Written by Voalmaster


Darn! tonight of all nights for my car to breakdown, it was such a horrible evening, the weather had turned to a very heavy cold rain , and here I was unable to restart my engine , worse of all , was I had flattened the battery trying to urge the engine back to life.

I was begining to panic , I had left my cellphone at work ,and now of all times I did really need to use it , to call for assistance , I couldn't wait hoping for someone to stop , so the only thing was to go to the nearest house and ask if I could use the phone and call the mobile rescue .

It wasn't my day !, when I left home this morning it was sunny and warm , so I had dressed in my favourite white blouse and black skirt , didn't think to bring a jacket or coat , and here I was heading out in the rain.

I felt reassured seeing a house with the lights still on ,so I made the move towards getting my dilemma resolved. I felt stupid knocking on a strangers door , must have looked a site , soaked to the skin , hair all messed up , my makeup running ... the door opened and a very pleasant gentleman saw me , smiled and "said your soaked ,don't stay out there come in", "Thanks", my cars stopped and I can't restart it , can I use your phone to call for some help?

There I was , arms folded shivering , dripping water on the floor , not at all lady like.

We were joined by the lady of the house , so I assumed , a similar age to my self , with lovely shoulder length red hair , holding a towel. "You had better dry your hair"..." come sit over here on the sofa"... but I will get water on it !... "don't worry we can't have you catch a chill now can we"... she lead us towards the sofa , her hand softly on my wet shoulder...I tried to explain my problems over why I had turned up looking a mess , when her partner returned holding a blanket.

He seemed to stop and stare at my chest , I felt a little self conscious... looking down it became rather obvious my blouse had become see thru , and my nipples were standing to erection from the cold ... trying not to give away my secret I returned a smile and thanked him for the blanket.

That moment I felt his strength as I was wrapped in the blanket and guided onto the sofa , this seemed so unreal but here I was in a strangers arms , he must have learn't well that exposure needs body warmth to help bring back body temperature .

The next pleasant surprise was a generous glass of straight brandy , not wanting to seem ungrateful I sipped at the smooth spirit , feeling very little response as it slowly entered into my blood stream.

"Thankyou very much for helping me , I'm Janet!" ..." Ann answered next and this is Sam , and old friend of mine , it's Sams house" ... I thought that you were a couple?.. " I just came over to have a chat with Sam about the old times" .

Sam just smiled with agreement at Ann's words , ....we had better ring someone to let them know that you are alright ,.... Well I live alone so the only phone number is to the mobile rescue , I have the number in my handbag. Sam rang the number but couldn't get a reply ... sorry looks like you will be best to stay the night and we can get your car sorted in the morning.

It was late Friday night , so work wasn't a worry... thanks that sounds like the best idea , it won't be a problem will it? ... "no problem at all" .


Sams Story

There was a knock on the door last night and the rain was coming down quite heavy..it was an unusually cold rain. Ann had just dropped by earlier and we were talking about the times in the past. When I opened

the door...ther you were. You were drenched from the rain and arms folded...shivering. Your car had broken down and needed assistance. We invited you in and Ann offered a towel and began drying your hair. I

couldn't help but notice your nipples...quite stiff from the chilly rain and your bra was easily evident through your thin white blouse. I quickly threw a blanket around you and set you on the sofa. Ann brought you a brandy and you sipped it. Didn't help the chill at first

but you accepted it as a life preserver in the ocean.

We called every number that you had available...even your mobile rescue service. No one was there to help. There was no alternative but to stay the night and fix things in the morning. As Ann cuddled you with the blanket I held you gently to keep you from shivering. I almost forgot about your nipples being stiff from the cold rain as I was looking at your beautiful hair and beautiful eyes. Ann lit the fireplace and it offered a little warmth but the blanket and my rubbing seemed to help for the first few moments. Ann took over and continued to rug your arms and then worked with your legs. There wasn't any help except to stay the night.

I continued with rubbing your shoulders and arms and accidentally rubbing your breasts. You felt that you had been rescued after all. Cuddling is a bore for most men but for women it can be an ecstacy. Ann ontinued rubbing your legs and I held you gently about the

shoulders and your deamonor became relaxed...still not loosing the shivers. Another sip of brandy and you felt the comfort of a warm home and friends to help.

We laughed about not geting in touch with the rescue people and the laughter, along with the cuddling ...turned to a whisper...relaxation was now apparent...the whisper turned in to a kiss...then a dream came true. It became necessary to discard your wet clothing. Ann helped to unbutton your blouse as I fixed another brandy for all of us to share and then stirred the fireplace. When I turned around I could see a drop of rain water drip from your hair and onto your breast. Ann unsnapped your bra and revealed your most beautiful and wonderful breasts. I asked for you both not to move and gently sipped the rain from your

nipple. It was as sweet as the minerals from a waterfall. Ann continued drying your legs and you became subdued and lay back on the sofa. You

felt a little warmer and more comfortable. It wasn't the brandy...it was the attention that makes you feel warm and attended to. Ann brushes her fingers along your arm...your cheek...your neck and then downward along the curve of your waist and hip. I remain

fascinated at the erection of your nipples that have now lost the chill of the cold rain. Gradually I stroke in the direction of your genitals...Ann goes downward from your waist...I move upward from your thigh not to make a move to touch your genitals or your breasts. After a few minutes, you wonder why haven't they gone further. You respond by turning toward me ...moving closer, raising your hips. I stop...you retreat...Ann continues to massage your thighs. She follows the calf to your thigh and gently kisses your other thigh and continues downward on the opposite.

I softly caress you with my hand brushing along your belly in the direction of your groin. I kiss the skin between your naval and your pubic hair...just below the swell of your belly. This seems to be a particularly sensitive area and I know that underneath lies your womb. Your breasts are much warmer now and your nipples show erect. They are like a snow-capped mountain peak...Quite rigid and looking for a warm

and inviting mouth. You are now going crazy as Ann realizes that you are ready for genital stimulation and intercourse as well. She touches your vulva...it is

extremely wet. I slip my finger into the outer lips and find your clitorus and inner lips are swollen. You still wonder..."Why hasn't one of them penetrated?". You have already climaxed once. You reach down and take my penis and try to guide it to your genitals, pulling Ann's head to your breasts with the other hand. You moan and ask for penetration. Ann continues with her fascination of your legs and kisses around your thighs and groin. You pull my penis closer and stronger to your vagina which is now dialated to recieving it and her tongue. She reaches up and squeezes your breasts as you pinch your own nipples. Only you know the threshold of pinching your nipples. (We learn this

later). You have now had two more orgasms and we are still flowing with the pre- juices of love. Your vagina is swollen and quite velvety. You finally force my penis inside of you and Ann sucks your nipples to the point that you are in complete ecstacy and cry.

You allow me the same point of orgasm as your muscles vacuum me inside your vagina and allow me to release the fluids of love. Ann still continues to hold on to a most precious part of your body. She continues to caress your legs, thighs and groin. After ejaculating my precious juices into your beautiful body you

achieve another orgasm even stronger than any experienced with us before. Your back that was arched now becomes relaxed and you pull my head to your left breast. I taste the the nipple that is now covered

with our perspiration and you pull Ann's head to your right breast and she taste the melting snow of a wonderful summer of love. We nurse to gain strength to have another experience on another occassion.

We never checked the clock because it is now morning and the rain has stopped. Your car was never fixed so you take mine and drive back home. I look for your return...not just for the car but for another experience.


As I drove away from Sam's house the feeling of the evening just past.. seemed like a blur , one minute I was stuck with my broken car , then only minutes later I had taken the only choice to seek help and I had experienced hospitality and passion that had taken all of us to new found heights of sexual exploration. The kindness of the evening had created a desire that the three of us found boundless ,whatever the previous sex life of Sam and Ann had been , was now on a different level , for myself I had just been in my first threesome...being the focus of four searching hands , two tongues had sent orgasms flowing from so deep within , I could smell both you mingled with my perfume , as I sat here Sam's spent juices slowly seeped down onto my panties from the depths of his powerful release. Was this the start of great friendship , or just the passing of three souls never to be again in the chance arms of fate. !