I know you get excited by the fantasy of me being with another man. I like that fantasy too.

When you ask me to tell you about other men I have been with, I tell you that there hasn’t been anyone else because we got together when we were teenagers and I never had a boyfriend before you.

I haven’t been telling you the truth. I’ve had a secret all this time. I haven’t wanted to tell you because I made you wait until we got married before I slept with you, when all that time I had been letting another man penetrate me. I wanted to marry you and I used the promise of sex to hook you in when all along I wasn’t a virgin at all. Actually it was more than one man if I’m going to be honest. And I’m writing this because I want to be honest. I wanted to marry you because you are a solid reliable guy. At the same time I was letting them do all sorts of things to me and I didn’t make them do any of that nice guy boyfriend stuff, it really was a case of nice guys are for buying us flowers and coming round to meet our parents, while the bad boys don’t bother with that stuff and we still let them use us for sex.

You know my parents were strict and wouldn’t let me have a boyfriend when I was at High School The only thing I was allowed to do was join a church youth group.

You know that photo of me that my parents have on the wall, The one with the guy from the church group who took me to the senior ball in my last year at High School. The guy who works at the same place as you do now. He fingered me in his car afterwards. We went as dates because his girlfriend was away with her parents and I didn’t have anyone to go with. He told me that she never let him do anything but kiss her. I liked what he did to me. You always look at that photo when we go to mum and dad’s. I guess you’ll look at it differently now.

I told you I didn’t have a boyfriend at university but that’s a lie. I had a boyfriend called Mark. I fucked Mark, he was my first.

We fucked in my dorm room and often I went to his room and we fucked there.

Mark had a friend called Simon I didn’t like Simon because he was an asshole. He was one of those smooth bastards who talks to a girl for half an hour and charms his way into her pants. He fucked so many girls in the dorms and then never spoke to them again, that I thought he was a jerk. One night Mark came over, I was looking forward to screwing him, but Simon was with him. We sat in my room and talked and did some reading. Mark started kissing me. We were on my bed. Simon was on the chair, reading a text book. Mark stated getting heavy. I said to stop because Simon was there. Mark said it was cool because Simon had fucked girls while Mark was in the room and it would be OK. We got under the covers. It would have been obvious what we were doing because my legs were wrapped around Marks waist and he was grunting and thrusting himself into me. I kept looking at Simon. He was watching us, not reading. I kept going. I knew Mark was making me do that so he could show of in front of Simon. I had a massive orgasm. I tried not to make any noise because Simon was there, but that made it more intense.

A week later Mark and Simon came over again. Mark and I fucked while Simon pretended to read a book. We were doing it under the covers but they slipped off and Simon would have seen us just for a moment before I pulled them back up. Again I had an intense orgasm.

Later that week Mark and Simon came over again. Mark and I fucked while Simon pretended to be listening to his head phones. Mark made the covers fall on the floor and then he held my arms above my head while he fucked me. I was buck naked in full view of Simon. I had another wonderful climax and I didn’t care that Simon could see us.

Mark always wore a condom. He got off me and got dressed. I lay on the bed, naked, panting from the effort of screwing him. Simon was getting a good look. I didn’t care.

About 30 minutes after they left there was a knock on the door. It was Simon. I opened the door and he walked in without being asked. I locked the door behind him. He started to take off his clothes. He didn’t say anything. All I could think was that he wanted to fuck me. I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t stop myself. I was wearing pajamas and a robe. I stripped them off, and I was naked before he was. He pushed me up against the door and held my arms above my head with one hand. His other hand was all over me. Between my legs, on my breasts, stroking my hips.

His cock was rock hard. I could feel it against my stomach. He let my hands go and told me to get on the bed. That was the only thing he said to me. I did it. I was on the bed. He was standing there looking at me. My god his cock was big! Way bigger than Mark’s. (And a lot bigger than you sweetie - sorry.)

He came up to me and I took him in my mouth. You know how I love doing that now. That was the first time I got off sucking a man’s cock and thinking about that night is one reason why I still love it.

He got onto the bed and positioned himself between my legs. At this point I would have stopped Mark and made sure he wore a condom. Something told me that Simon wasn’t going to stop and he wasn’t going to wear anything. I didn’t say anything and he pushed his bare cock right up me. The fucking was divine, not the schoolboy poking that Mark inflicted on me, but some serious lovemaking by a guy with a long thick penis, who’d fucked a lot of women and knew what to do. He put my ankles over his shoulders. I was totally exposed to him and he put his whole length into me. He started a long fast rhythm and I could feel a serious orgasm building but he beat me to it and squirted his cum inside me. I’d never had that sensation of hot semen inside me. It was so horny but also the last thing I wanted. Then he got up and started to get dressed. All I could think was ‘what the fuck you asshole’. At least Mark tried to get me to cum before he did but Simon just used me to get himself off and then that was it.

Simon didn’t say anything, he got dressed and left.

The next day I saw him with Mark, neither of us said anything and he hardly even acknowledged me. I wanted to fuck him again, so bad. I don’t know why. At the same time I was really angry at him for treating me like that.

A couple of days later Mark and Simon came over and Mark screwed me on the bed. We didn’t even bother getting under the covers. No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t get me to cum. His lovemaking just didn’t measure up after what Simon had done to me. Eventually he gave up and half an hour after they left I went out and walked over to Simon’s dorm. Common sense told me not to do that but lust is often stronger. I wanted him to make love to me and I didn’t care that he had dragged me into his world.

This time he was brutal. He pushed me down on his bed and absolutely hammered me with his beautiful cock. He gave me an amazing orgasm. It was pretty obvious that the other night had been about making me want more. He finished by cumming inside me again and then he told me to go.

I did what he said and left, no cuddles, no talking, just a wild fuck and get out.

The next day I went to the doctors and went on the pill.

We carried on like that for the rest of the year. Me and Mark being boyfriend and girlfriend, albeit with the strange habit of fucking in front of Simon. Mark didn’t know I was on the pill and I still made him wear a condom. Then me and Simon secretly screwing like rabbits with Simon doing stuff to me that would make a porn star blush. We even had a threesome with another girl. Simon was a real player, he would have fucked a dozen other girls from the dorms while he was doing me.

Simon told me that he was screwing other girls and letting Mark watch and in return Mark had to let Simon watch us. Mark didn’t know about me and Simon. I wanted to break up with Mark but Simon said I had to stay with him because he liked to watch Mark screwing me. I did what he said and let Mark keep fucking me and pretended to be his girlfriend all because Simon said so. Simon even showed me new things and then made me do them with Mark.

That summer I met you in the holidays, I was back at home pretending to be the good little virgin for my parent’s sake. When really, I was a cum soaked gutter slut. You asked me out and kissed me on the front porch. You were so sweet and excited about a little kiss. I wanted you to do me in the ass. I knew you were a nice guy but a bit naive. You were proper boyfriend material, I just had to string you along whilst Mark and Simon met my sex needs.

Keeping three guys going turned out to be too much so I gave Mark the flick. Simon was pissed off but I was exhausted and had to draw the line. I wrote you letters every week (no texting back then). You were so sweet and hopeful. Sometimes Simon read your letters after we had been fucking. I felt bad about that, but I basically did what Simon told me just so I could keep having sex with him.

It was Simon who told me what you and I could do in the bedroom. For the three years that we dated, I wanted to just jump you and take your virginity but Simon said I couldn’t. Even when we got engaged in my last year Simon was still screwing me every chance we got and my pussy was for him alone. Every time you came to town for a visit we would fool around but fucking was off limits. Then as soon as you went home I would be so horny I would go straight to his house and let him have me. His preference in those days was anal. He’d be jamming his cock in my ass from behind and I’d be rubbing my clit and wishing you knew how to do that to me.

Just before we got married I told Simon that I didn’t want to screw him anymore. It had been amazing but I wanted a proper relationship with a decent guy who wasn’t fucking every other girl he could get his hands on. He didn’t give a shit! He just said OK and walked of. I never spoke to him again.

I love our relationship and I enjoy having sex with you. I’ve secretly showed you all the things that Simon taught me and you are pretty good at it, but you’ve never pleasured me the way Simon did because you’re not as strong and forceful as he was and you just don’t have the amazing penis that he had.

So there you have it, now you know about the men I had before you. I hope this is what you wanted.