Written by normal_guy


i,ve run a nice warm bath and put some bubbles in for a bit of a treat. i wash my self down and shave my legs and pussy, mmmm so smooth. i touch my self a little and start to feel my insides quiver. i,m am getting ready for you. i dry my self down and put on some perfume. i dry my hair and strighten it, and put on a black g and a half cup bra, i check my self in the mirror and am pleased with the results. then a little make up, i decide on just some bright red lipstick. i am ready. a glass of wine will help take the edge off, i drink a bottle hehehe. theres a knock at the door. i open it and there you are tall dark and handsome, a smile on your face shows you like what you see. you close the door and we embrace, our lips locked in a soft kiss. your you lips are soft and we explore each others mouths. i start to go weak at the knees and so i grab your hand and lead you to my bedroom. i strip you naked and push you on to the bed. i grab your semi hard cock and kiss the head. i lower my head and take your member into my mouth. i feel you getting harder, as i start to work your cock. istop and wank you and see a lipstick ring round the base of your cock, mmmmm. i look you in the eyes and start to run my tounge down the sides of your cock working my way down to your balls. i take one in my mouth and wank you at the same time. your hips start to rock. i kiss my way up your chest and we have a long lingering kiss. you flip me over and start to nuzzel my breasts, soft kisses and licks. now alittle harder with a little bite every now and then. i start to moan. you kiss down my body till your down at my little black g. you pull it aside and start to suck on my lips, then work your way up to my clit. it feels so good. you work your way down to my willing hole and enter me with your tounge. you taste my juices and i push againts your face trying to get more of you in me. you flip me over and i put my ass in the air and my face on the pillow. i feel your cock head at the entrance of my pussy, you tease me just giving me the tip. i push back hard and impale myself on your hardness. i let out a gasp. and you start to rock back and forth. i reach for my clit and give it a few quick strokes, mmmmmm. i feel you deep in my pussy and start to squirm, you start to realy bang away and i feel my orgasam building. i start to scream and rub my clit some more,faster i yell, fuck me faster. you build up your pace and i tense in a huge orgasam, wow what a rush. you flip me on to my back and hold my legs apart with my knees on my chest and enter me again. i,m so wet as you start to pound away, i can hear my slickness. i start to play with my clit again and use my other hand to spread my lips,i want to get as much of you inside of me as i can. you start to groan and i do to. you pick up the pace again and i start to cum again. i frig my self faster pushing my self over the edge you withdraw and i squirt all over you and at the same time you cum all over my belly. i scoop up some of your cum with my finger and taste it,s saltyness, mmmm. cant ever have enough. i roll over on to my side and you snuggle me softly strokeing my breasts. i know this is just the begining of a very long day. i smile feeling your warmth, heaven