Written by daisyloo


A new friend of mine said she knows this guy and that I would like him and I should meet him. So I was like sure I will meet up with him, could be fun. FUN was an understatement.

I spoke with Brian on phone and we planed to meet on a Saturday Morning outside the little pub on the corner. So I’m thinking it’s a bit early for drinks and is the pub even open at the time, it wasn’t but that was not part of the plan. I drive to the pub and see him sitting in his car so I park up and I can’t keep my eyes off him, he smiles from ear to ear and looks amazing hot sexy so fucking sexy I am instantly hot for him and I can feel I am getting wet. He gets out of his car and walks across the road still smiling at me. I wined down my window he says Hay babe and walks right round and gets in the passengers sit. He still smiling and said it’s great to see you and leaning over and kisses me on the lips I just melt, I said I am so please to see you too.

He said lets go for a drive to the beach ah it’s just down the road. So we are driving down the road make a turn then we are on farm land heading towards the beach he directs me to go up on the grass and around the paddock the view of the beach is just wonderful the day is beautiful sunny and a hot day with not a cloud in the sky a perfect day for the beach.

I parked the car (station wagon) and we sit for a second looking at the view he starts runny his fingers up my smooth leg I look at Brian I hold his neck and pulled him over to kiss me again, the kiss is something out of this world my pussy is so wet and I can’t help myself he needs to know how wet I am, so I grab his hand and slowly slid his hand up my skirt to my wet pulsating puss he is not surprised at all and said he cant wait to taste me. We both get out of car I fold down back seats and we climb into back of the wagon. We strip off our cloths as fast as we can and get down to business.

My god just wonderful we are touching each other all over my nipples are hard and he loves to suck then. He is kissing me all the way down to my very wet and waiting pussy I spread my legs for him and he licks me oh so good that I cum almost instantly and its at that point my orgasm button is stuck on the ON position. I suck his rock hard cock for 30 minutes or so, we fuck in all sorts of different position and I would suck him again and taste myself all over his cock Yummy. We only stop to have and drink or wined down more windows, its so hot we then opening up the back door. We make love for over 2 and half hours and more than 20 orgasms later, and only one almost visitor from the farmer and dogs in his Ute. We are getting very hot now and decide to take it out of the car. Brian bends me over and slowly slides his lovely hard cock into my ass and starts fucking me up against my car harder and harder and faster I cum again oh fuck me fuck me!! Just so wonderful WOW.

But like all good things they have to end and Brian needed to go. We get dressed and I start driving him back to his car, but I was just so horny still and I can’t keep my hands off him I’m kissing him as I’m driving along the gravel road I spread my legs by putting on leg on the dash I grab his hand and get him to rub my wet wet pussy and I start cumin I am cumin and cumin my nipples and hard and pushing thou my top and Brian plays with them also having to stop sometimes to help me steer the car as I’m all over the gravel road. My nipples need a suck so I lift my top and he sucks my nipples and still rubbing my clit I cum again it is so wonderful I grab his hand and help him push his fingers inside of me so he can feel me tighten up around is fingers, and yes I’m still trying to drive my car very slowly of cause as I don’t want to get Brian back to his car to soon. Brian played with me and made me cum constantly all the way back to his car driving past houses. It was amazing but I could see his car was in site now and it was time to say goodbye. I parked up straightened myself up we passionately kissed each other and said our goodbyes. Just the best trip to the beach I have ever had. Thank goodness for station wagon and automatics.