Please read part 1 first.

The moment Jay lifted Christine in the air and passed on the idea that she should feel free to be touched by the air and the hungry eyes of others in a way where it could potentially happen at that moment (people walking nearby could see her naked breast - and being licked) made her feel ecstatic. A sudden feeling of liberation and deep love - that her dear hubby has reminded her of her right to enjoy the erotic pleasure of being watched - the realization that she had a partner who cared about her feeling and not being possessive made her heart full of joy. With sexual current flowing through her entire body she felt a massive orgasm and even when it settled down she was still feeling horny.

Although it came up at times of sexual arousal as a fantasy she never seriously entertained such idea becoming real but to some extent it was happening and the tranquility of the surroundings made it seem the right thing to do.

So she was in heaven. Once you reach heaven there is no going back - at least that is what both Christine and Jay felt at that moment.

Jay was feeling almost unbearably hot. He whispered in Christine's ear "I think every inch of your body should feel the outside air and the warm sand in the beach" The implication heightened her arousal once again.

To her surprise, she started imagining other men watching her while she spread her body, facing the sky and rolling completely naked in the golden sand. It felt as if every cell in her body has become sexually sensitive and yearning to be touched, massaged by her sand, to be touched by the hungry eyes of the men!

What had happened to Christine?


Depending on readers' feedback I will continue this story - may be with a different title.