Written by satisfyyou3


The day was hot, blistering sweat poured along the nape of Christy as she walked through the wild ravine woodlands. She had gotten lost after taking a wrong turn along the path as she searched for some water for her leaking radiator. She pulled up her skirt and tied and tucked it around the waist, and vented herself. She was tired and now getting worried as she had walked more than two hours ad she had not relocated the path that she veered from. She was thirsty and her lips were dry, her throat lingering for the thirst. Sweat slowly filtered through her white business shirt as she carried on. She had lightly unbuttoned her top to feel the freedom of skin and cool down. The thirst was getting unbearable as she finally reached a stream. The chilly water streamed down gently onto the smooth rock beds.

She sat down, exhausted from the long walk, and loosened her to remove her shirt. It revealed her beautiful sensuous skin, delicate and smooth. The sun glistened through the treetops catching light on her well-formed bust which was held within her white lacy brassiere. The sweat had lightly drenched her nipples and with the lack of hydration, it had reduced in size and protruded through like a dimple in water.

Her thirst was quenched as she kneeled down to drink the chilly water and inadvertently wetting her brassiere. She took her shirt and dampened it, used it to wipe the sweat away and cool her face and lips. She couldn’t resist but unhooked her brassiere to cool down her heaving chest.

As she sat by the rock bed, she looked divine, she always knew she was hugely admired by many men, but she never let anyone close. She looked after herself as well as good as many women but she was naturally blessed both in form and figure. Her lust driven lips, luscious long black hair, and green-blue eyes were her best features enough that many women were envious. Yet she longed for that one man who could understand her, could treat her like she deserved.

She felt so much better after being refreshed and cooled down, however the midday sun still blazed through strongly. She looked around and felt the peaceful serenity between the trees. The music tones of a flock of tui's were mesmerising, and a loft of butterflies danced around her. She felt joyous yet she was unaware why she felt this way. She found herself unfastening her skirt and to her white lacy underwear. She felt like a siren as she slid her last drapes to reveal her true natural form.

She danced within those woods, her long legs sweeping the autumn bound leaves, and other birds flew overheard tree to tree, slowly dislodging leaves in the midst. These flowed down like rose petals showered in weddings. She had not felt this great for such a long time, and her dancing became sensual as she caressed her body as she moved. She couldn’t help but feel helpless as her exotic body craved, longed for more.

At a distance a lone figure approached. He had been observing the spectacle in front of him, although he was unaware of what was to come. He approached slowly, without frightening the siren. He felt warm not only with sensual pleasure but excitement observing the angelic sight as he approached. He knelt down slowly, not far away and splashed some cool water on his face. He undressed and approached; he slowly led out his hand and slipped it into hers.

His warm hand jolted her as she suddenly ceased her caressing dance. She opened her eyes to see this naked man in front of her. His well-toned body glistened in the sun, muscular and bold, his manly physique and his smooth touch, electrified her senses. She wasn’t scared but had waited long for this moment...

She couldn’t help but her eyes longed to see his manhood, it was thick with the excitement, throbbing as he as well longed for her embrace.

He pulled her close, stared deep into her longing eyes, and kissed her lips intently and pulled her into himself with his muscle bound arms. She felt his long bond as he pressed her tightly into the embrace. For the first time, she felt wet, slippery and longed even more for him to feed her thirst, this time not for water but something more, what she had not felt till this day...

He lifted her up and felt her loins that were warm and wet, he slowly slipped his member into her...gentle yet firm...she had never felt this much excitement , her heart fluttered and pounded with the intensity, she moaned with ecstasy over and over, as he thrusted himself into her.. Her wetness increased, his member gorging her deeper and becoming heavy with his full pleasure. He kissed her along her neck, still holding her firm, he arms stretched out as the electrifying pleasure crept through her.

He moved the kisses down to her supple breasts and sucked on her hardened nipples, she moaned even further, but he didn’t cease...time crept on as the midday sun fell down, the pleasure intensifying with each thrust as she came , her first with an intense scream , he still kept going, as she continued to come several times. Finally he was ready as he took out his secret inside her; this made her give out a last groan.

She was done; tired from this eventful embracing love... he slipped himself from her and laid her down onto the dry leafy ground and kissed her again, but slowly went down to clean her wetness. She felt his lusty tongue come inside her.se felt sweet, like pineapples and her juices finished off his thirst like a sweet desert.

He held her warmly and laid beside her...she held onto his member and realised what this had done to her and she smiled...but he kissed her again...as he began to grow again!