In some senses I am a creature of habit.

I enjoy walking. I have my favourite walking spots, at the reserve, at the beach, around the streets close to my home, sometimes with my sister and my dog, sometimes with just my dog, and sometimes just on my own. Mostly I recognise the people I see on these walks. I don't know them, but I see them often enough to smile and exchange friendly greetings. Known strangers or unknown friends.

Today was different to those walking days.

I drove for more than an hour to be at a totally different beach. I had never been here before. I was not with my sister. I was not with my dog. It was a quiet place. The waves breaking gently on one side, and tree lined grassed areas to the other. There were very few people on this beach. I knew not a single soul.

A small group of older women, all walking in rhythm, tight track pants matching tight tee shirt and matching track shoes, jewellery glistening in the sunshine, alpine walking sticks making wee holes in the sand alongside their footprints.

A couple who walked right past me, hand in hand, without seeing me, their focus firmly locked on each other.

A well tanned man, barefoot, tank top, shorts, firm gait. He seemed to be looking directly at me from a distance away. I watched him from behind my sun glasses. As we got closer it seemed his eyes were directed at my groin and legs.

We passed one another with barely an acknowledgement.

After I was well past him, I turned my head just slightly, and could see his reflection in my sun glasses. He turned around to look at me, walked further and turned again to look at me.

I stopped.

He turned a third time to glance my way, slowed up, turned again and stopped.

We stood briefly, about seventy metres apart, just staring at each other.

I pointed to a bushy clump of trees away to my left, turned and started walking towards where I had pointed.

I peeked one last time in his direction, to see him hurriedly pacing towards the same clump of trees. We met out of sight from the beach.

"Hello, my name is.." I stopped him, indicating for him to be silent.

I walked right up close to him, pressing one finger against his mouth, and with the other hand I rubbed fleetingly over his groin.

He stepped closer and wrapped his arms around me, his lips sought out mine.

I moved his hands from my back to down around my buttocks, and returned his kiss, opened my mouth allowed his tongue to furtively explore into my mouth. I bit down hard on his tongue, and his body jerked reflexively against mine. I could feel his cock growing rapidly beneath those shorts.

I knelt down in front of him to ease his shorts down. His underpants followed immediately. I had barely gotten his swollen head into my mouth when he pushed me back so that I landed on my back. In one swift move he ripped my shorts and panties off, parted my legs, and knelt between.

His tongue which had been bitten just moments earlier, lapped eagerly up and down my moist hungry pussy. He nibbled gently at my pussy lips, driving his tongue between them. With one hand he gently lifted my butt, and I swear I could feel his thumb nuzzling at my tight back hole. His other hand was pressed firmly on my pubic mound, and he pinched my clit between thumb and forefinger.

He drove me very quickly to a point of sheer sexual craziness, and I screamed "Fuck me". His non-response elicited a very terse "Now!"

He stopped the oral pleasuring immediately, and knelt in front of me, and drove that cock straight in.

I was well lubed by now, and his cock slid all the way in till I could feel his hairy crotch roughing against my pubes.

I pushed up hard, and then bounced my hips, impaling myself hard each time against his marauding pole.

He rammed my pussy so hard, so fast, and within a short time I could feel my pussy clamping hard around his throbbing cock and I knew he was about to cum. I pushed him sideways and shouted "shoot onto my tummy."

A huge stream of sticky cum erupted from that wet slick shaft and warmed my tummy. He stood up, and wanked the last few drops onto me as well. I rubbed his lotion into my skin.

I stood, pulled on my panties and shorts, kissed him briefly on the lips, turned, and walked back down to the beach, and back towards my car.

My name is XXXX and I fucked a random stranger.

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