Written by only4fun


I was lying in the sun thinking about my lover. It had been too long since our last meeting. I had managed to get the day to myself and wished he were with me. Without thinking I had began to rub my nipples, the warmth of the sun had made my skin sensitive to any touch. My nipples immediately became hard, they stood erect and proud, a deep brown against the tan of my breast.

I adjusted myself spreading my legs and feeling the cool breeze waft over my hot open slit. I ran my hand down over my tummy moving lower towards my pubic mound aching to feel my fingers on my clit; my pussy lips are swollen throbbing with anticipation. I slowly run my fingers through my pubic hair pulling it slightly. Bringing my fingers together I run the flat of my hand over my swollen wet cunt.

My breasts were moving up and down with my breathing, my pulse racing. Slowly sliding my fingers into my cunt, moving them in and out slowly pushing more and more inside until my whole hand has disappeared. Slowing the rhythm I withdraw my hand from my cunt, rubbing my throbbing clit. Then I heard a low groan coming from the other side of the hedge.

The other side of the hedge is two or three metres of densely planted trees, surrounding the parameter of a sports park. It was usually empty but for a few joggers that ran through in the early evening. The park became a very busy place on weekends, when most sports competitions took place. I crept over to the hedge, I would not have been seen as the hedge was high and has dense foliage.

I didn't think I'd be able to see through it, so was about to turn and forget about the noise. I then noticed a small gap between two of the hedges, not big, but big enough to have a peak through. I became aware that in my haste to investigate I had neglected to put any clothing on. I thought it was probably just a dog in the trees anyway so wasn't concerned.

I could feel my juices on my thighs as I walked; the feeling was making me feel very sexy. A young couple had spread out a blanket, and were lying side-by-side slowly stroking one another's body. They must have thought they were completely alone as they were totally lost in what they were doing and as naked as I. I had had to crouch to see through the small gap, my fanny was wide open and the breeze was now picking up and I could feel it on my hot wet cunt lips.

My hand went instinctively down to my now wide-open cunt. I was slowly rubbing it, while watching the scene in front of me heat up. He was between her legs licking and sucking on her cunt. I could hear him slurping on her juices; I was fingering myself slowly not wanted to cum too quickly.

The woman had moved around and positioned herself so that she could suck on her friend's rather large and very hard cock. I now had a better view and could see her wide open and very wet gash, he was fucking her with his tongue, I started to penetrate my own cunt, and found this upright squatting had given me free access to my now dripping pussy. My pace was increasing with his, then he stopped suddenly, he ordered the woman in firm tone to get up and stand by the biggest tree, in choosing the tree the woman came closer to where I was hidden.

She stood motionless by the tree directly in front of me. He got something from the bag they had brought with them I couldn't make out what it was for a minute, and then I could see he had a handful of ropes. He walked over to where the woman stood; he asked her firmly if she was okay with this. She nodded her head but did not speak, he bound her too the tree, arms and legs spread, blindfolded her and then gagged her. He said he would be back in no longer than one hour, dressed and left. I couldn't believe my eyes or ears for that matter, I didn't know what to do.

I looked around up and down the hedge I found a larger gap one and snuck through, I figured she was blindfolded so I'd just go over and make sure she wasn't hurt or hurting. I got thought the gap and silently walked over to her. I looked about to see if anyone was around, the park was empty. The smell of her sex was strong. I put my hand out and cupped her breast it was soft and smooth, her nipples hard and erect, she let out a gasp, I ran my hands down over her tanned body, the feelings within me were strong,

I felt I was taking advantage of her, that thought making me all the more horny and she wasn't objecting, in fact she was now moving beneath my touch. I squatted in front of her, looking closely at her gash as I rubbed my swollen clit. I had never tasted a woman before and this looked to be the perfect opportunity, I lean forward taking her clit into my mouth, as I sucked and licked her she was pressing her cunt hard up against my mouth.

My hand was sliding in and out of my cunt with no effort, it was so open and slippery, I was about to cum and bit her clit gently, she exploded in orgasm gushing all over my mouth and face. I had never seen anything like it and it sent me over the edge I pulled my hand out of my cunt and slapped my clit with the flat of my hand, I came hard, trying not to make too much noise in case her man was near.

I then left her as I'd found her, except for the trickle of cum juices running down her leg. Her breathing slowed and she seemed to regain her composure as I settled back in my hiding place, watching.

Her man arrived back soon after, he was not alone he had an older man with him. He went over to the woman and let her know it was he. He fondled her breasts as he spoke to her. He looked around as if expecting to see someone; she must have told him that I had been there. His hand was now fondling her public mound, he called to his friend see how wet she is.

His friend walked over to the woman, as he reached between her still spread legs he bent down and suckled on her nipple. She groaned her approval and he continued to suck now both her nipples as his hand moved faster over her cunt. The other man was removing his clothing. The men switch places while the older man also disrobed. They continued sucking her nipples and licking and sucking on her clit.

She was now hanging by her arms; her legs had given up holding her. The first man untied her ankles and she again took her own weight. Her moans were becoming louder and I recognised the sounds as a prelude to her coming. Again a flood of liquid soaked the ground. I told you she gushed said the first man. Okay untie her and put her on the blanket, I want to sink my cock into that wet cunt was the reply.

The woman was duly led to the blanket where she climbed onto the older man who now was lying on his back. She directed his large erection into her cunt. The other man came around the back and inserted his cock up her arse. With this the woman's moaning became urgent and she encouraged both men to give it to her hard. They did, they grunted and groaned as she squirmed.

I was so enthralled by the sight before me that I just watched, mouth open, my breathing quickened. The man behind her pulled his cock out of her arse and came around to her mouth, she had only sucked his helmet a couple of times when his jism exploded into her mouth, she then lifted herself from over the other man and put his cock into her mouth squeezing his balls with the other hand within seconds he too was exploding into her open mouth. She swallowed what she could and rubbed the remainder of the sperm into her breasts.

As they sat on the blanket in the after glow of orgasm, the men stroked the woman's body as she told them of my brief visit. She was saying that she was sure her visitor had been female as the touch was nothing she had felt before. This excited both the men again. They had both regained their erections.

The woman moved back onto her hands and knees and started sucking on the older mans penis. He lay back and enjoyed the sensations whilst the other man moved around and rammed his hard cock into her cunt. The tempo was increasing and I was rubbing my clit in time with the man fucking her.

The older man was groaning as she sucked his balls licking his shaft and nibbling his knob. It wasn't long until he came again. Followed quickly by the other man who came high up inside the woman. As she came so did I, groaning loudly as I did. They all looked in my direction, I got up as quietly as I could and went back into my house. I went back out to the hedge later. Everyone had gone but a note had been tacked to the tree the woman had been tied to. I crept over and grabbed the note. Then went back inside to read it.

The content and consequences are another story.