Written by vampypet


I dont live on a farm but we are surrounded by them. There is a worker for the farm next door who drives by often. He is a gorgeous maori man with light brown eys and a tight body from his physical job.

One day I hear his bike and stop to wave. He doesnt drive by though. He stops, walks up to me and I say hello, he just grabs me and kisses me. He pulls away for a minute and says "I have been wanting to do that for so long". I silence him by kissing him back and pull him in the door.

While we are kissing we rip each others clothes off and devour each other at the same time. He tastes so good and the passion is rising in me. His rough hands pull me tight and my tits press against his hard chest. He moves to kiss my neck and I moan with utter pleasure. I hold his head and he moves down sucking in my nipples and looking at me to smile he stands and lays me on the floor. We dont speak at all. He kisses my tummy and moves to my inner thighs passing my aching pussy he kisses all the way to my ankles and then when I am squirming finally comes back up to my throbbing damp pussy. I lift my hips and he plunges in with his tongue. I instantly gush hot juices and he sucks it all in. He fingers my pussy with four of his fingers while licking me. I moan a little louder each time he flicks his tongue. I can stand it no more so I grab him and pull his face to mine. Tasting my juices with him. So sweet and hot. He plunges his hard shaft into my swollen hot mound and we gasp together. We look at each other and smile with the pleasure of knowing we are satisfying a long aching we have had. He pounds my pussy so hard as I wrap my legs around him. Ramming me he kisses my nipples burying his face in the flesh of my tits. I cum hard all over him and feel the juice run between my butt. He lifts himself off and kneels to cum all over my tits. He spurts all over me and I moan and giggle. I sit up and take his soft manhood in my mouth and clean all evidence off him. Mmmm, our juices taste amazing together. We look at each other and know from that look that he will stop and come and say hi with his cock in hand again