Written by wetpanties4u


A nice sunny sunday sitting at home with nothing to do and feeling horny so showered and put on my makeup, mini skirt, stockings, lace white panties, bra and a nice top and away for a walk, in the park some guys were kicking a ball round and were not intrested looking at me in my very short mini skirt, then down to the hotel and walking round the motel units I spotted a guy sitting on the deck having a smoke and drink so I walked very slowly passed, he commented on the weather so I stopped and talked, he was quite shocked I was male and asked if I would like a wine, I sat with him and we talked, as always about dressing, what I was looking for, etc and he said him and his wife were swingers and told me about some of their times, I new he was very keen on playing as he was rubbing his hand up and down my leg and then up under my skirt, he asked me to come into the unit and as we talked his wife come out of the shower just with a towel around her and he said "look what I found for you" we had some wine and she went into the bedroom and come back out with a strap-on she fucked me as I sucked hubby and fucked hubby as he sucked me, then we took turn with her, she was really turned on when he filled my mouth with cum and I swallowed every drop we all had a great time, she comes down once a month for work and would like to meetup again and hubby can get down every second month, they are very keen for me to get a couple or a couple of guys for the next time.

So it just goes to show, a sunday out walking can be fun.