I had been chatting with a guy on kiwiswingers for a while and then found he lived in the same town so we talked about meeting in the park for some fun, it was a Wednesday night so I got all dressed for the meetup, mini skirt, stockings, lace panties, high boots, bra and a nice top with all the makeup and wig and away to the park, then a car stopped and this guy gets out and started walking my way and his first words were " I have got something in my pants for you " he then took me by the hand and walked me over to some trees we kissed i went down on my knees took his cock out and started sucking his large cock and licking his balls, then with him holding my head had me gagging and then filled my mouth with cum but keep holding my head till I had swallowed all his cum and sucked him clean and dry.

Over the next couple of day we chatted and he asked if I would like to come to his house Saturday night for some fun I was keen and went to his house were he lead me into the bedroom and asked if he could put a dog collar and lead on me then asked for me to get down on all 4s and he lead me into the lounge, I was shocked there were females and a guy naked and the playing started as I was sucking one guy a females was fucking me with a strap on and the other guy was fucking the other female then they would change over pulling out of her pussy and then into my mouth then the females changed over as the guys got to the time to cum they took a female each and fitted their pussys with cum, then the females started sucking me with me on my back and one with her legs open and me sucking on her pussy then they changed around I did get a lot of used cum to lick and they loved it as the guys watched, the rest of the night was play time and we really gave the females a good time, a lot of fun and all were happy.

The following week I got a email saying , him and his friend wanted to do it again and their wives were keen to join in again and this time they want to watch their hubbys fucking me, so looks like the game is back on.