This was the day when Christine (C from now on) started feeling liberated in ways she could never have imagined till then. Her partner Jay (J from now) arranged a surprise birthday gift and went with her for a weekend break to a beach resort in Northland. It was a warm sunny day. C and J in their mid-late 40s, had been together for 25 years and their two children -twins- are now on their own just having completed their studies and on an OE trip for a year.

C and J largely enjoyed their life together despite occasional financial difficulties in their early part of family life. Sex was great when they found the mood and time but frequency had dropped. Childhood sweethearts who studied together at college and working together in a large organisation had never been with anyone else.

They had fantasies of how to up the sexcitememt and they usually involve romance, slow stripping and mutual massage. Lately J began to feel the need for some change. He talked about having tantric massage for C and C exposing her beautiful body that still looked the same after more than 2 decades of family life.

He hesitated to bring this up with C as they both come from strict orthodox families. Even the new blouses that tend to show the curves of C's body cause a headache for them when dress shopping. J wanted things to change....

But every attempt J made, met with some resistance but he never gave up.... He bought some dresses that showed a bit of cleavage and C said she would wear it but only when they were alone. He said ok but then there were unexpected visitors - gardener to trim an overhanging tree and a plumber to clear the drain which got blocked with sone discarded yeast (no need to say how gus happened). Of course the dresses weren't particularly revealing and C began to get desensitised.

Then for a birthday J bought C a very sexy pair of G strings and a bikini top which was nearly transparent. When they were having lunch at home suddenly the door bell rang and when J went to open the door a man came in with a large indoor pot plant and asked J where to leave it. With a sandwich in his hand J said to take it yo the kitchen. C tried to rush out of the kitchen towards the bedroom but in a rush collided with the delivery man who was stunned by what he saw and the contact with the almost bare silky soft body . His jaw dropped and there was no mistake he was eying Christine at the right places. Then he started saying sorry but couldn't speak properly as his mouth was watering! Christine froze for a moment but realised it was too late to hide so she tried to act naturally. She said sorry it was I who rushed and took the pot from the delivery man. The bulge in his pants was difficult to miss! He left apparently reluctantly. When Christine turned towards J she was stunned by an even larger tent in Jay's pants! No one spoke a word. Just then Christine realised she was also getting wet!

That night the sex was the wildest they ever had and Jay asked Christine if she felt turned on by the delivery man looking at her body. C said she thought it was the general situation and she realised Jay was turned on and that may be shy she was also turned on. Now J finally had the courage to tell her about his fantasy of seeing someone watching her naked. Christine said if that turned him on he can fantasise. Jay then asked her if she also felt turned on and she said yes but only to fantasise but if she thought of it actually happening may be she wouldn't feel that way.

This sort of talks now became a pattern before their routine sex and both realised how turned on they were. However C continued to insist that these are just fantasies. J was unsure if she was convinced and if so whether that may change and planned to test her limits..

So this is the time they had a holiday in Northland. It was summer - the motel they were staying was close to a beach. In the evening after a walk back from the beach they were both tired and sat on the bed and C started to undress - they were in an upstairs room but where she was sitting was a spot where no one can see her body from outside. Suddenly Jay stood up and lifted Christine and started licking her nipple. There was no mistake she was now feeling horny - just a look of her face will tell him. There was no one watching outside but that could change any moment. Jay then stopped licking and said "I want you to feel free - free to enjoy the touch of air and water - outside. This beautiful body should feel everything - needs to be seen by all hungry eyes - you are a beautiful creation of the universe and you need to know you don't belong to just a couple of eyes. Let us go to the beach when it gets darker and go naked in the water." Surprisingly Christine just started to moan. She started to think "Yes, I want to be free and want to be touched by the free air and want everyone to look at me and enjoy... "

Still at the back of her mind - she was saying fantasy won't hurt. But she thought - did Jay mean what he said. Would I feel this horny if I were to actually do it. At this point Jay started licking Christine's nips again and this time also while gently touching her wet pussy lips. Suddenly there was a shudder and that O moment -Christine came with a scream - Jay had never heard her screaming like that.....