This was my first piece of writing, based on my true experience back when I was studying in Aussie. It definitely won’t be the best piece of work you can find on the Internet, but I am writing this the best I could. Sorry if there are some errors in my English writing, but hope you guys enjoyed this. =) Cheers!


The flight to Cairns was gruesome. Being in a budget flight along with kids screaming right next to you is probably the worst thing you can ask for. It was already 4pm when we landed. We went straight to the car rental area and she showed her booking details and took a car key. She then drove me around the town while explaining that she came here a few times already because she loved the heat in Cairns (it was winter that time, and Cairns was still very warm around 25 degrees). We reached our hotel and we checked in and dropped our luggage. By that time, it was already 5.30pm. She asked me to have a shower and head to the bistro nearby to have our meal and drinks. I could only oblige to whatever she asked me to do because I was in a foreign land.

A little introduction on the both of us. I am Wai, was a degree student back in Sydney. I’m not an attractive or handsome man, just an average Asian guy, 168cm tall and weigh around 55kg. As for her, her name was Courtney. She was 29 when we first contacted each other. She has a long blonde hair, slightly curvy and of the same height as me. We met each other through an online dating app (or should I say hook up app?), and she asked me to come over to her place during a long weekend. Little did I know, she booked air tickets for both me and her to Cairns and there I was, blur and shocked with the sudden turn of event.

While I was having my shower, she opened the door and came in naked. I swear my heart stopped for a while because I had too many shocks to take in that day, and now a naked Caucasian lady stood in front of me. She asked if I mind that she joined me, before I could answer she already came behind me and rubbed my arms. I was nervous as hell, it was my first time feeling being so overwhelmed by a girl with zero controls. She asked me to relax while trying to arouse me by sensually touching all over my body. I could also feel the tip of her nipples tickling my back. Slowly, she moved downwards and knelt behind me. I was asked to turn around and I tried my best to hold my erection. My focus immediately failed when she grabbed my dick. She thoroughly washed my dick with soap while jerking it slowly. I couldn't help myself but to moan softly (I tend to moan a lot) and she wrapped it with her mouth when my dick was fully erected. After a few moments of bobbing her head, she took the whole dick into her mouth and deep throat herself. My mind was blown away, like seriously. She took it out and lick around down the shaft and onto my balls while stroking my dick with her hand. It felt so heavenly, until something really fucked up happened ?

She started circulating my anus with her finger. At first, I thought it was just my imagination, or maybe she was just trying to arouse me even further. Then I knew I was wrong when she inserted a finger slowly into my ass. I immediately grabbed her hair with one hand and stopped her hand with my other hand. She looked at me and said "You don't like it? It's a fetish of mine to finger the guys while sucking him off." I was like "Uhm okay.. but if it's painful I'll stop you." She nodded and went back to blowjob while playing my ass with her finger again. The feeling was extremely weird, and I can't do anything about it because she was the "commander". This continued for a few minutes and she stood back up. I was relieved that my ass was finally free again.

We then stared at each other and engaged in a furious make out. I started kissing her neck and slowly towards her tits. I gave pecks in between her tits, and then towards her nipple. Her wonders are nice and firm, I would say it's probably C cup. I gave the nipple a tiny nibble and hungrily sucked on it. She grabbed my hair and pressed me against her tits and started to give out light sexy moans. My hands roamed all over her and eventually I reached for her pussy. I started rubbing her clit and slowly reach for her openings and fingered her while we were making out. She was pretty much ready as it was extremely warm inside, and it felt like it was oozing with water. She broke the kiss and turned around and lifted her butt up. I knew she's signalling me to fuck her there, but I stopped her and said, "condoms." She looked at me and said "I'm on pills, and you won't need to use any condom. You can cum inside or outside, wherever you like." She then turned back against the wall and reached for my dick using her hand and positioned it right outside her vagina. I stopped hesitating and went in for the kill.

It was a moment I would love the time to halt. That arousing feeling of having my foreskin rolled up over the head, cradling like a baby inside the safe, warm interior surface of her pussy. My mouth felt extremely dry, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t under the lust’s mercy. My hips started moving on its own, coating my cock with Courtney’s love juice. “Courtney.. Courtney..” She looked at me with her mouth wide open and eyes a little rolled up, “Fuck me harder baby, make me cum over your cock.”

I managed to grab hold of her hips with both my hands, started working a good hard rhythm as our eyes never left each other’s. She held my wrist on one hand while the other supporting her weight on the wall, her body angled slightly outwards as I continued fucking her with an increasing pace. We were moaning to each other’s sex and it was a fucking sex symphony. In addition to our moans, the sound of my hips hitting her nice curvy bum made a whole new level of fucking sex symphony.

“Ourgh.. Geurhh.. Courtney.. Fuck I’m going to cum soon.. Oh.. my god Courtney..” I could feel that she was pushing herself against me, allowing me to push through her pussy even deeper. “Babe cum in me.. Cum to.. Cum together.. Ahh fuckk…” I could feel that my gun was fully loaded and ready to fire its shots anytime soon. I mustered all my strength and fucked her like a bunny on steroid. “Ahhh I’m cumming, I’m cumming.. Ourghhh fuck..” I could felt her thighs quivered as I unloaded a few days’ worth of cum. I could feel the squirts of semen gushing into Courtney while she was breathing very heavily. I spasmed for a good few seconds as she was squeezing on my cock and milked me dry.

We didn’t move for a least a minute, letting the water showered through our steaming body. We were gasping for air and recovering from the sex. I slowly pulled out my cock and she put her palm under her opening. The cum dripped down onto her hand and the load was massive. She scooped the remaining cum and quickly sucked onto her palm, drinking every single drop of our mixed juice. She looked at me seductively and kissed me on my lips. She pushed her tongue through my mouth and I could taste the mix of our sex. There was some tiny bit of cum in her mouth but I didn’t mind and continue sucked on her tongue, appreciating what she had done for me.


- Wai -