I just recently broke up with my boyfriend and few days ago I had sex with his dad. This is in my last story.

So his dad texted me today to met to see how I'm going and to talk about what happened to us. I did want to talk to him and maybe apologize as I know he has a partner.

We met in a coffee shop in Addington and talked for a bit. I realized he was touching my hand quite a lot but I was kinda still upset and had mixed emotions so I just let him. He looked and smell so much like my ex so I did kinda like it.

When he opened up about what happened to us that day. He asked my if I was offended or upset. I was honest and told him I did enjoy it. How can I not that he mimics my ex quite a lot in many ways, not to mention a bigger package. In the car on our way for him to drop me off, he started touching my legs. I did like it so I let him touch me till he got you my vag, then he pulled my hand to his crotch. I opened his pants and took out his dick and gave him a hand job.

In the end, we had sex again in a motel. I told him "Do anything you like to me". I gave him quite a long BJ I think about 10mins and he never came. Then he pulled me over and went down on me. He returned the favor and I orgasmed twice. Then he sticked his tongue in my ass and finger fucked my vag, I never felt anything like that before, He sticked 4 fingers in but I was really sore but he insisted since I told him he could do anything, so I said okay go ahead. I was in so much pain to the point of there was no pleasure. I was starting to get teary eyed while forced his fingers in. He stopped and said sorry.

He then pulled my legs apart and started fucking me. Took him about 20 mins till he came and again did not pull out.

Then when we were done he dropped me off our house, luckily my husband was not home yet.