Written by Katz


We were in that little Italian deli, having had a lovely pasta lunch. Standing at the counter, wondering whether to get a few deli items to take home, I noticed there was a spot of sauce on your face, wedging myself between you and the counter so you are pressed against me, I flick out my tongue, licking the sauce from the side of your sensuous lips and diving in for a quick kiss while there.

You leaned against me, pressing me lightly to the counter. I glance around to see if anyone had noticed. No one seemed to be looking our way so I parted my legs just a little for you to snuggle into me. As I breathed warmth into your ear, you discreetly fitted your hand around my breast, grazing the nipple with your thumb.

“mmm”, you murmured, “I love how the way your breasts feel... soft and full with erect and responsive nipples at the end...lovely.....” The sensation of your thumb across my nipple makes me tip my head back, you drop a passionate kiss on my neck making me shiver and breathing myself even closer to you, I melt into your chest with a slight moan.

You drop your hand to my butt and squeeze it, then turning me in the small space toward the door, your arm around me pressing on my lower belly as the rest of you presses against my butt. Slick move on your part. I moan deep in my throat and can feel the sound arousing you as you start moving us to the door.

As we leave, your hand is on the back of my waist guiding me out the door and around the corner. You whisper to me, “There’s a lingerie shop just around here, I would love to see you in something small and sexy”.

Sure enough, there was a big shop with beautiful window displays and lots of choices. As we entered, you whispered to me, “Select something sexy, lacy, small and try it on'. We browsed the racks finding slinky chemises and lacy bras and knickers. With a selection in hand I headed to the changing rooms. The rooms were nice and spacious with the usual chair and mirrors. As I entered to hang up the garments, you slipped in behind me.

Slipping out of my street wear, I pulled on a sexy black number that hugged my generous curves, just grazing the bottom of my butt. You reached up underneath it, sliding my knickers down my legs, I slid them off my feet as your hands came around me, holding my breasts and once again you were snuggling into my rear.

Leaning over a little, you ran your hand up my leg, sliding around to my inner thigh and almost but not quite to my pussy. That made me catch my breath. My breasts felt heavy in the black silky fabric that was barely holding them.

As you leaned to nibble my neck and breathe gently in my ear, you urged, “put your hands on the wall'.

I leaned my palms against the white wall, closing my eyes, cursing the brightness of the little room. You didn't care. Running your hand up across my belly, pressing gently but firmly just above my lady parts, making me whimper quietly. Hell, I didn't want to get caught but it was so hard not to respond to what you were doing to me. I tried to turn around to face you, but you kept me firmly in place. Running a hand up my body, cupping and gently squeezing my breasts, tweaking my nipples, making my knees weaken.

I reached back to pull you against me, bending a little more to allow you to fit against me. You used one hand to undo yourself. Suddenly I could feel you hot and hard against my butt. As you slid yourself up into the crevasse between my cheeks, you were beginning to breathe faster. I moaned as quietly as I could at the sensation of you, the warmth of you, the hardness of you moving softly against me. You wound a hand in my hair, tugging it slightly, pulling me down onto your heat as you used one leg to push my legs further apart.

Leaning on the wall, I hung my head as I felt your turgid cock rubbing up and down my pussy lips. Quietly you said, ' move your hands down the wall a little and bend over for me'. I caught my breath, knowing what was coming next, or hoping it was anyway.

As I leaned over presenting myself to you, you knelt behind me and ran your tongue up my lips and back down, swirling the tip around my clit, making me gasp. I so wanted to get my hands on your cock, your shaft of heat. With a hard swipe of your tongue, you had my cunt open, your tongue penetrating further with each swipe. Once you had me open to your satisfaction, you stood and moved in behind me, I reached one hand back between my legs to touch you. Feel you. Stroke you softly along the silkiness of your heated cock. You were hard, swollen with need for me, the length of you as I ran my hand up and down made me wet with wanting...

We could hear women talking in the other changing rooms. You whispered to me, “Woman, I so want to fuck you bad.”As you groaned between your clenched teeth, I guided you toward my opening, placing the head of your aching cock against my lips, I pushed back. It was so hard to be quiet.

Grasping my hips and holding me hard, you pushed forward, plunging into me, making me bite my tongue so I wouldn't scream. Pushing deep, I felt the head of your long cock scrape past that oh so secret spot that turns my knees to jelly. As you pulled back I followed you, I wanted you balls deep, with the movement just enough to scrape over that sensitive place. You got it, and came back to me, holding deep while my whole body shook with the need for you. You pressed deeper and deeper, pushing me forward. My arms buckled and my cheek was against the coolness of the wall.

You held my hip with one hand, the other pulling down on my shoulder. Between your heat and the cool wall there was nowhere to go. I dropped my hands to my breasts, grazing them through the silky fabric, running my hands down to my pussy, lifting the hem of the garment, I found my clit. You were picking up momentum, giving me longer strokes. My toes were turning in and curling under with tension as I tilted my butt as far up as I could to give you better access.

You spread your legs a little wider, leaned over me with your hands moving to my breasts. “Baby,” you whispered, “I really need to pound you. Can you be quiet?” I nodded, not sure I could. Biting my lip as you began the master thrusts, pulling out the whole length and thrusting into my core. With each stroke you were lifting my heels from the floor. “Open yourself wider for me babe, I want to feel your fingers on me as well.”

I slipped my hand down and spread my lips, feeling your gorgeous shaft plunging between my fingers. You were so deep, I was really starting to slurp now, the sound making me hypersensitive to what may be happening outside this little cubicle.

My lip was sore from biting, I wanted to throw my head back and moan with each thrust. You were picking up the tempo again, hammering my swollen pussy. I couldn’t hold on much longer, the sensation was rising fast. Suddenly you slowed, thrust as deeply as you could and held me there. My cunt was pulsing on you, I wanted to move but was jammed between you and the wall. You flexed a little in and out, just a tiny bit. I was shaking with need. I wanted to cum so badly.

“Now,” you said in a whisper, “feel me against that special spot, I want you to cum hard on me, can you do that for me babe? Hmmm?” and you began a relentless short stroke rhythm that moved back and forth, back and forth over my g-spot. I was going to explode, rising on my tiptoes, arching further for you, I felt the first waves sweep through my belly, radiating from that spot that you were teasing with the head of your cock. As I gasped, feeling the dam break, you pulled back and slammed into me, once, twice, three times and then you were with me, losing your load into me, pulsing wildly into my clenching cunt. I gushed down my legs, over your jeans. You rode me until the shaking stopped, before pulling slowly out, helping me stand you turned me into your arms.

Dropping a kiss on the top of my head as I slumped on your chest. “I guess I need to buy you this scrap of silk now.” I heard a chuckle deep in your chest. “Small price to pay,” you murmured.