Written by vampypet


If you passed me in the street would you take a second glance. Would you start to dream about kissing my soft red lips hard and pulling me to you. Would kiss my neck and make breathless while your hands feel me. Take one nipple in your mouth and suckle while I moan and hold your head to keep you there. Then move to the other nipple as my hand moves down to feel you rise for me. Could you feel my hips lift to you and press into yours. then slide a hand between my thighs and feel the moisture you have already aroused. Go down and lick some of the sweet juices and look up to see me smile. Then into my valley you delve yourself and drink sweet wine from mine. taste like you imagined? Do you want to dip yourself in my waters? Come this lady on the street says and have all you desire. Come lay on me and slide your hard shaft in to my wet hot warm ocean. Feel it surround you as you guide yourself in and another burst of sweetness mounts. I throb for you and get so hot, lifting my hips to pull you in deeper and deeper til your sacks touch me, I moan and writhe as you move in and out, take me I yours I say. You kiss my tits and pound me hard then turn around you say. I kneel for you my ass in the air and open wide for you to see. You moan and take my hips in your hand and plunge in as hard as you can. "Oh god" I exclaim as you bang me hard and we cum in a rush together. You keep ramming me like I want you to but stop and pull back, I urge you to fill me up but my ass is wanting, cum in me there, make me hot so you lick my ass and press your hard cock in. Oh, so nice dont stop, please dont stop. You slide it in slow and deep and feel the hot tightness of my ass clamp around you. It is too much and you explode while I am calling your name. oh babe your good, I feel so sexy, pull out and watch me drip your cum. You lean back and hold my butt and watch your cream escape. Oh lady if I pass you again wont you let me repeat our playtime. Yes I say, for you are my sexy friend and I love when you do it that way...

so if you passed me by in the street one day would your thoughts stray this way??? xx