We had a 6 year long fling which cooled when she got married. This was a moment filled with talk of what ifs and after several wines and a couple of smokes she suggested a spa.

I stood up and took my clothes off as I walked towards the pool. I glanced backwards and saw her staring. Her look was both furtive and wanton at the same time. She said she was going to get into a bikini.

There are moments in my life where I wished I had a camera and this one was at the top of my list. She was hot. Standing still so I could inhale her beauty. A crocheted bikini that was fitted to her hot body perfectly.

She slid into the pool and I pulled her towards me. I took her face in my hands and told her how beautiful she was and how much I love her.

We kissed slowly at first then with more passion. My hands moving the top around her breasts exposing them to my gaze. My mouth moved over them my tongue flicking her nipples. After a time my attention moved to her pussy. I lifted up her ass and I pulled her bikini bottom aside. I sucked and licked her pussy. She tasted delicious and I wanted more.

We got out of the spa and went onto a leather chaise. I lay down and she sat astride me. I sucked and licked her beautiful breasts while she was sliding along my shaft. More moans of delight as we continued to enjoy each other. Such hunger and wanton desire bubbling to the surface.

After a while she got up and I got dressed while she went to the bedroom to put on something.

I burst into her room. She was in a silk gown. So hot looking. I grabbed her kissing her with a passion. Hugging her tightly. Then my hands began to find their way around her body. My mouth covered her neck and shoulders biting and sucking. Her breathing short her hands pulling my head towards her. My fingers sliding inside her pussy and grinding over her clit at the same time. Her body stiffened and she moaned. Her pussy clenching onto my fingers which were soaked with her cum. After the shudder climax finished I pulled my fingers out and we sucked them clean.

We kissed and rolled along the hall till we got to the door and I left.

Sared but wanting more......