Written by Sam


She good looking a primary teacher and met me through Tinder

I’d been in the Uk on holiday and created a profile as I was very horny.

The add was simply a photo (I’m told I’m a handsome man)

“6’ English man,,blue eyes, brown hair”

“im told a hard man is good to find”

We matched quite quickly and met up for a drink which ended up with her coming back to my hotel room.

She clearly enjoyed herself and made herself available every day for the entire. Week holiday after work and at weekends.

I took her out interesting places.

It was clear that while she knew my offer was short term she was e[very much enjoying my attentiveness

She’d never had so many orgasms in her life.

For the next 3 years every time I visited her area she made herself available.

Gourgeous pear shaped D cup breasts, nice very exciting body... awesome

Frequently she’d have a boyfriend or partner but she’d put them on hold when’re she had me available

This year when I visited she asked again about a long term arrangement.

Having done that once I said I didn’t want to live with anyone

Agains she said you’re so exciting I’ll take you whenever I can have you.

Her boyfriend at the time had been away for 2 weeks and she said that she’d have to go and see him.

I said we don’t have an exclusive arrangement so if you need to fuck him then I’m ok,with that

But I’ll expect you at my hotel by 8pm to service me.

She turns up at 8pm and won’t talk about her earlier date but it’s clear that she’s already had one servicing that night.

After about an hour she’s orgasmed 3-4 times and starts to open u; about her earl lied date.

Her boyfriend has enjoyed him self but left her hanging... ouch

Luck in=ly she says she had the chance to come to me or ash she jokes Cum with me.

2 months later I get a PM. I got fed up by his lack of attention to me so decided to fire him.

I’m looking around but need to see you soon