creature I locked eyes with earlier and he leans across the table to shake my hand and I sense he is willing me to make eye contact again... I gaze up through my hair that’s tumbled forward again and there it is, eyes lock again and I feel soft warm but big and strong hands encase mine while he freezes me once again with his gaze. I have to force myself to retract my hand and mumble a semi coherent welcome and greeting then take my seat again to try concentrate on the job brief as I have no idea what stills I need to capture today. I can barely focus up until the point I’m made aware that Logan will be piloting me today and I groan inwardly, they have to do more checks on the new chopper before we can take off and that will take atleast 90 mins so I excuse myself and am pleased I remembered to pack my gym bag for boxfit after work and I decide I will kill time by jogging to the cafe towards the ocean and get some fresh air. As I jog back into the hangar 40 mins later I’m met by Stephen who informs me they’ve had a big last minute charter booking so everyone is busy planning and prepping and today’s job I will be accompanied solely by Logan - Fuuuuck - I need to shower so I wish Stephen a great first flight on the new job and excuse myself to the bathroom to shower and ponder being all alone in the company of quite frankly the most beautiful man I’ve ever come across.

I duck off down to the end shower, it has a long bench seat against the wall and a large waterfall head with the best water pressure (a special treat from the boss man for his team who sometimes work 24 hour shifts at a time). I pull up my shower playlist and set up my Bluetooth shower speaker then ease back under the hot cascading water and let Etta James’ Smokey sultry tones carry me a million miles away from the rest of the world and that beautiful man I haven’t stopped thinking about for a single moment all morning... how can this be possible, that instant connection to him is the stuff of romantic novels it can’t truely be possible! I’m caught up in sultry sass and this godlike creature that’s infiltrated my impenetrable, no boys allowed head space when I hear a muffled voice. FUCK it’s Logan trying to talk to me!! I half cover myself with one hand as the other scrambles to hit pause on the speaker

“ Sorry Sophie, I got oil all over myself and need to share the bathroom with you”

“What! In here? Right now?!?!” I shriek.

“Well, yeah haha, I’m covered in black crap so it’s kinda necessary” he laughs

“Ummm, okay” I mutter horrified.

“Shall we conserve water and share a shower head” he says whilst trying to stifle a sweet boy giggle and I realise he’s fully aware of the effect he had on me this morning...

“Not unless you would like a bitchslap, Pervert!” I feign horror yet I know no woman’s ever wanted to know a mans skin moreso than I his at that moment.

“Im switching Queen E back on - non negotiable” and I settle back under the hot water and let the sultry notes carry me away again and am so lost in this beautiful man and this Smokey delight in my ears that I don’t hear the shower door open or close, but I do feel soft skinned strong hands brushing up my thigh and I flick my eyes open to find those eyes.. those fuckin gorgeous big brown eyes staring straight into my large pale green eyes.. his big brown eyes are full of wonder and apprehension as if he’s waiting for me to decide whether I’m gonna kiss him or scream my fuckin head off. Fuuuck I know at that exact moment that his beautiful eyes will be the only eyes to see me in this state of undress ever again. His expression looks more desperate and I can’t help but gravitate to him I reach out and pull his face to mine and press my soft full dark pink lips to his lips and that’s the beginning of the end of me. Holy shit this sexy god like man is actually in the shower with me, in all his naked glory.. broad shoulders, chest straight out, arms so long and strong.. he’s tall I have to tip toe to kiss him properly. I can’t gather my thoughts about how instantly I feel connected and at ease with him, let alone articulate it, so I just give in and let my body talk, let my lips whisper to his through my kisses, let my hands run through his soft chest hair and up around his neck again as he presses his hard strong body to mine and grabs 2 handfuls of firm smooth ass. He trails soft but longing kisses down to my neck and across to my shoulder as I let out a wanting moan and grab his head and encourage it down my chest to my now hard nipples.. he cups one breast with his hand as his warm soft lips and tongue work on the other nipple sending ripples of raw pleasure through my body, he swaps over to introduce his mouth to my other breast momentarily until I grab a handful of his hair and push his head down further and he trails more kisses down my body until he finds a small trimmed landing strip and kneels down in front of me and rubs his nose gently in the soft hair and I wriggle as it tickles, obviously that resonates with him because he reaches around and grabs both my ass cheeks as he buries his tongue below my hair and onto my already swollen clit and I gasp. Omg his tongue is so hot and wet and incredible my whole body tenses and I start grinding my crotch into his face which makes him moan as he expertly flicks his tongue over and around my throbbing clit slowly sliding one finger inside my hot wet pussy and I am soo ready for it, I grind into his face and onto his finger and moan “more give me more fingers” he slides one more inside and pumps a bit faster, then another inside me and I feel sooo full already but find myself craving more and he senses this and slides a fourth finger inside me and pumps them in and out so hard and fast whilst sucking on my swollen clit and I almost explode right then and there, I can feel something building inside of me unlike anything I’ve ever felt before but I don’t want to cum on his fingers so I grab his hair and pull it upwards and he stands up and his lips find mine once more and he forces his tongue between my lips so I can taste myself on him and I moan loudly into his mouth and with my taste on my own mouth I trail my kisses from his sweet soft lips down his chin to his neck then down his strong chest to his belly and I lick him from navel to that sweet spot above his now well hard and erect cock I wrap my fingers around his shaft and admire the rock hard flesh and softly kiss the soft sensitive tip then lick the salty sweet precum off before licking the full length of his shaft and then I swiftly take his whole hard cock right down to the back of my throat and push hard against his body while I grab his hands and place them on the back of my head so he knows I want him to fuck my throat he slides his cock slowly initially out of my throat then slams it hard deep down my throat in and out harder and deeper and the throatiest of moans escapes his sweet lips.. we shuffle around so I’m pressed up against the wall of the shower so I’m pinned there and his cock has nowhere to go but as deep down my willing throat as it can reach and he throat fucks me hard for a moment before standing back and with just the tip of his cock left in my mouth he gazes down at me and his beautiful eyes perfectly framed by thick dark lashes are full of carnal craving for me, my hot flesh, my soft sweet pale skin, my dark hardened nipples, my wet hot deep pussy, he drinks in the vision of me in my entirety there kneeling naked and wet in front of him and his expression fills not only of want and craving but of awe and I realise I am having the same effect on him as he does on me and this lights a carnal fire of pleasure and longing, almost a raw need of him as he pulls me to my feet and grabs my hips and lifts me to the high bench seat and sits me down on it at the perfect height for him to slide his throbbing hard cock inside me slowly thrusting in and out for the first moment as our lips find each other’s once again his thrusts intensify until he is absolutely pounding my hot wet flesh in such a primal manner the strength and speed of it taking me higher and higher until I feel the climax explode around his cock and I scream out his name in absolute pleasure and ecstasy which proves his own undoing and he shoots his hot cum deep inside my pussy and slumps his head against my shoulder and kisses it gently over and over pouring himself into me and we catch our breath before he shifts his head so he is gazing down into my eyes and we share a serene and intimate moment just drinking in the others ecstasy filled expression and our lips meet yet again... I am reminded between kisses that his nose turns up whenever his beaming smile reaches his eyes and the cleft above his lip is deep and profoundly indented. Holy fuck he is truely beautiful, yet seems blissfully unaware.... Chapter 2 to come.