Written by tem_hamilton


Just cayy on with what you are doing and don't mind me.

I'll just sit here and slowly kiss my way up your legs. Tender kisses while my hands softly massage those curvey stocking clad legs.

Ease yourself foward just a bit - so my tongue can trace around the soft flesh at the top of your stockings. Kisses linger longer as my mouth enjoys the touch of your skin.

mmmmm your delicate aroma smells so sweet, making my breathing more rapid.

Shly lifting your skirt, I hesitate, taking in a wonderous sight. I then lower my head and place a long lingering kiss on your pussy - feeling your heat through your panties. I then run my tongue up and down the skin where it meets your panties. Tracing their outline. Can you feel the desire in my hot breath?

My finger starts to gently rub your pussy through the soft fabric as my tongue edges its way slightly under the panties. Your body responds, seeking added pressure. I can feel the moisture build as my finger probes, stretching the fabric and my mouth nibbles softly and your warm skin.

You lift yourself off of the seat, a silent invitation for me to slip your panties off. You hear a gasp as I take in the sight of your pussy becoming exposed to me.

With an almost reverence, my head bows as my tongue s first long trace of your pussy. Oh the taste is so good. With each savouring lick, my tongue edges slightly deeper until at last it breaks through and enters you deeply. Long deep laps.

A slight moan escapes your lips as you feel my tongue move from you. Disappointment is short lived as first one finger, and then anothers slides deep inside. Gentle movement at first and then you feel my tongue touch your clit. The licking is replaced by a kiss before I suck it into my mouth.

Fingers set a nice rythm, thrusting into your pussy. Your clit is sucked and licked to match the movement of the fingers.

Just carry on with what you're doing, don't mind me.....