Written by wetpanties4u


I am a cd just love dressing up and taking walks in the parks, a couple of months ago I dressed up for a night out, put on my high boots,stockings, white lace panties,black leather mini skirt,bra, and nice top with all the makeup and wig, a couple of drinks and away to the park just after dark, I passed a few couples out walking most said good evening I just nodded and walked on, I stopped on the bridge in the park looking at the ducks when I seen a guy comming my way so I bent over the side a bit more so the tops of my stocking and panties were showing, he walked up to me and said " you want fucked " (he was very well dressed suit and tie)I said yes he was shocked I was male but did not stop him putting his hand up the back of my skirt and fingering me, I could feel he was so hard and I went down on my knees and took out his cock and started licking his knob , balls and then started sucking him, it did not take long and I could taste pre cum, with him holding my head and pushing in hard he was saying " swallow slut, swallow slut " and then gave me a load a total mouth full with cum dripping out the side of my mouth I swallowed and suck his cock dry and clean, as I had been sucking him two girl in their 20s walked passed and called me a cock sucker, slut and other names but I had passed as a female slut you could say, I stood up and he kissed me and then took my hand and we started walking around for about a hour talking etc, at times he would stop kiss me and feel me up then start walking again, he put the shits up me when he stoped a older couple and said we were just married and from out of town and where to find a bar, the couple talked for a while then asked if we wanted to have a drink with them, I squeeze his hand and he thanked them and we walked on, he said he done that just to prove to me I can female, we then walked over to a bench seat he took me around the back of the seat and bent me over then took my panties down and fingered me for a while then pushed his cock into my bio pussy very slowly, he waited then started to fuck me hard and again he cum, some in me,and more around my pussy as he pulled out, it felt so warm then pulled my panties up. We walk towards home and he said I was a better fuck that his wife, we parted and as I walked on home I could feel the cum running down the backs of my legs, but it felt great and what a night I love ever second of it and we have meet again but it was only a short meeting.

Some nights you can be lucky and other nights you miss out.

Love Kim