Written by jimmyzbob


The thrill ran through his body elctrifying every inch of his frame. He was, at the instructions of his hosts, wearing a white linen shirt, black pants and stylish black shoes. His arms bulged under the weight of the box of food and wine he carried. The smell teased him, particularly as he was not destined to eat any of it.

As he arrived at the door it swung open the couple exuding the same aura of excitement as he felt. "Hi Jimmy" they said in unison. He smiled, "Tonight I am James, can you show me to the kitchen". She smiled, winked and replied "the servants quarters are this way". He followed her passed a glass table set for 2 he couldn't help but notice how his hostess figure was accentuated by a pair of red heels.

He lifted out a bottle of red claret popped the cork and went through. The couple were sat close together, he could see their legs entwined under the table. He moved between them the deep red liquid cascading into each glass. As he turned to leave her hand rested on his arm causing him to linger. She looked deep in to his eyes and purred "Thanks".

He left with his smile even broader. Moments later he returned with some bread and olives, his bare feet padded across the sumptuous carpet. As he approached the couple a hand unentwined from her husband and slid effortlessly down the waiters thigh. He stood close attentively waiting as the couple fed tid bits to each other carressing each other, carressing him.

As the plates were emptied he cleared the table and returned moments later with the starter but now he was naked from the waist up. His hosts both smiled broadly their eyed not leaving his body. Once again they fed each other but this time husbands hands slid up her thigh revealing soft skin and stocking tops, her nails dug into the muscles on the waiters chest, his hand moved her dress to one side gently massaging her shoulder.

Once again the plates were slowly emptied and whisked away. This time no attention was paid to the food as the waiter returned wearing only the smallest apron. Their eyes did not leave the bulge pushing the cloth away from his thigh. Now the couples mouths were not engaged in eating as they kissed deeply, her nails slid on to his tight butt her nails almost making him flinch from his passive ways. The waiters hand slid quickly from massaging her shoulders down in to her dress and on to her breast.

Quickly all pretence of dinner was erased as she got up glided to an open door and beckoned her men in to the bedroom.....